Ratt - I Want It All Lyrics

Take it or leave it on a Saturday night
If there's something there to take I'm gonna make it mine
Ya thought that I was crazy but you can't really tell
Got to make a break from this livin' hell
Breakin' down the walls I want to have it all
Ain't got no time to waste yeah it's gettin' late
Don't wanna fall
I want it all
Shakin' like a leaf on a cherry tree

I want it all or nothin'
Don't just give it away
There's got to be a price to pay
I want it all or nothin'
Had enough for today
Now there's nothin' left to say

I'm lean and mean I'm just a moving machine
I'm full of fun I'll be your number one
I'm suicide I'll make your temperature rise
I'm over done just take a look in my eyes

I want it all or nothin'
Don't just give it away
There's got to be a price to pay
I want it all or nothin'
Had enough for today
Now there's nothin' left to say

There's nothin' left to say
I'm gonna make you pay
I want it all or nothin'
Oh yeah

I want it all or nothin'
Don't just give it away
There's got to be a price to pay
I want it all or nothin'
Had enough for today
There never gonna take that away

I want it all or nothin'
Don't just give it away
There's got to be a price to pay
I want it all or nothin'
Had enough for today
There never gonna take that away
I want it all

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Ratt I Want It All Comments
  1. Eugene Blyther

    CLASSIC 😎🗣️🔥

  2. Patrick Edward

    Aahhh the 80”s women ! What a decade to be a teen. Women were natural back then and looked great. These women now with all there tattoos, piercings, fake boobs and butts and shaven down there like a child, no thank you ! Glad I got to enjoy the 80’s such a wild time ! Kids have no idea especially seeing there buried in there phones 24/7. I’d go back to land line phones, pay phones and the huge yellow pages in an instant. We had to work to get info and it was more gratifying then just instant answers via Google. Well the memories will always be there. Rock on brothers 😎

  3. Rain Stand

    Only time Robbin got some of the recognition he deserved 🤘🤘🤘🤘😢

  4. paul roger

    80s metal girls, the best

  5. Maxx61

    My all-time favorite Robbin solo. That groove....damn. RIP brother.

  6. Tyler Johnson

    The whole album sucked big donkey dicks. Soooo disappointing

  7. Donald Feuer

    High School sucked man , a bunch of people listened to rap its gay

  8. Петр Федотов

    Who's where in 2020?))

  9. painkiller619 undertaker

    No one uses those fancy drum kits anymore. Todays bands use 3 piece ugly drum sets and drummers are not popular anymore.

  10. Jake James

    It's crazy how young the chicks were that loved metal back then, and they didn't get crappy piercings and gothic makeup like the very few metal girls nowadays.

  11. Floyd Donnelly


  12. Derek The Limo Driver

    I meant to say dig me. That's a voice typo

  13. Derek The Limo Driver

    Yeah I did me an 80s rocker girl but some of the chicks in this video barely look legal. So an 80s woman. And this music is still awesome rock and roll today sounds more like pop and wrap absolutely terrible. Nobody can sing nobody can dance nobody can play guitar

  14. Blue Matrix

    what a perfect band,, sounds Rock, sounds Pop, sounds underground, sounds dangerous, sounds wild, sounds cool, sounds sexy.......sounds awesome!

  15. Ardijey Rafael Diaz

    There's something about the way these girls smile that I cannot find in today's people; I don't know, maybe it's just me.


    I hard to find people that smile like that at all

  16. Ray Perry Jr

    Steve shuld have been 1st head banger to shave hair ,, really can see hair line.

  17. Shirley Giordano

    The world misses the 80s. So why can't we just get some real artists like these nowadays? Something similar. Theres no music like it.

  18. Tears of Finality

    I like how Ratts music never really changed after all the albums they made.

  19. Dane Edwards

    Great song!

  20. Stas Bojko

    Нормальне музика не то що щас руський реп для бидла

  21. BooBerry23

    This video is funny cause the girls are gorgeous and I was born in '83... no cell phones is awesome. If I could take a trip back life is goood.

  22. immanuel gulardi

    Big respect to 80s & 90s rock not like grunge......

  23. Nefarious CJ

    Can you imagine being one of the girls featured in this video! That would have been rad haha.

  24. Joseph Boggs

    Ratt: “I want a woman, not a little girl !”
    ...Ratt: makes a video with just little girls . 😐

    David Bolha

    Biology dude.

  25. UK RPGFan

    I wanna go back to the 80s......Women and music were the best. Not like the dogs of today..

  26. Knight Rider

    Crosby Lives

  27. lynn bigler

    Uh! 80s rocker babes

    David Bolha

    Better then modern fugly tatooed turdz. 😅

  28. Spencer Spencer

    Robbin Crosby will always be ratt!! God bless you. ..

  29. Walter Puckett

    Class of 85. We set the tone for all the years to come.

  30. Dodong Diamond

    Still listening in 2020!!!

  31. Saint Martins

    the 1980's generation were very open about these transgender rock bands. pretty progressive for the olden days of music. guys today can never get away with growing long hair, using eyeliner, lipstick & wear heals without being attacked.


    "transgender rock bands" lmao this is glam rock/hair metal

  32. LastRolo 1

    King’s great in this and how I remember him. Great times.

  33. RJC 72

    Back when Ratt was firing on all cylinders and at the pinnacle of their popularity. Now, Robbin's gone, Stephen can't sing for shit, Juan's stage moves are even more cringe-worthy, Bobby and Warren are nowhere to be found, and they've become a bad tribute band now. My God, how the mighty have fallen.

  34. Jay M

    I miss you Robin I miss you really bad 😢 rest in peace brother 💔

  35. Hops Metal Show

    That was a cool flashback 🤘🏻

  36. Tarulo Gonzales

    Ratt te amoooooo from argentina 2019 ☝⚽👏⚽⚽⚽⚽👍

  37. AnniePannie

    This video is so weird. It could be used as a sociology experiment. Very interesting. The premise, is there even one? This is so strange. it is like:
    The world got invaded by 4 gorgeous men and there was no explanation, and the gorgeous men were a bit retarded. They didn't realise that beyond this wall of ugly, boring girls... This story got too long and I had to stop. But I think most of you will agree. This is a mystery. Email me if you want this weird exchange of ideas to continue. Hahahahahah!!!!!

  38. Wolfchacer01

    Aside from the sometimes crazy hair I really miss 80's girls. So much more fun and liked to hang out with the guy friends and everyone just had a blast. Yes I'm biased but 80's Girls were the hottest!

    David Bolha

    You got my vote ! 😎🖒

  39. Jehovah Israel Armstrong McGuire

    JIAMJSMKOK wants a woman

  40. Brian Smith

    What is it about eighties chicks? They seem somehow...hotter!

    David Bolha

    Aye know ! 😄😍🖒

  41. Ron Williams

    Funny thing about this video is they're singing about wanting a woman yet showing young 'girls' presumably in their mid to late teens. lol

    David Bolha

    Biology dude.

  42. Red Clark

    The 80's were the best 10 years of my life and if I can find a time machine, I'm getting in, setting the dial for the 80's and yanking the knob off. BIG hair, screaming guitars, fast cars and REAL SLUTTY BROADS, time WARP COMPLETE

  43. Badmotorfinger *

    Love all the 80s chicks, so
    beautiful and natural, those
    were the days

  44. Heavy Metal

    Glam Metal %100

  45. Larry Lambert

    It was a great ride, unit that farce grunge screwed it up. I'm glad grunge only lasted about half as long as heavy metal.

  46. Fear Zero

    Wow there's 1 attractive woman in this entire vid. WTF lol?!

  47. Ancient aliens

    Them sluts are now grandmothers.

  48. Jorge Paul

    Rather American woman.

  49. Coop

    I missed a lot being born in '99

  50. Tim Stevens

    Great memories seeing this. Saw RATT a load of times in the ‘80s, always a great live band. Check out Warren's photo on his Wikipedia page and you'll see I took it, front row London, 1986. Met them all a few times, they were cool. It was a great time to be young, that's for sure...sigh ;)

  51. Alberto Perez

    America I want you to see how beautiful and drop that gorgeous the woman were back then today women they act like athol cavewoman different color hair fat ugly greasy disgusting looking looking back the women back then we're just drop dead beautiful the women of today no morals and no respect damn liberals the women today they got different color hairs tattoos all over their bodies and metal objects going through their nose ears and God knows where else women back then they can't hold a candle to them because the women back then were just drop dead gorgeous

  52. Chris Ely

    Great hit!

  53. Lillina Blue

    Amazing Good music‼️ 👩‍🎤🤟
    Nope the nowadays zombie...

  54. Priyadarshan Nag

    Them chicks of the 80s!!!

  55. Marco Futiak

    Big hair big sound! Missing the 80'S ...

  56. 天 Vinnie RX

    _Oh man, this girl in __2:16__ ... ♡_

  57. Chris - Trail name: Thumper

    2019...STILL one the best 80's bands!

  58. Ray Schutte

    Well I hope you aren't referring to the young girls you're showing as women

  59. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 420

    Ratt And Roll Baby!!!! 2019!!!! Hooooaaaaahhh!!! So Damn Awesome Still Today!!!!

  60. Marc D

    All old ladies now.
    3 decades ...in a flash.

  61. Andrew King

    What a band !

  62. Mark Munn

    I'm almost 60 and still rockin to 80 hair bands. Thank God for Sirius radio listened to hair nation the whole drive to Florida from Connecticut. We keep the 80s spirit alive!!!


    Mark Munn That’s by far the best Sirius XM station!

    Mark Munn

    @KirbyPuckettrocks34 yes, absolutely kept me going the entire time.

  63. Russell Dixon

    Dead ringer of a woman

  64. The Wayward Busker

    When people were alive

  65. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    killer song...just crank it driving on 15 in TN and look for a woman...in your head of course, they are too hard to catch normally

  66. Nirolevy1

    English help please, what she says in 0:25 sounds like "ok hi sets!" or so,
    I've searched that in various spellings and found nothing


    "Ok, house lights."

  67. Jack Graves

    When music was cool.

  68. lucas Camilo

    vendo esse video já me apaixonei umas 50 vezes só

  69. Mister Justice

    Ratt had some of the best guitar riffs.

  70. xtreme1982641

    I want a SLUT


  71. The Wayward Busker

    We had it all . Today's kids don't know how unlucky they are . We had rock n roll they have yawn and scroll .

  72. IRS

    I’m 13 years old and this is my favorite type of music. I tell my dad daily that I would of loved to grow up in this generation.

  73. Lovingevery minuteofit69

    Another wild event in my life many times .....angel brown ....we wrecked in the neighborhood on our way to Charlotte NC in the 80s....but had the best time in the world ....

  74. Sony Co

    I miss the 80s.....................every day.....

  75. Lovingevery minuteofit69

    Have so many great memories of this band .....good old days in the 80s...

  76. Rafael Hernandez

    Where was this video taped? Where are all the girls in the video from? I’m going to take a wild guess and say Indiana my buddy says California

    Brandi lord

    Michigan.... Auburn Hills

  77. Eric Piirainen

    One of the greatest guitar tandems ever...Robin and Warren....

  78. bandaid joanjett69

    Just loving those tight black leather pants...lol... God bless the 80s..

  79. Larguirucho Jujujajujaju

    Espectacular suena como si estuvieran en vivo y que buenas estan las minas.

  80. tanjungbenoa panorama

    i like you style singing top👍

  81. Caz 71

    Robbin was so HOT!!!! R.I.P King!

  82. Josh Edwards

    Haaaaa heck yeah girls are hot eighties

  83. ThePaul Steezo

    I love em SKANKY!

  84. ThePaul Steezo

    Metal Chicks!!!
    Your welcome!

  85. David DiDonato

    One of my favorite things about Ratt was their subversive sense of humor. Notice how the song is called "I Want a Woman", and yet none of the girls in it are over the age of 18.

  86. ซาง สูง


  87. Michael Christopher

    Best decade ever!!

  88. Annah Anguiano

    I love they filmed women,girls from thier shows that were fans, not some paid models. Keepin it real!👍💙

  89. Russell Williams

    When women blew men away not made then throw up.....god bless you ladies 👄🤘🤘🤘🤘

  90. Brandi lord

    My mom is in the video..Wont tell which one lol

  91. RK Ortiz

    Everyone was obsessed with their looks back then...men and women..but damn we did look good!

  92. Jeff Mcglone

    80’s rule!!!!!

  93. Mark Rubottom

    Horrible hair crap...GARBAGE!!!

  94. James Hyde

    Did rat cause Robin Crosby's death or did rock and roll what's your opinion

  95. AnniePannie

    Oh my god. Is there a better "get you in the party mood" song?? And Stephen Pearcy, has he ever been better looking than here? And it is quite ironic that this is about women, and I assume as objects of attraction, and it just turns out that the guys in RATT are about 1000 times more attractive than any of the women in the video, with possibly the exception of 02.16. Am I being sexist, horrible and politically incorrect now? I am taking the risk as I just want to express my admiration for this FANTASTIC underrated best ever party band in the world called RATT! Ratt n Roll!

  96. vitasprout

    0:20 Ben Stiller

  97. George Sever

    Women are excellent in any time frame. I find that a woman looks a lot more beautiful when she is being respected by a man. This may be the actual difference you are seeing. To every action - there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  98. The rock and roll hellion

    I have forgotten more than a younger little girl will ever know... Lol./.old school BABY !!!