Rasheeda - Off Da Chain Lyrics

[Hook: Jazzy Phae]
Every time we hit the club the shit's off da chain
Better believe it shawty
I'm at the bar callin' yo name
Squeekin', big ballin', flossin'
See me in the club nigga - iced out
Or meet me at the bar shawty - let's ball out
Ohh you's a big money nigga - who goes all out
Well let's do this damn thang till we - fall out

Niggaz say I'm too hype and hoes hate cause they flaw
This number one rap bitch spittin' nothin' but the raw
You menstruatin', frustrated, keep yo most anticipated
Flossed out in the club while most of y'all fakin'
Ain't no mistakin' how we do it so you gotta show me love
Pop the bottle, crack the blunt and now we smokin' on a dub
Sassy bitch, classy bitch might be on some pimp shit
Where my money nigga, no time for games you got's to dip
Cause I'm a regulator, original game playa
Fuck a hoe, I'm Mrs. Captain Save A Nigga Day-a
Nigga playa, own stash off the rip
Make my gun "Blocka-blocka" if a nigga trip
Cause I'm the regular, you ain't no competitor
So back up wack trick, you better duck
Rasheeda world and I take it how I give it
This unstoppable bitch don't talk it, she live it


[Jazzy Phae:]
This ice tray wrapped around my wrist - Look at me!
Gettin' hi as hell, drunk as a bitch - Look at me!
Man I'm feelin' like a million bucks - Look at me!
Niggaz hatin' but I don't give a fuck - Please believe it
I push a Jag 2-G sittin' on some O's (Sittin' on some O's)
Bitches be up on my dick like brand new clothes (Like brand new clothes)
I wanna be seen with you up in the Pocono's (No)
You'll be in the jeep takin' off yo clothes (Uh-huh)
Bitch (Bi-atch!) make a nigga rich or somethin' (Rich or somethin')
I don't give a fuck you ain't in my clique or nothin' (clique or nothin)
I don't like to cake hoes, I break hoes
It's all about the peso's and I make those
You don't know about the hoes I toss
You don't know about the thangs I floss
Welcome to the land where .44's explode on broke hoes
[? ] I keep every bitch in broke mode


Got niggaz in my grill like - Whoa!
Cause I rock a show the club outta Control!
Boy you want the digits, I told him hell No!
Cause you got the 4, I got the S-50-50!
Quit the flow, don't even ask, then go on with it
Nasty attitude so you know you can't hit it
Just forget it, I got my mind on my shine
Labeled most hated bitch in 1999
Now it's 2-G, got hoes scared to drop they shit
I'll put my foot off in yo ass and I'll stomp that shit
Lock that shit
Hit the spot and rock that shit
I'm on a mission and you wishin' you could stop my shit
My momma told me "Whatever you do, stack the dough"
Don't ever fall behind no playa hatin' hoe
And that's for sho', you got's to be the trillest of the trill
Realest of the real, my nigga what the deal huh?

[Hook x2]

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Rasheeda Off Da Chain Comments
  1. Jay Mail

    Boy this bring back memories Golden Glide and Cascade Days,.... Middle School man oh man

  2. curt349

    Thanks 4 posting this! I have been searching 4 this 4 a long time, just never knew the real name of this song. This back when she tried 2 make it big, but wouldn't til years like b/c of that show. Maybe 1 of Jazza Pha's productions before he hit it big a year later with Nappy Roots

  3. beyonce89384

    im glad this video brings back good memories ^_^

  4. pointhimout

    LOL this was my shit back in the day. This was supposed to be Rasheeda on the map but for some reason, it didn't do much for her career. I still play this song in my car.