Ratt - Lovin' You's A Dirty Job Lyrics

I woke up in the mornin', I'm still flat on my back
Couldn't move a muscle like I had a heart attack
The night was wild and woolly
Didn't think I'd make it through it
'Cause lovin' you's a dirty job
And I'm the man to do it

Lovin' you is a dirty job, lovin' you is a dirty job

You put me through the ringer and hung me out to dry
You licked me off your fingers just like a piece of pie
You break my heart in pieces
But I've got the glue to glue it
Girl lovin' you's a dirty job
And I'm the man to do it

Lovin' you is a dirty job, lovin' you is a dirty job
Lovin you is a dirty job
Girl lovin' you's a dirty job and
I'm the man to do it

I'm gonna hold you till the end of time
I'm gonna love you 'cause it's now or never
I'm gonna kiss you till I make you mine

Lovin' you is a dirty job, lovin' you is a dirty job

I'm gonna hold you till the end of time
I'm gonna love you 'cause it's now or never
I'm gonna kiss you till I make you mine

Lovin' you is a dirty job, lovin' you is a dirty job
Lovin you is a dirty job
Girl your love is thicker than mud
And you're trying to drag me through it now

Lovin' you is a dirty job, lovin' you is a dirty job

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Ratt Lovin' You's A Dirty Job Comments
  1. holio

    Glad I saw them in 85.

  2. J-cuz Mason

    Rock today will never sound or be as loud and awesome as back in the 80's.

  3. brook455 z

    The editing is flawless.

  4. Simon Hunter

    gotta say, i think i like this more than anything by motley crue (ok, other than maybe primal scream!)

  5. Sofocles Mefisto

    Love those HEY ! chorus in the back , fucking epic times !

  6. Corky DeLarge

    Ahhh, yess. The dying days of hair metal. These guys were the best. 6th album here. They lasted about the longest. Viva la Ratt.

  7. Antony Stark

    Bitchs and Metal !

  8. Woody Schuler

    Love this dang song!!

  9. Max Palmer

    Sex drugs & rock and roll baby the only way to go whatever happened to rock like this

  10. assassinmaster1234

    As much as I love that I'm a 90s kid... music wise I'm sad i missed the best era for every genre... the 80s

  11. Victor Shamulus

    Still rocking my ass off, loving you is a drirty job my wife, but i am the man to do it!

  12. jordan delta

    The woman in the shower was Robbin Crosby's wife a Playmate named Laurie Carr. She is now a Chiropractor! Poor Robbin, RIP

  13. Eduardo Batista Pereira

    Que música sensacional


    60k vues en 8 ans ? Seulement ?
    Cette chanson est géniale !

  15. Murat Hüdayi Tonay

    How come the likes below 1K? This music rocks beyond todays sucker rap/pop mixes. Long live rockn' roll!!!

  16. sr dargo

    This only makes their top 10-15 songs list because of this video. It definitely stirred...feelings in HS.

  17. John Golijan

    Great SOLO.

  18. Dizzy Astr

    This captures almost everything that you love to see and hear in a rock n roll video! Killer riffs, awesome leads, catchy vocals, and straight to the point sex appeal on both fronts.

  19. Jack Matthews

    Big tune!

  20. kenny veliz

    He has never seen so many asses and girl bodies in a rock video, because he missed the sexy side of rock. I am 23 years old

  21. Vernon Jones

    Wow! Just 613 likes? ! One of my all time favorite songs from a awesome group! Thanks for uploading this video!

  22. Harrison Shaw

    Rock n roll and sexy chicks, what else does one need? :)

  23. Ryan Connell

    I love this song

  24. metalinl-a

    Song after Song. RATT HAD A COLLECTION OF SONGS that carries them on well into 2019.
    Social Media Got the singer to straighten up quick when EVERYONE SAW WITHIN MINUTES of the release of a show has was hitting the booze and pain meds a bit hard from chronic injuries. Probably put him on suboxone! FAST FORWARD TO MEXICO'S METAL FESTIVAL and Stephen Pearcy ROCKS AGAIN.

  25. Barry Airdrie

    Thumbs up if you came here after watching Cobra Kai
    (the scene when Miguel has installed Ratt as his phone's ringtone
    and then Johnny Lawrence asks him "was that Ratt ?")


    Barry Airdrie 😂😂 love that show

    Barry Airdrie

    @anfernee_23 This was the ONLY song by Ratt that I had ever heard in the last 30 years.
    I remember hearing this song on Raw Power (a British TV show on Heavy Metal music in the early 90's)
    in 1990 when I was 12 years old and in 1st year High School.
    Me and my friend (at that time) used to both really like this song.
    But unfortunately my friendship with that guy only lasted for about a year and a half.
    Anyway when I saw Season 1 of Cobra Kai and I heard Miguel putting a song by Ratt on his mobile phone and then Johnny asks him "was that Ratt ?"
    So I all of a sudden had a flashback from 1990 when I used to watch THIS very song on Raw Power.
    Because I used to record ALL the episodes of Raw Power on VHS tapes so I would watch the songs that I like again and again.
    Back then we never had the internet or YouTube etc
    all we had was analogue TV and VCR's and VHS tapes and audio cassettes etc

  26. Barry Airdrie

    i remember watching this on TV on Raw Power back in 1990 when I was 12 years old.
    The good old days.

    theatre of pain MC

    In 1990 I was 15 & liked hear this incredible music

  27. Shannon Page

    The 80's were great. Music kicked ass, the pc police didn't exist and as a kid, you could leave your house in the morning and all your parents would say is be back before dinner!

    mu mu

    right , but this is from 1990

    J. Huff Humble

    mu mu your splitting hairs homeboy
    Rat was an 80’s band
    This is technically a 1990 song but we will say 80’s due to their collective body of work !!!!
    Get it bro ?

  28. degutony

    good er.. job !

  29. guitarist100

    Thats the dirty job i want, keep on rockin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. BefallenLegate

    Makes me wonder if airheads was cheaper than this video

  31. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was this taken from?


    Roosevelt McCarter detonator

  32. ArizMo2015

    Love the women in this video and of course the song. Ratt n Roll🤘

  33. Chris Hagy

    Great upload. Sounds awesome. Thanx4Posting.

  34. TCorporation66MG


  35. Scott Rondeau

    Ratt & Roll!!!!!

  36. Nikki Rhine

    oh yeah

  37. jeffs1000

    I wish I could time travel back to the 80's. Justin Beeber sucks ass.

  38. Caitlin Weems

    Stephen Pearcy kind of looks like a rat!

  39. spongefreddie

    Seven years and only 21 thousand views? Man, this makes no sense.

    Glen Todd

    spongefreddie No taste. Yes, the era had to come to an end, but this music will live on forever!


  40. The Zec

    Man the 80's was fun!


    Top 10 RATT!!!! Thanks for the awesome sound and video quality Wildman672 \m/ \m/ ROCK ON!!!!!!!


    Thanx jonbon pigo. Feel free to watch more hq videos in my collection.


    Lovin You Is a Dirty Job :~

  43. AhsanSpica

    i love her gas mask makeup