Rasheeda - Get It On Lyrics

2001, we bout to show ya'll how we do it
Once again, this Rasheeda, and I'm introducin'
The one, and the only

S-L-I-M, ohhhhh

We can get it on, let me come a lil' closer
Freakin' all night long, makin' love until we're over
[? ], lemme know what you wanna do
Tell me that it's on, so that we can get it on

[Verse 1:]
I been around the world, no more for me to see
I stay on the roll, lifestyle celebrity
My time to shine and it ain't easy as it seems
To do what it takes to keep a nigga on my team
2 Way page me cause I'm neva at the crib
Just to keep in touch, that's how a nigga gotta live
I know you know how to keep this thang tight
I'm out doin' me, so I ain't with you every night
It's easy to see, baby I meant to be yo wife
But I can't slow down, nigga I got my own life
So get on in, when you fit in, don't trip
I stack the dough, I run this shit, got you lovin' this
Life a luxury, and you wouldn't have nothin' if it wasn't for me
I'm headed back to the States, flight land at 8
Typin' "I miss you too, and I can hardly wait"


[Verse 2:]
I'm on the next first class flight late night to get to you
Sippin' trippin' offa the things that we can do like...
Whoa... nooo, keep it on the low
Those the thangs I won't let nobody know
First thangs first, how you like to whip?
Platinum CL5, 2002, [? ]
Be ready to dip soon as my plane touch down
I only got two days, so we gots to lay it down
You know how we do, in the Dirty, we live it up
When I get to the crib, ain't no frontin', give it up
(We're landing in Atlanta) so it's time to crank it up
We get on the round lil' man say back it up
I'm lookin' around, there you are just like you saw
Ain't got no [? ], headin' straight to the car
We dippin' my ride that's keepin' da real dub
Rasheeda, believe that you bout to get rimmed up


Back in the A-Town this is how we ride
Me and you stay down cause we do or die
Everybody be hatin' like we Bonnie and Clyde
Intellecual thug, the only nigga by my side

[Verse 3:]
Between me and you let's keep it one on one
Check them hoez on the side before them bitches get done
Got no time for the games, I'm collectin' more change
And flip it to bills so we can take it long range
You know what it is, and how it's gon be
Everywhere that you go, you comin' right back to she
I'm makin' it known for all these hoez to see
They already know that you belong to me
That's why they stay mad, just wishin'
That they could have everything that I own
The thang and the man, my love, my nigga, my hustla team
Niggaz [? ] we layin', you my ghetto dream

[Chorus: til fade]

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