Raven, Marion - Rest Your Head Lyrics

Rest your head in this bed
Think of your dreams come true one day
Close your eyes, just this time
For I will sit right here till day comes

How can I sleep if you won't let me in
Lying close into the warmth of your skin
I think of you tell me is that a sin
Why don't you show me just where to begin

Love has no meaning if I'm not with you
Poisoning myself with somebody new
Having the feeling that we'll pull it through
So why on earth am I feeling so blue

You gave me something then you let me be
Left here alone how I wish you could see
So now and then think of you constantly
Reckon is all for the best I agree

So how would you feel if I stayed for a while
We could go out for a reconcile
Something's worth fighting for could it be me and you

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Raven, Marion Rest Your Head Comments
  1. Skyler Grey

    its my favorite song too :)

  2. Skyler Grey

    Perfect Lullaby so lovely i really love her


    You've came so far. from m2m, to "break you" 7 years ago. Now you're married and you still sound so good.

  4. PeanutGalleryComics

    That guy doesn't look like a "Hell" to me. He's "Thom Heck," at best.

  5. etemasamed

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please "Never Leave Me" video
    Is my favorite song of your album...

    Congratulations from Mexico

  6. Harry Leyton

    Marion :)