Raven, Marion - You And I Lyrics

Ought of here
Or out of nowhere
In the land of thousand hills
Where the faces are familiar
Where time is standing still
Then it all turned against me
And I stumbled to the ground
Did you know that after the storm
You will not hear a sound

Now it's
You and I, you and I

Out of sight
And ought of your mind
It's easy to forget
But I'll make you remember
I'll make you regret
When darkness walked among us
I could count a 100 days
Did you know that after you run
Dust will settle down

Now it's
You and I, you and I

But here we are together
As we stand on the same ground
Did you know that after the storm
There's one thing we have found

And it's you and I, you and I
We'll settle down

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Raven, Marion You And I Comments
  1. Chelsea Sandwall

    Pornhub Jessica _Jess

  2. Chelsea Sandwall


  3. Chelsea Sandwall


  4. Tommy Hui

    I was your girl
    gave you my world
    My everything
    But you wouldn't see

    I had your back
    I backed you up
    whatever I did
    was never enough

    Just you... you
    That's all you ever thought about
    You... you
    No one matters like you do
    what goes around comes around
    You should know by now

    Bet you never thought that I could break you
    Did you think that i would look the other way
    Yeah you had it all figured out
    But tell me who's the one who's crying now

    The palm of your hand, that was your plan
    gave me no time but now you want mine
    It's all about take you took too much
    Nothing inside I'm all used up

    Come on
    You... you
    Nothing else matters like
    You do
    You know what I'm talkin' 'bout
    Don't you
    what goes around comes around
    You should know by now

    Bet you never thought that I could break you
    Did you think that i would look the other way
    Yeah you had it all figured out
    But tell me who's the one who's crying now

    All your one night stands (should've thought about that)
    Says she's just a friend (should've thought about that)
    Are you satisfied now' (should've thought about that)
    cause you can't hold me down

    Not now I wanna thank you 'cause now I'm free
    I can breath again and I'm never going back to you

    Bet you never thought that I could break you
    Did you think that i would look the other way
    Yeah you had it all figured out
    But tell me who's the one who's crying now

    Bet you never thought that I could break you
    (Bet you never thought that I could break you)
    Did you think that i would look the other way
    yeah you had it all figured out
    But tell me who's the one who's crying now.

  5. Sandra Sawyer

    Justo en la infancia

  6. Supriyanto bin Wiryo Utomo

    28 Oktober 2019.

  7. Erre Dos De Dos

    This is Better than they actually mainstream music

  8. Нина Таранец

    1m deserve song

  9. alexwestconsulting

    this song is about Dave Coulier

  10. Ender Guerrero

    Could I find a girl like her? Beautiful, great voice, plays the guitar, I'm in love... this is the best music, keep rocking!! ❤

  11. Gary Owens

    Horrible equality

  12. Cesar Salazar

    Tenía tiempo que no la escuchaba la recordé mi canción favorita de su música, Marion Raven , pop Rock 🎶
    Es mejor acabar una relación que no va ningún lado , que manera quemando todos los recuerdos de esa relación tormentosa

    Jaqueline Martinez

    Cierto, y con mayor razón si sufriste maltrato de parte de tu pareja

  13. Erick Rodriguez

    she's so beautiful!!!

  14. Micole Seno

    Nor just she sounded avril but she also looks avril in some angles. Both are so beautiful.

  15. Rory Gautier

    Eliza Dushku, is that you????

  16. Roberto Carlos Aquines Puente


  17. Joakim C

    Yes still listning 🤣😁😎

  18. Leah Jimenez

    Who else watching this song in 2019?

  19. Ninfa

    Is this one also about zac hanson?

  20. ELMERJUNchannel

    After she left Marit Larsen, other half of m2m... whis crying now??? She didny event have a million view unlike marit laraens "if a song could get me you with 12Million views!!!!

  21. Jiaen Kwon 권지앤

    2019 ??

  22. Patricia Correa Y

    2019 and i'm still love it :D XOXO From Venezuela

  23. yondaime hokage

    fuck. she is beautiful.

  24. B Arden

    Here in 2019, remember when it was hard to get ahold of her videos before YouTube was a thing?

  25. Agnel Camilotes


    Awwee, I missed them ol" days <3

  26. Saitama

    you looks like lindsay lohan + chloe bennet

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    No way haha Chloe Bennet looks more like Michelle Branch and Marion doesn't look anything like Lindsay, just no!


    @AdrYx Raven-Bextor hmmm

  27. i marry trouble

    Im 2018

  28. Robert Greene

    Avril meets Evanescense

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    But waaaay better than those two

  29. Fiya Ishak

    December 2018, anyone?

  30. BARCA double TREBLE sextruple

    She is still underrated till this day...She never gone naked and controversy just to self album like Britney and nowadays singers...

  31. Sarah Holmwood

    Does she sing this to Marit? <3 hahaha

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    To an ex boyfriend 😉 listen to Marion's song "Better than This" that one sure is for Marit!

  32. Thanh Tùng Nguyễn

    give back my petty girl voice for a evil sound

  33. Nemu Qyung

    I’m in this mood so I came
    Such a hot song still.

  34. Limbo

    Cant believe how amazingly beautiful she is

  35. Online With Sherkhan

    gesture in 2:18

  36. Pablo Tobar

    my jam dedicated to my ex

    Jaqueline Martinez

    I get it, me too

  37. John Paul Pelaez

    Where is marit

    Jaqueline Martinez

    M2M broke up

  38. Matías Sosa

    Holy shit What a voice why she es so underrated gratings from Argentina

  39. MultiAstroz

    it's 2018 and not even 1M view? come on! She's very talented!

  40. Dede laksana

    2018 New Album Marion ??

  41. Cristian32arg

    The time when women was naturaly beautiful.

  42. Furbydude05

    Listening in 2018

  43. Bryle Tiope

    2018 anyone?

  44. Lauris Kārkliņš

    I prefer the lamb of god version :D

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    Lauris Kārkliņš Absolutely not the same song so why the comparison? :|

    Lauris Kārkliņš

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor Just a jooooke

  45. stephany moreno

    who is here 2018??!!!!

  46. MurasAki

    2005 cameback to me...
    When I was 10 y.o :')

  47. Ariadna Lara

    she reminds me of Eliza Dushku

  48. Otniel Romeo

    This is like Michelle Branch's "Are You Happy Now 2.0"?

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    Similar style, but no too much Love Michelle too

  49. Ali Şahin

    Hey im here ! :D

  50. Alberto Dominguez

    This sounds super Avril circa-2004esque, Under My Skin era, and I LOVE IT!

  51. fendermon

    Hotness..wrapped in more hotness.

  52. Antifa 93

    Marion te amo.

  53. micandro nella

    my favorite from her. I remember this song with Behind Those Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson during those times

  54. Anelise Tan

    I am a fan of Avril and used to be a fan of Marion Raven when her music career was at its peak. And shit i realized she has the same vocal style as Avril. This brings back so much nostalgia.

  55. Akiko Kitamura

    She is a nice singer foy me powerful strong percassion so longing

  56. Bryan Valentine Mcalister

    M2M was (and still is) one of my favorite pop bands and Marion Raven still is one of my favorite singers of all time!

  57. Orbit

    This is like Avril Lavigne

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    Emily Ocean no its not! This is WAAAAY better than that!

  58. gold maple

    she is pretty in a kate Beckinsale kind of way. however she has no talent what so ever. Rock is just not her thing. Some have compared her to Avril Lavigne and Alanis morrisette. She is prettier than both of them and as far as I am concerned, all of them suck as singers. .

  59. Red hat

    uh uh..

  60. winnie pj

    who's here in 2017? :)


    2018 is better

  61. Rasyiqah Hasan

    one of the most hardest song to sing at Kareoke. hahaha

  62. Lian

    Good song and musical ...enjoy it.

  63. Desert Moon

    Marion Raven. Miss her. She should be a global star!

  64. Minions Tay

    She has a pretty similar style as avril lavigne

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    Probably similar musical style but way better vocals

  65. erick hung

    she looked like kate beckinsale

  66. Carlos Toledo

    I used to love this song YEARS AND YEARS ago. I wish I could be able to play it on Apple Music.

  67. danielle b

    So beautiful

  68. Grav Bloss

    theres abit of balkan / middleastern blood in her for sure

  69. Grav Bloss

    got shes so fucking hot

  70. Junior Casemiro

    Zac Hanson must really have played with her heart LOL


    Is this also about him?

  71. SKOTP69

    How hot is she?!

  72. Siti Nurbaya

    she sound like avril lavigne+alanis morisette..but shes a norwegian not canada.

    David R

    she looks like Avril and Alanis but doesnt sound like either of them whatsoever

    Jerri Yue Zhan

    ha. When one of my friends introduced her to me, he actually said same thing.

    Darkness Flame Media

    she is definitely going for avril sounds here in this song she sounds just like her at some points

  73. crewcutter2030

    I still she has a large mouth, but still beautiful.

  74. Ly Phan

    My God She kinda sounds like Miley.

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    Hell no 🤣

  75. Heiko Lassek

    one minute

  76. Lone Angel

    I would never break her heart If I'm in relationship with her. Cause how much that she's so beautiful. Plus I like her since M2M days 😁💗

  77. Itzel Falcon

    it's all about take, you took too much

  78. BG Golem

    I love Marion Raven and Marit Larsen

  79. MintyMouth

    The start of the chorus is like U + Ur hand. :)

    Otniel Romeo

    You're right!


    same songwriter.

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    If you want to hear a song that really sounds like U+Ur Hand, look for Megan McCauley's "Tap That" ;)

  80. Britney Queen

    this song reminds me of Avril Lavigne

  81. Espen Abusdal

    What..Move in..or ore Word's Never come Easier than they get around, like something that the cat Brought in forever. Word's are not easier than 's. Hit's are my Waremark

    Espen Abusdal

    *to Break Anything must be Avoided,..

  82. Nils Jørgen

    Dette er en jævli bra låt,- som er minst like jævli bra framført..:-)) Rock on!!

  83. Gui Pinho

    M2M girl O.o

  84. sofi e-force


  85. Block Buster

    Schön, stark, laut. Tolle Stimme, Wandlungsfähig. Großartig!

  86. OneAndOnlySound

    Yep, sounds about right. 1/2 of your stuff, here you go! Marion Raven is awesome.

  87. Constanza Oh

    This was my angry preadolescent song. Still amazing af!

    Blue Apple

    This is a great song at any age when ya had a cheating bastard! lol


    This song is my dark side lol still revengeful as ever xD

  88. Queen Bee

    I didn't know Charisma Carpenter from Buffy was a singer ;)

  89. Awah83

    yes you did

  90. Dieter H.

    No little girl ever managed to break me


    +Dieter H. sure.

  91. Julia Julia

    She has the best voice

  92. enmanuele garcia

    katy perry should has sing this one

  93. andrew carson


  94. connie marie

    Lo amé.Me encanto!!


    Heard the Song years Ago, but now that I see this Video I realise how Beautiful she is.

    Christian Mallorca

    Grav Bloss nothing good to say? Just shup up

    Grav Bloss

    eat shit pigfucker. what u his girlfriend or something? =) or u take it up the bum from daddy?=

    Christian Mallorca

    Grav Bloss shut up you... son of a Bitch... show up and say such things to my face...

    City ViewR

    same bro

  96. Hokum66

    Good song but too much "dramatic" posing sucks.