Rationale - Deliverance Lyrics

Throw me a rope
Oh, Marion
Cause I can't cope
In this hole
Without you
You sold me a dream
Now I'm hanging on
From my life
Out of sight
Out of mind

If deliverance from the bitterness means I'll have to let you go
Then I'll, I'll keep hanging on

I used to hope
An unbreakable
Willing mind
Driven on
By your lies
It's hard to believe
That I don't mean nothing to you
And I'll never
Back in your favour
I'm back in your arms

I hope you just carried on
Tell me how could this be
I hope that you're much, much happier
Without me

If deliverance from the bitterness means I'll have to let you go
Then I'll, I'll keep hanging on
And I know I should
For the greater good
And I already know
I need your love
You know, I need your love

You know, I need your love
You know, I need your
I need your love

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Rationale Deliverance Comments
  1. arsenalmanic

    This guy & his songs are sooooo good, is mind blowing! Just pure claaaaass!

  2. arsenalmanic

    My two fav British male singers are JP COOPER & RATIONALE

    End of !

  3. PierreTheGod

    my favorite song <3

  4. arsenalmanic

    RATIONALE has the most amazing voice & songs! Just puuuuure class! Better anything in the charts. I have no clue how this man isn't one of the biggest names in world wide music. Him and also JP COOPER!

  5. arsenalmanic

    This guys is like the best singer, and produces amazing pieces of musical art. I don't get how he's not a huuuuuge name!

  6. Lyric Jones

    Love island (UK) brought me here lmaoo I love this song omg 💕💕

  7. S K

    Love Island <3

  8. Leyla Aydin

    Thanks, rationale👍

  9. Celene Hall


  10. Abdulla Yousif

    The best💛😶😶

  11. Free Man

    Perfection! Welcome to my playlist and my thoughts. <3

  12. Monika

    I was standing in line, waiting to pay and suddenly, the lyrics popped into my head, turning this day into something sweet. I wish more people would know about you.

  13. Sabrina

    I had to come back to this again after hearing it on love Island...forgot just how amazing your voice is. Hope you get the recognition you deserve one day 🤞🏼♥️

  14. Biff

    Thank you love island and Shazam. Stunning

  15. skyline twotone

    Love Island brought me hear...
    What a tune brother!!!!

  16. Aleasons

    omg this played on love island, actually screamed when it did and sung every single word and I have the album omgggg

  17. Finn Thomas

    Your doing so well I can remember when you was my year 2 music teacher you was an amazing teacher and would really like you to come back for 1 music lesson

  18. anita gasana

    🙌am sold....your music is blockbuster soundtrack material 👌👌👌👌 lion king ...

  19. Rares Rocky

    You are a God you know that right ? An immortal soul. Voice is eternal . I search for quality sounds. Mechanic or human. My ears are alien. I hear things with a high definition in pitch and tempo. And you God are one of the best until now. Respect. The world is not ready yet for you but you will be bigger than all of nowadays singers.

  20. keione whiley

    Story of my life !

  21. stereomtl

    Epic song Epic performance

  22. Martin Nkutu

    Unique voice...Am hooked

  23. MeeniWeeni

    Holy fuck this is awesome! Had you saved from ten years ago under your previous nam, and so glad I did.

  24. Nayah Pearce

    Your amazing you show passion and Faith and you believin your self

  25. Fernelle Dc


  26. Jewgenij Dick

    Пожалуйста..работай дальше.Ты рожден для этого.Лучшее.что я слышал за последние пару лет.С уважением ..

  27. ichibanmegami

    Omg.... Your voice is soul shaking....my God...

    ....so , so good....

  28. MadMax FPV

    goose bumps on my skin. thanks for this man

  29. SAMMY MUSIC Official

    Good Job bro

  30. Ioana Nik

    My favourite singer ever! Extraordinary voice and songs. Thank you Tinashe / Rationale

  31. Melissa Powell

    I'd love to hear him talk about what he wrote this song about.

  32. Billy Beaumont

    I've been listening to you for 3 years now and you just keep getting better.

  33. Terefere qq

    Kocham go słuchać !

  34. Cody Baum

    Other than “loving life” this has to be one of my favorite songs you’ve released. Learning about what the different locations mean adds something to the video for me. Places that your friends experienced heartache just brings so much raw emotion to this. I beg you to do more shows in the states. Your music needs to be heard!

  35. Mihael N

    A magic voice!

  36. CheckYourHead

    Hey you should go to KEXP or Tiny Desk, I can't wait to see it!!!

  37. Michael Moore

    Refreshing. Much respect for your performances. True talent

  38. Edda Zekarias

    Rooting for a Rationale, Jacob Banks, Khalid collaboration - i think the world would come to a standstill...

  39. Abrar Pasha

    How does this song not have over a billion views? Like how

  40. anna mickiewicz

    Wooww ❤️💪

  41. Elena Ramona

    Goosebumps ❤️

  42. Quoc Huynh

    Love the inspiration for the video. Amazing work and vocal. 🙏 thank you for existing.

  43. angela nashaat

    All heart, all beauty.

  44. Lorenzo Hoen

    what a beautiful song and amazing sound i like that

  45. Ori Naru

    awesome high strong voice <3<3<3

  46. Noo Nour

    Sublime ! ! 👏🏼

  47. Kalton Alvine

    how can some one not like this 😍😖

  48. ttvdesign

    Soon, my friend, soon you'll get your wings and soar :)

  49. SheepMaySafelyGrazeHere.

    Finally!! Who's on here because of "Reverie"?!!

  50. Mattheus Sardinha

    Love from Portugal!

  51. camzilla s

    I can't wait for you to blow up!
    You are amazing!

  52. Ifeliciamaria

    Wow ♥️

  53. Vania Posadas

    I love you! Your voice takes me to another planet ❤

  54. Ed said

    Dude, Marion did a number on you. But don't dispair, your pain helped me deal with my dad and my daddy issues I didn't even know I had. If not for you, might have let go.

    If deliverance from his bitterness meant I had to let him go, then I, I, I, I, I'll keep hanging on... cause he's my the only dad I have yo.

    This is the power of music. Keep it up! You've got the gift to inspire people to a greater good.

  55. Maya Cajic

    heartbreaking but such a strong and beautiful song, and oh man that voice

  56. Wise_king_solomon

    It’s hard to believe but i didn’t knew nothing about this extraordinary people til today! One of the best sounds i’ve never heard! Keep up the good work!

  57. Matt Becks

    Incredibly powerful

  58. Noks AK45

    The bigger voice i heard from a long time now, congratulations!.

  59. La Frank

    I just LOVE all your music!!!! :) Best discovery of 2018 for me!!!

  60. Matthew Baker

    Amazing track, saw you in Wolverhampton supporting Rag & bone first class performance and loved the dance moves

  61. James Fox

    by a thread - Keep hanging ON

  62. Black Ish

    I was doing my groceries this evening, in Mega Image Bucharest and they played this song. It felt like a revelation, life hitting you in such a common moment when you're looking for your favourite brand of some bloody yoghurt. 20 seconds later: basket down - shazam on :)) Loving your vibration for this song

  63. stereomtl

    this is more powerful than prayer....I kneel before your talent

  64. KawaiLikePikachu

    Hi Sir, you don't remember me but you taught me music for a year about 5 years ago. Our class made a song, 'From the bottom to the top' you won't even see this but commented anyway :)

  65. Mike Wood

    This man is a Prince soon to be king!!!

  66. Diana Winda

    Your voice is power!!!!

  67. Scott Pitel

    Great voice!

  68. velli'e e

    Wow.... Some real music ..love this..

  69. MNHTTN

    a m a z i n g !

  70. x p

    brazil ?????

  71. Carolina Vieira

    I heard you singing before Bastille concert and your voice and the way you perform just made me an instant fan. Keep it up, we love your music!!

  72. Celine Naser

    I was listening to the radio. When I heard your voice for the first time, I do not know what happened. Your voice penetrated my heart.❤

  73. lee Prater

    Your absolutely amazing singer love that strong melody

  74. jupdm

    I've just discovered him. Love it, can't stop listening to the album

  75. No Leave

    Honestly, This Song Is Really Sick, Love it!

  76. Perez Hilton And Family

    LOVE THIS!!!

  77. deakon Lock

    Best video 🙏💎

  78. Charo Yeates

    just saw him performing "Fuel to the Fire" in the Colbert show, and fell in love with this artist!

  79. Akua

    I just died and went to heaven!

  80. lesser of two evils

    Thank you, Dan Smith for introducing me to this masterpiece😇

  81. Liz ok

    love it!

  82. Kelly Vee

    One of my favourite Rationale songs.... If not my favourite.... Absolutely amazing

  83. Reilly Ferraro

    such fire dude

  84. Jesse Reid


  85. Carraway Daron

    Love this song so much!!!! <3 Keep it up! There are so many wonderful elements in this song.

  86. tossikkis


  87. passaliss

    hang in there! you will go far! I'd go to your every concert if I were in UK ! :D

  88. Keeng

    You better sang the damn song!!!!😁

  89. Besa

    Man I have had you on repeat on spotify for a week now. Keep it comming you have a great voice. (ps not hater but I always imagined the video of this song would be "think - total recal meets Dark mirror" it would just be a dude in a room cabled up, trying to relive his happiest times. That would be the ironic twist at the end. Man I wish I could story board it.

  90. Maria Milica

    like how emotional is this video. i love it.
    and i cannot wait for the album!
    thank you so much rationale, you always leave me speechless. lots of love xx maria

  91. Anthony Bianue

    looking forward to the album. 6th October cant come soon enough

  92. photology

    Goosebumps! ❤️

  93. Steven Johnson

    I saw these guys yesterday 9/9/2017. at the Blackheath  Festival and they were on the B stage/stage 2 . Never knew of them before yesterday but thought they were BRILLIANT and the best act at Blackheath. The organisers just pulled the power on them and cut them off. They did not even get a chance to say who they were or anything. BEST ACT OF THE DAY AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE MAIN STAGE. De La Soul was suppose to perform and never even turned up and they had Travis as the headline act who were shite and they  had Kate Tempest on the main stage at the same time as Rationale were on the B stage. Makes no sense at all. Wicked group!!

  94. J Metzzy

    Absolutely fuckin amazing!!! Legend man!!!!

  95. Rafael Tex

    loved it!

  96. Paul Storm

    I've very much enjoyed these songs. Thank you for sharing that soaring voice. Heart strings have been tugged hard

  97. jak214

    I love Underground Pop!

  98. edylberto garcia


  99. Billy James

    You should be way more popular for this amount of talented singing

  100. Sean Maguire

    Wow! That voice is so wonderfully unique, matches with amazing lyrics, moving song