Ratt - Shame Shame Shame Lyrics

I'm knockin' at your door
And there's no answer
I hear the moans and groans
Of your nasty laughter
I'm kickin' in the door
As your breathin' gets faster
Your trail of clues
Is leadin' to disaster

Once I looked into your eyes
I thought they were true
Innocence can turn to lies
And now the finger points
At you, baby

Shame Shame Shame
You should've known better
Than to cheat on me
Shame Shame Shame
Now it don't matter
So let me be
You've got your own self to blame
Now it's time to feel the pain
Of your twisted little game
It's such a cryin'
Shame Shame Shame
Shame Shame Shame

Did you do your poses
In the mirror
Did you tell him
Baby, baby please
Did you twist his tongue
And bend his ear
Did you have him beggin', beggin'
On his knees

Once you looked into my eyes
And told me you were mine
Now I see your cheap disguise
And you're runnin' out of time, baby

Shame Shame Shame
You should've known better
Than to cheat on me
Shame Shame Shame
Now it don't matter
So let me be
You've got your own self to blame
Now it's time to feel the pain
Of your twisted little game
It's such a cryin'
Shame Shame Shame
Shame Shame Shame

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Ratt Shame Shame Shame Comments
  1. Timothy Ryan Jr


  2. ED_PR ED_PR

    I miss Robin...hi from puerto rico 🇵🇷🇵🇷❤❤👍👍 class 1984

  3. Alfred Pasly

    Ratt could,ve been up there with Motley Crue,Dokken, G NR (Guns & Roses) etc, they had the songs, the guys,but I always felt their label didn,t push for them hard enough.

  4. Tony 78

    Warren De Martini top 🔝

  5. Johnny Johnson

    Fucken A. Oops did I swear owell 🤘

  6. MidNite HORROR TV

    Ratt and Roll

  7. Chris - Trail name: Thumper

    2019... still my favorite Ratt tube to jam to on the ole guitar!

  8. Johnny Marlin

    Ratt"s underated great work with Desmond child.And hottest nice chick in the film clip !!

  9. Вячеслав Белов

    Это полный "крутняк"!Объязательно добавлю её в сборник хард рок шедевров

    Вячеслав Белов

    Но почему группа имеет такое странное название ?

  10. Chris Paneesh

    RATT N Roll!!!

  11. Danielle Cheney

    I've been a Ratt fanatic since 1984, and IMHO, this is their best tune!

  12. Tif Elliott

    Warren DiMartini and Robbin Crosby were extremely underrated guitarist. And the were awesome. RIP King Robbin.

  13. James Laiola

    The perfect groove for the hipside Boom

  14. Mario Herar

    Una de mis bandas favoritas.



  16. randall scott burress

    Any want some more RATT?

  17. Dominick Bono

    robbin didnt play on this album he was in rehab when this was being recorded. robbin said it himself in his last interview before he died. he did appear in the videos of these songs and toured for this album

  18. Revoltmetal420

    Take note new bands, this is how you make a badasss Metal video.

  19. The rock and roll hellion

    Video is rocking .......

  20. Selec02

    something like that is a Music Video; not that lame stuff you see today

  21. mu mu

    great crunchy rythm guitars

  22. ADHD Patrick

    They dont make rock songs like this anymore, what sound & chorus!

  23. Todd Nash

    This song Moves like a train

  24. Jack Matthews

    No idea what the hell is going on in this video, but that aside, this song is absolutely class, certainly one of my favourites!

  25. Merle Langlois

    "Autopilot" - having Desmond Child write your songs.

  26. AnniePannie

    Terrible video! But - one of my favourite bands EVER! Gorgeous Stephen Pearcy, oh my GOD!

  27. Keith Ferrilla

    My man Warren really hurting that Strat's feelings.

  28. Skümmtööns '66

    R.i.P. Robbin, I'm still bummed you're not with us anymore. He had the best collection of guitars 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  29. Rayshua Lothtonne

    R.I.P Robin "King" Crosby. That dude was a legendary guitarist! 🤘

    Robert Feliciano

    He's nowhere to be heard in the "Detonator" album.

  30. Elëctric Elf

    Dat drum sound

  31. Ron Mallison

    Classic Ratt

  32. Pug127

    Great song!

  33. Diego Ramírez

    El último de una serie de discos antológicos!

  34. 共和本舗

    B'z MOVE

  35. Layne Franklin

    My second favorite Ratt song...

  36. Q Man

    Rat is the best hair metal band

  37. Olga Diaz


  38. Timothy Abraham

    Just before grunge came and took everything over.

  39. daniel maniel

    beautiful song Without rock I have no life

    Gary Vanreek

    Me to Daniel

    jeff ouellette

    No without God we have no life. Get the story straight.

  40. painkiller619 undertaker

    Wow drums sound heavy here

  41. quilico

    A really good band. I love RATT

  42. Samsung S3


  43. Donn Orante

    Ratt timeless classic

  44. Alan Rodrigues

    Não existe ratt sem robbin Crosby, the king...

  45. Q Man

    I love frickin ratt the best of the hair metal bands I dislike the term rip Warren demartini the singer is the Shiz not

  46. Diabetes

    Thought this was gonna be like Motley Crue’s girls girls girls lol

  47. Rob R

    Can someone anyone give Juan a little credit? I mean he gave RATT that bass sound!

    rollin' stoned

    I give him alot of credit...gotta have that bass in any band

    Tif Elliott

    Sooo true.

  48. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was this taken from? "Reach For The Sky" or "Detonator?"

    Sir Realist

    Roosevelt McCarter Detonator

  49. Razorider1


  50. Guayre Rock n ́ Rol

    Cersey Lannister hates this song...

    Vend Master

    Who gives a shit!

    Kelly Kelley

    Good one!

  51. Gerardo Ortiz Ledesma

    Sexy sexy sexy stephen I m a girl dont misunderstand

  52. Lightningboy 3811


  53. ProNoobMax

    Divine DeMartini

  54. tiane

    love them there awesome ! awesome talent !!

  55. BlinxTheWinx

    How can I upload the music video in a better quality, it gets blocked if I try to.

  56. Alex Saucedo

    Great song
    Great album
    Great guitar WORK
    Love this song
    Ratt @ roll

  57. Phoenix van der Weyden

    Warren DeMartini is a phenomenal guitar player . Also , is it me or Pearcy looks a bit liike Antonio Banderas lol ?

    Q Man

    He's a pirate


    Gran banda de la mejores y con alto nivel que otras de esa epoca

  59. Justin Hall


  60. Frank Landry

    Love it old Ratt

  61. Razorider1

    just an amazing song.! I have listened to this over 1000 times . It never gets old

    Micky Shami

    Hi 🙋 I listen this album regularly and never getting bored! It's almost 28 years when this album came out . I also really love this album

  62. Micky Shami

    Miki Wawa and Kayla Schulz are the ultimate sluts around! Fuck both bitches

  63. Micky Shami

    Love ❤ ratt since this song came out in 1990 album detonator. No doubt Mr. Stephen you are the no. 1 vocalist in heavy metal history. Warren Demartini my guitar god is on fire ;

  64. Jena KnightTV

    awesome ☆_☆

  65. Ace The Serpent Demon

    Warren should have stayed

    Q Man

    Should have stayed alive


    @Q Man But Warren is still alive.

    Q Man

    @Paco I think he passed on I hope that you r. Right


    @Q Man Robbin is the one who died.

    Q Man

    @Paco you're right thanks for the heads up

  66. DarkAngel182

    Hey they missed out Warren's intro. Also realised they missed out the sound effects of the aircraft noises and gunfire, but not to bothered about that.

  67. Slice ' Bastet Ukhan

    cool style

  68. john thompson

    on a ben shapario video some idiots screamed "shame" at him. The second i heard that I started thinking of this song.

    Bill Belzek

    Me too --- I always laugh when I see that wormy Jew boy mocked and insulted


    Ben Shapiro is a racist fucking piece of shit, he's the real idiot here.

  69. Micky Shami

    Ratt is on fire! Classic song , classic lineup and classic metal band. Stephen, robbin, Warren, Juan and bobby what a bunch of talented and creative guys! Superb band of u.s.a love ❤ from Pakistan


    If you like this one check out Lack Of Communication by Ratt as well, you wont be disappointed.

    Micky Shami

    Mrhippy 100 lack of communication is a very good song in out of the cellar but I like in your direction more thanx

  70. Pete Rice

    That riff kicks so much ass

  71. Micky Shami

    Ben Rowe ! Man I'm 100% agreed with you! Warren Demartini is An ultimate guitarist that solo is beyond all the limits.

  72. orejotus

    first time in my life i see this video, its been like 26 yrs and this video its cool

  73. Tyr G.

    One of my fave Ratt songs.

  74. Marcelo Morem

    Warren is great. It's a shame he has not making music regularly.

    Bill Belzek

    I always thought it would be killer to see him in Van Halen --- can you imagine Eddie on lead guitar and Warren on rhythm?  Fuckin' unreal.

  75. YBB YBB

    The current situation with RATT is a shame shame shame.

    Bill Deakin

    They all need to get back together and lay it down. So what’s it gonna be?

    MF CR

    @Bill Deakin When it happens, we'll throw a party, with lots of girls, and dance, dance, dance.


    RATT Will Be Back For More, and That’s The Bottom Line!


    It's No Surprise though.. It Ain't Easy Givin' Yourself Away like that. They should go All or Nothing, and have all the original members...except pearcy haha. He's a bit Over the Edge if you know what I mean. But hey... What You Give Is What You Get. Why am I even trying to write sentences with song names? Haha I'm Insane!

    Moe Anthony

    Never heard of these cats.

  76. Rich Allegretti

    I know this album seems to get shit on a lot (critically anyway), but I always dug it a lot. I know having Desmond Child involved is usually a death knell for credibility but I think it all works on this album. Even the production. I just re-listened to their entire catalogue and this album still holds up well to me. That’s all. Enough of my random musings.

    Bill Belzek

    I was a huge Ratt fan in the 80's but I thought everything started going downhill from "Dancing Undercover" and all albums after that --- Pearcy's vocals became very raspy and grating and I really couldnt understand what he was singing in the songs!  Plus, the guitars became too muddled and got lost in the "wall of sound" over-production.  I still think "Out of the Cellar" and "Invasion of Privacy" are timeless albums, though.

    Micky Shami

    Sorry! Bill belzek I'm an ultimate and diehard fan of ratt ! And I love detonator very much

    Liam Kavanagh

    Detonator is my favourite but the rest are good too

  77. Parizaad Mikayla

    Warren demartini the ultimate guitarist that mankind has ever produced ! No one can play guitar in this melodic flow


    Ed Wynne from Ozric

  78. Thrills2010

    I was a teenager in the 80's and into bands like RATT, Gat Dayum Warren D knew how to make that guitar SCREAM!

    I just wanna say, I pray that Robin is playing all those old rockin' songs for the Lord right now!
    Rest in Peace & I hope your jammin' with the rest of the Greats that has passed away longggggg before there time!

    REST IN PEACE ~ Robin Crosby . . . . aka

    " Robbinson Lantz Crosby (August 4, 1959 – June 6, 2002) "

    Bill Belzek

    Oh man, sometimes I cry watching these old Ratt videos --- King was so much of a rock god and all he lived for was Rattin' and Rollin' and coming up with tasty riffs!  Heroin took him down, just like it always does to the great ones.


    Bill Belzek he was also dying from aids

  79. Scott Rondeau

    Ratt & Roll!!!!!!!

  80. Jabba The Plutocrat

    And now for the greater show on earth.

  81. Kayla Schulz

    and his chain

    Micky Shami

    Kayla Schulz fuck you

  82. tiger1945

    So good

  83. T U


  84. Brad Bill

    Does anybody know who the woman in the video is, piloting the other, ahem, ship? (She looks familiar, but I just can't get my brain to cough up a name --assuming it's in there somewhere.)


    Bobbi Brown?

  85. Sony Co

    Steel Panther rules all!!!!

    Ace The Serpent Demon

    Sony Kroket steel panther is good but they are a bunch of wannabes

    Nun with Gun

    Sony Kroket I dig Steel Panther and have seen them live twice but they would have been blown off the stage by these guys in their prime


    steel panther is literally a joke

  86. *arolflyn

    love this song. used to practice this allthe time on guitar it was just fun to play. warren Demartini was and is under rated on guitar imho

  87. Defiance Illusion

    Man i miss robin crosby they havent had a hit since robins death he was the foundation ratt stood on i hear this with robin and wana woman damn robins guitar was just unreal love it and truely miss him

  88. B J

    thank you for hq clip

  89. Dutch Miles

    I didn't know that Steven pearcy could pilot a Boeing B-29 super fortress.


    Pearcy can pilot anything as long as it's headed straight into the ground.

    Bill Belzek

    His vocals sucked bad after the "Invasion" album

  90. Martin Tuppurainen

    Holy shit brilliant song from an amazing band!

    daywilliam 291

    Martin Tuppurainen Indeed!!

  91. Ben Rowe

    Warren DeMartini is beyond legit at guitar. One of the all time great lead players.


    @Bill Belzek I think that was their BEST....IT ROCKED!! 😍😍

    Nick Santoro

    St. Louis Critic he’s AMAZING at guitar, so is Tom Keifer from Cinderella, he’s so underrated as well.

    Eric Pymm

    @Aaron Wesley no he and Jake E. Lee were roommates

    Eric Pymm

    @Aaron Wesley No..he and Jake E. Lee were roommates 🤘


    Yeah, man! I think he is my favourite guitar player.

  92. MisterCritch

    Last album with Robbin ?

    Randy Jones

    MisterCritch last album until " Infestation "

    Strick nine

    Robin Crosby didn't play on this album.

    mike bizarre

    MisterCritch si

    Ace The Serpent Demon

    Randy Jones robbin died years before infestation

  93. Judd Oakes

    I always liked the War in D intro to this song

  94. Hop 134

    Love this song Ratt rocks 😎


    H Sari for

  95. Psycho Surfer

    I love RATT!!!!!

  96. Robin Compton

    cool !!!🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Fernando Dos Santos

    Robin Compton very [email protected]