Raven, Marion - Here I Am Lyrics

I'll protect you, don't be scared
No matter what, I will be there
I'll be gentle, I'll be light
These are the words you whispered in the night

Here I am
Here I am

[Chorus :]
Now I'm standing in the cold
(Everything is said and done)
Atomic winter in my soul
(From the absence of the sun)
The only remedy I know
Is I gotta let you go

Here I am
Here I am

But where were you when I was scared
A broken promise left me here
A post-it note is what I've got
It says: "I'm sorry, but I know you're not"
Here I am yeah
Here I am


Here I am
Here I am

There will come a day when all of this is in my past
And there will come a day when you're out of my head at last
I'm trying not to fall
Damn it's such a long way down
But here I am

Yeah Yeah Yeah


And Now I'm standing in the cold
(Everything is said and done)

Yeah Yeah Yeah

(From the absence of the sun)
The only remedy I know
Is I gotta let you go

Here I am
Here I am

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Raven, Marion Here I Am Comments

    2020 here I'm! Miss #m2m

  2. Matt Moar

    Hello from England.. we need you in our band ! :)

  3. Tommy Hui

    I'll protect you, don't be scared
    No matter what, I will be there
    I'll be gentle, I'll be light
    These are the words you whispered in the night.

    Here I am, here I am
    Now I'm standing in the cold
    (Everything is said and done)
    Atomic winter in my soul
    (From the absence of the sun)
    The only remedy I know
    Is I gotta let you go
    So here I am
    (Everything is said and done)

    (From the absence of the sun)
    The only remedy I know
    Is I gotta let you go
    So here I am, here I am.

  4. Darin Hall

    I hear she likes Meat Loaf

  5. Nefi T Gara

    Sigue siendo una de mis canciones favoritas en pleno 2019

  6. Il corsaro

    Beautiful song

  7. Agus Setiawan

    2019 and it's first time i watch the video music of her song..

  8. Agus Setiawan

    2019 and it's first time i watch the video music of her song..

  9. Supriyanto bin Wiryo Utomo

    28 Oktober 2019.

  10. Shh Hunter

    She reminds me so much of Katherine Mcphee ! The way her songs vibe 💕

  11. Resza Kristiana

    2019 anyone?

    Saknarin Boonyen

    now im here

    Dr. Mando

    2020 fam

  12. I am Raven

    Subscribe to me

  13. FlyingMonkies325

    Wanna sing my lungs out when i listen to Marion ahh... bring back music like this please...

  14. Nhứt Phú Tô

    I like this song ...

  15. Seta Wicaksana

    here you are...standing in mind... with your voice

  16. Rolando Morales Castro

    Me encantan las noruegas, uhmmm

  17. moawya moawya

    2019 ✌️

  18. สุวัฒน์ ศรีดา

    i'm missing u, from Thailand..

  19. Danan Mst

    2019 .. where's your voice ???

  20. Indah waty

    Still my idol with m2m too,, miss them

  21. Agnel Camilotes

    2019? ;)

  22. Bae Vee

    any Filipinos here? i love her and M2M. I saw one comment below that she works in a gas station. is it true?

  23. Reni Puspa


    Zikry Ibrahim

    here i am

    Indah waty

    Im still listen too 2019

  24. Vanilla Ice cream

    Reminds me when i was in my last day of junior high school! Turning 30 next year! Such nostalgia!!!!

  25. Cal Hungus

    Max Martin

  26. Ajda Žagar

    2018 ;)

  27. Ban Nhạc M2M 1994

    Yeh This is M2M

  28. Engelbert Sto Tomas

    I. Muss m2m

  29. darkchronoss

    Not bad. I came here looking for some clips of her (because of her beauty, mainly XD) and didn't expected to come across with a music that I actually liked :P

  30. Hưng Trần


  31. Fernandodeljunco

    we miss you, 2018.

  32. TuQa M

    Where is she now?

    K S

    TuQa M she works in a gas station

  33. Dede laksana

    Love you Marion Raven 😘

  34. kasuki Irish

    I love u Marion Raven ❤❤❤🇳🇴🇳🇴

  35. Quoc Huy

    here and now

  36. the legendary nesmaster

    Marion is the best singer, musician, woman in the world. Also she is the more gorgeus and pretty of all.

  37. Đạt Trần

    7/2/2018 :)

  38. eurovisionwtf

    I am dead within 3 years. Remember me.

  39. paman saturnus

    lagu kesukaan dr zaman bocah


    November 2017
    From, Mizoram, India

  41. Nijia Johnson


  42. NindaDora Paramita

    I added this song for my bestfriend bday gift as a cd, bcz after she got new friends, she left me standing in the cold

  43. Nijia Johnson

    history and childhood

  44. Nelly軒

    Where is she? I cant find her news...

    Terje Hagen

    look after Marion Ravn and you will find her newest songs! :-)

  45. Grav Bloss

    thumbs up if u hate the mechanical cat with the waving paw in the background

  46. cross lynch

    her voice sounds a bit like Avril Lavigne.

  47. Andy Minore

    lo veo en el 2017

  48. FrankE23

    Simply amazing and unrivaled.

  49. Haris Path

    i really love this song, i knew her from the popularity of M2M,
    and im still listening to this song on 2017 😍😍

  50. jayybabeey

    2017 still love her

  51. eurovisionwtf

    Who still lissen to this in 2020?!..


    I am in a fucking time machine see.. I love this song and girl, blushed so much that i went to 2020 instead of 2002 or whenever this shit was created. Nei faen, er da for helvette ikke engelsk jeg. Jævla dumme maskin. Så i 2020 snakker vi alle engelsk dessverre.

  52. Hiram Leyva

    Me encanta, aunque aveces no ha tenido suerte

  53. Kontel

    I fell for her voice when I heard her singing the W.I.T.C.H. Theme :3

    Tiffanie Piston

    Koncel Omg same!😄😍❤

  54. Bandit Leader

    2007?! wtf?! I legit was listening to some of my fav songs and randomly said "here i am" in my head and heard this tune. I couldn't remember anything more. started looking for this song. found this and bam, nostalgia.

    Bianka Csík

    same here, my previous choice was "Falling Away" from her! and I just typed some words from the lyrics, coz I couldn't remember her name :)

    Jatupoun Jatupoun

    wow its destination hahaha

    Vanilla Ice cream

    It was 2005 when i bought this album

  55. Nijia Johnson

    looking back thank good I was 90s kid

    Vanilla Ice cream

    Nijia Johnson i think it was from your early teenage era, also mine

  56. MintyMouth

    The "Here I am" part in this chorus is the same as the "here I am" part in "Behind these Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson. Same Melody, same lyrics, everything :).


    Well both songs is co-written by the Swedish songwriter and producer Max Martin so it's no wonder they sound a bit the same

    Doğukan Tekin

    Both awesome songs


    @DennisH89 this is a really old comment but i'll respond anyways. saying they "sound a bit the same" doesn't do it justice. they are entirely identical. but that is the unfortunate way the industry works sometimes. the good songs or song parts are given to the artists who appear like they will be more profitable in the long run. and that was kelly clarkson in this case (and she's great so there's nothing to say about that). could have easily been marion raven too. but that's just how the cookie crumbles.

  57. Zull Ismail

    saya disini Marion,mana seorang lagi,iaitu marit?huhu,sorry,..

  58. Espen Abusdal

    You and Wench Are KnuckleBack Kisses' Behind..

    Espen Abusdal

    ..Clean Cut,..

    Espen Abusdal

    Peace Deal..,..

  59. red devil

    no matter what i will be there

  60. East Sider

    almost end of 2015 and still listening to this awesome voice..

    Vanilla Ice cream

    Akif Aziz almost 2019


    @Vanilla Ice cream 2019 😁

    Luis Bjerre

    Almost 2020

  61. Micaela Cm

    Escuché esta canción por la radio y me enamoró literalmente, pasé un monton buscandola me alegro de haberla encontrado es magnífica y la chica tiene una voz increíble ♥

  62. Christopher Neff

    DamnDamn Damn can this girl sing

  63. Chris Developer

    She's sounds like Lisa Loeb / Alanis Morissette / Michelle Branch

    Nyla Noel

    And Avril Lavigne

  64. patricia volkova katina

    I LOVE YOU marion raven eres mi preferida

  65. Emma Derth

    I love you Marion . Your sound Amazing

  66. lunalis moon

    i really love this kind of voice...

  67. Iam Pam

    I wish...

    Iam Pam

    I was here..

  68. The Railgun

    W.I.T.C.H brought me here

    geo blue

    me too 😊

  69. Camila Ray

    I think both of them(Marit and Marion) are very nice....I really love this song~"break u"and "here I am" are really my love songs about beautiful marion!I will always give u supports !((I really miss Marion and Marit can back to m2m again!they're very incredible!though it won't be a truth

  70. Elisa Doardi

    In music and in voice, she looks to Alanis Morissette.

  71. Erepyon

    A girl with this kind of voice just had a so-so popularity, but the one with full of autotune and crazy make-up/costumes got huge amount of popularity... Oh, real world...

    Moosha เล่าเรื่อง

    Totally agree

    Miss you, Marion. Please release new album.

    AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    @Saovapa Pimput She released new music last year and this year! Marion's new music: 2014 / 2015



    @AdrYx Raven-Bextor Yeah, really happy she finally released album again.


    Erepyon because the younger generation doesn’t know what real music is so they listen to untalented autotuned crap and not real talented music like this


    Music today nobody actually really likes it's more ppl pretend to like it just to "fit in" LOL yeh lame... but sadly it seems with ppl with the inability to say no and have their own minds about things they cave right into that peer-pressure *sigh* so it's still the most powerful thing artists have to compete with.

  72. The GunMaster

    She looks a lot like Linda Cardellini to me.

  73. James Watts

    I like her, something about the emotion in her voice, bought this album, it's worth it. 

  74. Desstorino Artha

    denne sangen illustrerer angst hjertet :(

  75. Cora Garcia

    You look like nicole kidman:)

  76. น้าหนวด ฮิปโปใจดี

    like  ^^

  77. Tuyet Meo

    i love this song. even though very long time this song appear

  78. Paradite

    Are people really suggesting this is rock lol?

    Retro 80s Guy

    What is  "rock lol" ?

    Bryan Valentine Mcalister

    It's great music, that's all that matters =)

    Retro 80s Guy

    I was asking ParaditeRs a question.  Why did you stick your nose in?


    Lol is short for laughing out loud :P

  79. yenospech


  80. km p

    Perfectly combine the Rock music and the Angel's voice, Love you Marion xx

  81. jenny rodriguez

    I love her looks :D

    Storm Hansen

    Yes, she's absolutely gorgeous! And this song rocks too!

  82. Katherine Perez

    I like the songs of marit larsen...

  83. Naiden Replikov

    just incredable

  84. Yavuz Selim

    Super song :D

  85. marcelo2169

    W.I.T.C.H.brought me here.

  86. Michael Khan

    what came first? behind these hazel eyes or this? both from 2005.. both from max martin..

    Lebarge, M. D.

    i'm almost positive that this one was recorded first. but the luke song is much better lol

  87. muji1224

    She is so underrated.

  88. Regine Holst

    Ka som e feil mæ engelsken hennes?