Rasheeda - Haters Intro Lyrics

Uh yeah
The introduction, y'all
To my world, huh
Dirty south
It's the album
Representing up for da D-Lo
And if you don't know
It's Rasheeda, ha
Check this out, y'all
You know
This could
No, as a matter of fact
It's not
But you know what
This my chance and this my time
To let y'all know how I do it
Representing up for da dirty dirty
Yeah, you know what I'm saying, uh-huh
Putting it down like I think it need to be put down
You know, fo sho
And you know, I just wanna
Take out a minute to express somethangs
'Cos I know y'all like, 'Who is she?'
'Who is Rasheeda?', you know
'Who is this broad, this broad from wherever she from?'
But I'm just gon' let y'all know a lil brief insight
In the game, 9 years and strong
Still moving, still grooving
You know what I'm saying
I'm on the solo, dolo, hm
I'm about to let y'all know, hm
Coming in, you know
I'm tryna just do my thang
And it's unpredictable
As the game, the rap game
It ain't nothing but a hustle
Niggas be on the street
This is street hustle too, nigga
E'rybody want a piece
E'rybody want a part
But you know what, what
The strong's the bond
You know what I'm saying
And I'm definitely in for the long haul
You know, and they be like
E'rybody just, hm-hm, think this easy, but
It's not
'Bout the deal
Give a shoutout to my folks
Kirk, Jacob
You know what I'm saying
The mo family
The D-Lo family forever
'Coz we bout to do this
This, do this, do this

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Rasheeda Haters Intro Comments
  1. Simon Cowell

    Intro Music?

  2. TurtleBug 101

    What is your intro song??

  3. Manu

    Music top 1

  4. Aox Dzn

    nice intro


    the first first first one was bad

  6. yFlash

    0:40 classic

  7. 1996assassin

    gamo ton patera sou

  8. V2Wor1d

    Hey would you be able to make me an intro also this is GreenEmerald but my second channel also you will love my vids they will make you laugh if you like leafy

  9. RoseFromThePain

    Good Video XD!! Do you want a shout out. if yes follow these 3 rules.

    2.Stay Active
    3. Supports videos

  10. MasterPig

    Plz stop changing your intro! nice vid

  11. Ti.

    you need to add an option to the outro like uuu AMAZING SHIT!

  12. U238 Vulkan

    I bet this video was stolen as well just like all his intros lmao


    Bro stop your a fagot