Ratt - Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Lyrics

You're a fake, you're a snake
You're a sleazy operator
Always on the take
You're a liar, you're a cheat
You're good at starin' fires but
You can't take the heat

You're gonna get it now...
You're gonna get what's comin' to you
You won't forget this time...
(The tables turnin' round and now it's)

Heads I win, tails you lose
I may not be Sherlock
But you ain't got a clue
Heads I win, tails you lose
I may not be a doctor
But you're sick as a flu

You're a user, you're a slime
You better look somewhere else
For someone else to climb
You're a loser, out of time
You'd send your momma up the river
To make a lousy dime

You're gonna get it now...
You're gonna get what's comin' to you
You won't forget it this time...
(The tables turnin' round and now it's)

Heads I win, tails you lose
I may not be Sherlock
But you ain't got a clue
Heads I win, tails you lose
I may not be a doctor
But you're sick as a flu
Heads I win, tails you lose
I may not be a surgeon
But I'll cut you right through
Heads I win, tails you lose
I may not be a preacher
But it's hell I'll send you to

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Ratt Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Comments
  1. Christina Ward

    Its not about how many flags he sews on his hat or flash lights either for me I can see just fine not mad at any one do I carry a flash light what if I got one and don't want to use it because you want me too or what if I believe your reason for using one is diffrent than mine or what if I think someone else has to go blind for me and thats why I dont use one or what if i have one and dont use it only in time of darkness or what if I can see better than anyone else in the dark or what if I use a lighter instead.

  2. jasonander21

    Not a bad song....

  3. Jack Matthews

    Warren treated my ears with that intro, damn!

  4. reaper man

    Fudge pack the rest of you, I find this song "way too good".

  5. im not a polotician look at pictures on phone

    Ive already won looser watch this dumbass

  6. Roosevelt McCarter

    Was it taken from the "Detonator" album?

    Alan Oriordan

    Sure was !!

  7. Eric Lehman

    I always think of this song during difficulties.

  8. Average Internet Joe

    My theme song if I had a horrible or cheating girlfriend.

    Christina Ward

    Depends on the reason she cheated maybe you broke her heart

  9. randall scott burress

    I GO TO CHURCH and the kids mess with me put plastic spiders in my cahair Guess We are going to the creek and learn a bible lesson*Very Soon

  10. ROGÉRIO Almeida

    This band is similar White Cross

  11. david keziah

    this  song  is  just fitting for some stupid @ss  fucking person that you will  really  will  forget but will  be willing to tell them just how you seriously  feel towards them  and want  to say 'fuck off'

  12. Strick nine

    What a great guitar player !!

  13. Seb De Vaïonne

    With some Bon Jovi on backing vocals people!

  14. Golden Girl

    The ultimate "fuck you" song. Love it. Karma does exist.

  15. Useful Entertainment

    reminds me of when Ralph kramden flipped a coin with Norton to decide who's apartment the tv was going in to lol

  16. Vincent Nevels

    This song is starting to add up into todays politics of 2017 towards 2020 if possible,I throught about some people say from Nixon time of Watergate to now, And where does 2017 may takes us in the political arena, Only time tales.

  17. Urban Eye

    Probably my favorite Ratt song of all time. It's crazy that Jon Bon Jovi was in the song. But it's not suprising. When they sang "You're good at starting fires, but you can't take the heat" literally sounds like something from the Bon Jovi song "Bad Medicine".

  18. petrucciator Petrucciator

    This song has a "slaughter" vibe to it, not a bad thing. Never heard this track but I'm digging it!

    James Massingale

    You mean Slaughter -has a Ratt vibe.

  19. TkyoSam

    Fuckign just, awesome. Pure awesomeness! Ratt kicks ass!!!!

    Taylor Greene

    TkyoSam oh yeah HEADS I WIN!!!!!


    Flip of the Draw looks like another winner

  21. Sean Hecht

    sleazy operator

  22. Carlos Martinez

    I didn't know this awesome track had Jon Bon Jovi singing in the background.

  23. Anthony Cahoon

    Before you people start pointing fingers. She's a narcissist so I have a reason

  24. Anthony Cahoon

    Reminds me of my grandma. Cause I always win against her

    Cx Stark

    +Anthony Cahoon wtf dude haha


    wat haha


    It's because she let's u silly.

  25. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    awesome ratt song and i think the hidden gem song on the detonator album, and jon bon jovi is backing vocals on this awesome. just fucking great.

    Steve Day

    it's beyond a great song isn't it? it kicks a$$!!

  26. The Skull Kidd

    HA HA HA!! This is my ex wife's mother to a tee and let me tell you shes a nasty piece of work

  27. Matt Kellum

    I hope the people that put ads on you tube get hit buy a truck that is advertising something!!!! Your a bunch of fucks and cunts!!!!


    Adblocker works wonders-google it

    Aqua Wellness

    Yep! You're right about that! Specially the ones that cry about that stupid ass that thinks hes gonna make it after leaving the band!

    Carlos Martinez

    +Matt Vellum It's extremely annoying. That's why this channel was invented...to escape some of those stupid commercials.

  28. Matt Kellum

    Fuck you youtube. Get rid of the ads. Your starting to fucking suck goddamn it!!!! Your almost as bad as the radio!!!! GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!

  29. しらずはじ


    Jadon Henry

    to cringy of a profile pic,Next!?!

  30. Filip L.

    For me, best song by Ratt! Very awesome and catchy song!

  31. Femy Agustine

    This song keeps rhyming on my head.


    I like it ,

  33. raztuss

    for every ex out there,,,,,male or female, or what ever ya own this one,,,,,,,,,

  34. Mario Bohorquez

    I bought this album because of the Jon Bon Jovi backing vocals..... Been a Ratt fan ever since....

  35. MaryDD37

    Awww!! I just love Jon Bon Jovi's backing vocals!! Always loved this song and always will!!

  36. Rocky Stradlin

    Jon Bon Jovi on Backing Vocals!

  37. Rocky Stradlin

    RATT's guitar solos by Warren & Robbin always were so melodic!

  38. Charles Wende

    your lucky you got with ur ass!

  39. Charles Wende

    My EX!!!!!!

  40. Zues Gygax

    These lyrics are so fitting of these times with the ego generation. Ever dated a high maintenance woman whose entirely after money, when she finds out you don't have what she assumed you had ditches your ass? Meanwhile you're a great guy.

  41. DKSmusic

    hey man. i know how you feel but trust me , such people don't even deserve your hate. just ignore them.


    Kinda ironic that we have the same last name lol

  43. smitchix1

    Jon Bon Jovi singing back up in the chorus...the "Heeeads I Win..." behind Stephen. Loved it when the 80s metal bands all toured together, worked together, rooted for each other...the good old days.


    I dedicate this song to my lying, two face, whore of an ex girlfriend. Hope she gets whats coming to her

    Snake Eyes

    RBG POSEIDON never had a girlfriend, but I may feel your pain soon.

    Jayson McCoy

    Dang that's harsh bro lol