Rationale - No Place Like Home Lyrics

When you're lonely
Do you think of me
And the way you used to love me?
And the way you used to love me?
When you're lonely
Do you toss and turn in the night?
Is the grass still as green as you thought it was?
Are you thinking in the back of your mind

There ain't no place like home
There ain't no place like home
Click your heels and go
There ain't no place like home

It's been a whole year
And I still feel the same for you
Baby, we had to away
To understand there ain't no substitute
For what we have is written
And we can fight it as much as we like
But at the end of the day
You cannot ignore the voice inside

There ain't no place like home
There ain't no place like home
Click your heels and go
There ain't no place like home

I will be waiting for you
I will be waiting for you
I will be waiting for you
Ain't no place like home

There ain't no place like home
There ain't no place like home
Click your heels and go
There ain't no place like home

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Rationale No Place Like Home Comments
  1. Joker21 Joker21

    Having a drum and bass morning and no drum and bass morning isn’t complete without Jakwob. We need more tunes please 🙏🏼

  2. Uzair Zulfiqar

    Don’t know what made me think of this song. But I just had to listen to it.

  3. Megan Wilkie

    Who hurt you jakwob

  4. teddy rush

    B0aty Outro song

  5. Cacasrosa

    home is where drum and bass sounds <3

  6. 4eversupersonicgirl


  7. Meelis Malgand


  8. Max Kafka

    This is quite possibly my favorite song ever

  9. Kall da

    fuckin tune!

  10. Claudia Biersack

    I fell in love in 0:00

  11. I\/Ii5o OcHa8A

    No blaze like home

  12. Ryan Meuwese

    Some of Those comments are over a year old, daaaaaaamn

  13. The guy who's complaining that Majestic Horse is under every Video

    No way this is over a year old... feels like yesterday

  14. Elena Grande

    A year late, but just as appreciative. :3 ♥ it!
    (Love the picture as well)

  15. silverslykid

    Sounds like the Powerpuff Girls theme

    Socially Awkward Gamer

    tru. tru.

  16. August Afola

    by far one of my favorite songs i've discovered this year <3

  17. EDH_DnB

    Always love when Jakwob does a bit of DnB :D

  18. Ed Brew

    Obsessed with this track, Jakwob is incredible and always seems to find amazing vocalists for his tracks.

    \\ Demize //

    @RawFrequency So true


    +RawFrequency yeah. like just listen to Jakwob Blinding...so moving

  19. ethan fang


  20. Shel Globaldnb

    Does any know the full lyrics please

  21. Anti

    Ich search in all playlists.. But sheepy don't have the right music for me :(

  22. tim

    Such a beauty

  23. dr D&B

    cool song,sic pic

  24. Michaela Fair

    where can I download all this music ? (MrSuicideSheep) preferably for free

  25. Matt B

    By far my favorite drum and bass track, ever. 

  26. Nik Nabil Official


  27. Max Virkus

    This Song is beautiful. Love it.
    Damn... memories coming up.

  28. brandon rosa

    Looks like Slenderman in the photo :O

  29. wtfuredead

    can you guys notice the 2 strings that go straight from the cloud to that man hanging out in air? :O

  30. Wazzup Music

    See my friends channel. I have good music. Thank you.

  31. SenseiMajor

    "Return the slab"

  32. Sa I

    Suicide oh non

  33. Anticipate

    wish it was longer 

  34. RedonPL


  35. KnownEpidemic

    I just picked up some weed yesterday for the sole purpose of listening to this when I'm stoned (my first time smoking for like 5 months) and holy shit was it the right choice haha! Only heard this yesterday and it's already one of my favourite tracks.

    Can anyone else recommend other great Jakwob songs? 

    Jaz / Weed News

    Jakwob - Electrify ft. Jetta Jakwob - Electrify ft. Jetta

    The Diplomic

    Please stop smoking, and come home

  36. Aishah H

    Is it just me or is the picture rotating slightly?

  37. Chris TheHulk

    Favourite song at the moment :)

  38. aye

    only he who feels it knows what is good.

  39. Aldas Dzafarovas

    Cool music

  40. PLspacemonkey

    I tried listening to it at .5 speed after I first listened, and it also sounds really nice with a much more chill vibe! I love jakwob 

  41. respwnkill88

    absolutely loved it

  42. Eddy Edd

    a place so supremely blest a spot dearer than all the rest on earth indeed there ain't no place like home ..

  43. Jan Gonzo

    Damn Jakwob ! I rape the Repeat Button.... <3

  44. Beck

    Very niceeeee

  45. Andrew Bettle

    I wish this was longer than 3:03

  46. George Cleland

    Nice vibes

  47. ranjas csgo

    there is no place like hoooooooooooooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeeee

  48. zobasek

    More of these songs, please x))

  49. Amber Ambiance


  50. JellyFiesh

    Name of song?

    Hahah just kidding! Jakwob you are amazing:D

  51. MotivatingIntoxicatingDD

    First thing i noticed; strings from the cloud lifts him o.o


    I was wondering how they did this.


    @leloodallasmultipass Photoshop!


    @Halosheep o'really?!

  52. Samuel Guńka

    speed 2 sick :D 

  53. Alluna M

    " So true...!
    I've arrived last night from a trip and for SURE - *there is no place like Home* , no matter how amazing other places are...!
    Love it ! @MrSuicideSheep "

    t brown

    I'm so glad you made it back safe. 

    Alluna M

    Hugs ! @t brown

    t brown

    HUGS back at you @Alluna M !!

    mark hrycyk

    good to know you're safe at home.

    Alluna M

    😉 @mark hrycyk

  54. Timothy Patterson

    Love it. Ben's mum.

  55. Tre Morris

    My thoughts on the picture is that the man isn't being hung by a cloud. The cloud represents a puppet master and the man is the puppet. Like we are being controlled by a higher power.

  56. Daniel Spajic

    amazing photo

  57. DomDärDuvet

    Okay so things have been pretty creepy lately in my life, in the way of a lot (and I mean a LOT) of coincidences happening, and as fast as I forget about one of them happening another one happens. In this case, I had the song ''No place like home'' by marianas trench playing in my head as I went through the subscription box, and what appears if not this song, also named No place like home. I'm going crazy here, does anyone know what this might mean? (Like if anyone believes in overnatural stuff)

    Chipmunk Lauren

    It means a lot of people really like their homes xD


    Hahah well I hope that's the case

    Chipmunk Lauren

    @DomDärDuvet Yeah xD but coincidences like that sometimes are pretty nerve-wracking

  58. dopeboi123


  59. dbsoundz

    Yes this is a mean beat!

  60. Carla Adriana Inostroza Spano

    Música para seguir al ritmo de la música

  61. Mr Towlie

    Nice one! Looks very similar to Calibre

  62. andrew Vargas


  63. Josh Matt

    Tengo un resacoooon!!!

  64. Dylattande

    click your heels and go..... tooooooooon

  65. Reece Hibberd

    I wish this song was longer, its amazing!!

  66. liam robertson

    mesmerising artwork. wowz

  67. Don Pepino

    Love the vocals and the smooth liquid dnb vibes. Amazing track!

  68. DJCook1990

    Just noticed the cloud has a creepy face on it lol.

    Ana Cristina

    Looks like a creepy cat lol

    Danny WIlliamson

    Lol it looks like a sheep :)

  69. Steelow Gaming

    the picture is "i believe i can fly" haha

  70. MysticBeats

    OMG jakwob rocks :$

  71. Riki Hernández

    "Love me Love me"x100

  72. KarmaKoolyTchah

    omg it's a dope

  73. Chinx 86

    As always..have a nice day

  74. Rocco Siffredi

    How the hell can you hang yourself on a cloud and die


    you never know until you try

  75. cjl85uk

    <3 where your 'home' is another person <3

  76. Emily Lu

    i thought it was a beautiful picture. And then i saw the string things. Does that symbolise something? I'd hate to think the person is being hanged

    Kirby Maylish

    I think the strings symbolize his unending attachment to follow his whims and wander just like the cloud does; always longing for home, but carries on regardless to wherever far off unattainable destination he aims for. I see a tragic irony in this picture, but I also see a man who isn't tied to a cloud, but a cloud free from the ties of security. Or maybe I read into it too much ;p

  77. RagingHeavens

    WoW the song lifts off after slow start so nicely! Real smooth!

  78. BlueOrchideefly

    ......great ONE ♥

  79. Peni S.

    I can't unhear the Powerpuff Girls theme in the drums. XD

  80. GlinkNY

    the strings are coming from the clouds?

  81. Cedric Scorch

    Distant trail to vanish home,
    That long to meet the love that roam.
    Path abrupt by strings attach,
    That force to walk through endless scratch.
    Does hope remain this puppet use?
    Would peace prevail or form a truce?"
    No place of comfort, no home to rest,
    Not for the like this futile quest.

    Cedric Scorch

    No, but I'm planning to


    @Cedric Scorch Can't wait. :D

    Ana Cristina

    @Cedric Scorch  Definitely agree with @NightLyte i've seen your poems on plenty of videos and they are amazing.


    Keep commenting dude, i really like your poems :)

    Razvan Ciobanu

    @Rhyff me too.. 

  82. Mare Bear

    Beautiful <3

  83. Jehyeon Oh


  84. Casey Norris

    Love it

  85. crazylilbuddy

    that picture is in my backyard

  86. Yoo Risk

    I swear this track is awesome! And also you find the nicest people in Sheeps comment section! Have a nice night/day Sheeps! :D


  87. Benjamin Buttons

    Moving like clouds ! :)

  88. GauschUrifle

    I swear the best tracks I hear on this channel just so happen to be uploaded on my birthday :D


    @GaussianBlur Happy birthday!

    GyDro ID

    Happy b-day

    Mark sanders

    Happly late birth day

  89. Jamie Kowalski

    If I use this song in one of my videos is it copyright?

  90. Fall

    Love it =]

  91. Rafael Oliveira

    Lyrics please!!!

  92. Shankower

    One of jakwobs older things is still one of my favorites of all time to this day. And I don't have a lot of favorites, good stuff sir

  93. Foreign Sounds

    Just.. stunning. Pure and simple. 


    Stunning is definitely the word for this track. Just. wow.

  94. Zeniithe

    Love when the song is a good one.