Rationale - Fast Lane Lyrics

Everybody speeds in the fast lane truly now
Revving through the gears trying to keep ourselves from stressing out, out
Take a look in your heart and your soul
Is this really it? Is it all that you are?
We’re so caught up in the riddle and we suffer for so little, oh lord

Holding back the tears on the last train homeward bound
It’s been 27 years and you’ve only now just figured out, how
You can give him your heart and your soul
You can give him every ounce that you are
But when you’re caught up in the riddle
Man, your pride ain’t worth a nickel, no no

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Rationale Fast Lane Comments
  1. Bruno Carreiro

    I've found this song in 2016 on a Brazilian sports TV channel called OFF. It should be a bit longer though, pretty pleasant to the ears.

  2. CharlyCastillo16

    TinashÉ my friend... what have you become?

  3. De TodoGame

    Karim Benzema mercie

  4. Arkion SC

    ahah.. ballers also

  5. tshepo5


  6. Tangled Tunes

    I know that I am making music that is different to this, although I really love all of your songs! Really great!

  7. JACK M.

    Such a good song ... I’ll still listen to this 20 from now

  8. hugo Charteris



    This song is so underrated.

  10. un gars

    Benzema sent me here ! Thank u shazam

  11. 3ly chandoura ely

    i just can't understand why this kind of music isn't popular

  12. Rays Boom Boom Room

    Benzema brought me here

  13. Raf Red

    Benzema 😁✌

  14. Gallai András Balázs

    Exellent. Now it hurts life, but this music gives strength.

  15. Andrew Burns

    I know that I am composing music that is different to this, although I really love all of your songs! Really great!

  16. Deborah Gardner

    Rationale.... You melt me😳😍😛

  17. 2wenty 7even Beats

    Thank you my good taste in music for bringing me here:)

  18. Emily Alp

    goddess bless it! <3

  19. Lucas J.B.

    Thank you ballers

  20. LMcCormack

    anyone here because of anthony joshua?

  21. Benjamin Booth

    this is a tank song

  22. mathias lowe

    songpop2 brought me here

  23. Tara Mc

    This gem of a song is far too short.

  24. Jessie Rose

    I remember going on some website that Dan tweeted and told us to find this song and give it a like. Turns out you had to make an account in order to give it a heart. Since I loved it so much, I made an account only for that reason. It's the first song I heard and it will always be my favorite of his, or theirs if you count the whole group:)

  25. Meral Özcan


  26. Zinnia Jane

    Most relaxing atmospheric song...love the bass.

  27. Slurms_McKenzie

    God damn this is incredible! Excuse me while i go and buy your entire back catalogue...

  28. Sara K

    good sir i have to use this... all credit is yours.

    Kate e

    me too :)

    Alryane Fathi

    Sara K I CAME HERE BECAUSE OF YOU 😍 good lord you have such a great taste in music and you're generally an incredibly gorgeous human being, you inspire me in so many ways I'm so grateful for your existence

  29. Sam Collins

    Anyone here because they are supporting Bastille?

    Percepto Shmegington

    Sam Collins nah Bastille are shite

  30. Pablo Romero

    MXXWLL's remix of this song brought me here. It's better than the original...

  31. mike nappi

    When an L ride takes musical form

  32. Kudzai Katombo

    if it wasnt for ballers i would be lost

  33. Erik Lelievre

    it's short for a reason... repeat.. repeat. thank you ballers music team. well done.

  34. Safeya Dawney

    Any way it is good it one of my fav's 😊😊😊

  35. Safeya Dawney

    If you look at the trees you will see them moving !!!!!😊

  36. Tyler Durden

    i would be ok with this track not ending so soon

  37. Samie Saheb

    ballers brought me here! such a great and underrated artist!

  38. Preachaman TV / Mancunia Rebél

    Tune! Get in Rationale!

  39. tom's video hole

    this track is way too short though

  40. mothertothemoon7

    holding back the tears on the last train homeward bound

  41. Ricardo Silvestre

    This is sooooo good!!!

  42. Gonzalo Escalona

    came here on my own

  43. montam26

    Poignant indeed!!!

  44. Christina Chao

    What's ballers?

    Power Slam

    best show


    Miami, bitches, beaches, footballers, parties, cars and Rock. Great series.

  45. Ummet Ozcan

    Faking it! :)


    Thanks Jools Holland. Great Song guys.

  47. A List Music Productions

    Amazing! But why is it so short!

  48. warning48

    listen at 1.25x speed

  49. Oscar Zamudio

    I don't know what Ballers is, but if it has this as it's soundtrack then it must be good haha

  50. Blackbird 9

    Am I the only one who Spotify brought here? :v

    Oscar Zamudio

    Spotify brought me here too haha 😂

  51. Hilmi Masrafchi

    Well, fine... Future Shorts sent me here.

  52. Eva Spådam

    Love this song. Thank you Ballers

    Elwin Scholte

    exactly 😀

  53. Norman Post

    Good shit...this song makes me feel like i am the Rock..cruising down a florida freeway

  54. ramirezrico100

    fucking ballers ,lol got me here

  55. Nancy Baeyens

    This is perfect

  56. frankdiley

    toooo short

  57. Hsien


  58. David Kelly


  59. Emerslam

    Ballers Rule!!!

  60. Perry Danny Muñoz

    damn dis is so good.. jake ejercito brought me here..

  61. MunchyCuber

    "Friday with the nipple"

  62. Poppy Brown


  63. Ulises Martínez

    Loving this song.

  64. TerrorHall

    i could just loop this forever

  65. Dushmantha Ranathunga

    Thank you Ballers!!! Such an amazing song.... Just what I wanted to hear on a moody monday!

  66. thisgalaxyman

    music in stater bros. got me here..

  67. Amanda Johnson

    this is not as good a fuel to the fire

  68. Amanda Johnson

    what is ballers ?

    Fernando Carbajal

    hbo show

  69. sarah harrison

    1.Fast Lane
    2. Fuel to the Fire
    3.The Mire
    4. RE.UP

  70. RyRy

    Does anyone know where to find an instrumental to this?

  71. Hakeber

    youtube advert got me here lol

  72. Filben

    Thanks to Shazam I found this song because of Sky Sports F1 broadcast. Very cool and relaxing song!

  73. Derrick Gitonga

    this song is way too short :(

  74. scousemo

    I'm here because of Ballers and Shazam as well! I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that. Awesome tune.

  75. Jason Kelly

    Yip...Ballers brought me here too

  76. Sylvain Trilltord

    This is settings!!!!!!!!

  77. ㅋㄹㅂㄹ

    please make mv

  78. Declan Smith

    This song deserves to go longer than 2:41. Ballers.

  79. Peruvian OneZ

    spotify thanks

  80. CGB

    Can someone explain what Ballers is? (I'm Scottish)

    Hadden Industries

    +Craig Geddes it's a really good show on HBO starring Dwayne Johnson.I also came here thanks to "Ballers";-)

    Happy Eva

    CGB I'm Scottish too 😊

  81. Azura


  82. Alejandro Flores

    Cher ? is that you?

  83. Tim Petersen

    Ballers brought me here, awesome tune .

  84. Tim Petersen

    Ballers brought me here, awesome tune .

  85. Michael Ward


  86. James Kent MUSIC

    This song is awesome! thanks ballers!

  87. Kwabena Amoakwa

    Ballers brought me here. Dope tune !!

  88. Kwabena Amoakwa

    Ballers brought me here. Dope tune !!

  89. Daniel Clarke

    we Ballers!

  90. theultimaterom

    Beautiful song.

  91. Rad One

    Ballers brings me here ! Old and new at the same Time.

  92. Obbo Benjamin

    I think we should all say thanks to Ballers

  93. Lariza Akury


  94. Neomorphinity

    Every episode of Ballers so far has had at least one song that grabs me so hard which I wouldn't have found otherwise. What a show ♥

  95. Chase Simmonds


  96. Jarred Faircloth

    Really great song! Wished it was longer.

  97. Jarred Faircloth

    Really great song! Wished it was longer.