Rashad, Isaiah - The Race (Freestyle) Lyrics

Yeah, this for free, you been tryna get a plate (free lunch)
You ain't smokin', you just lookin' for an 8th (uh uh)
How you ballin' if you ain't got the skates? (Ain't got the skates)
I've been nuttin' on this bitch from the Bay (from the Bay)
Sellin' out, bring my friends, you my dawg (my dawg)
Fill my fronto like an arm in the cigar (the cigar)
If I don't smoke before I eat then I'ma starve (then I'ma starve)
I throw that platinum on my teeth when I'm with y'all
Preacher man, Mr. Willie, put some hands on my dinner
Put some eyes on my back, let me scope out these niggas
You a nobody, ain't nobody to nobody, nigga
I'ma quit when a bitch suck the flow out a nigga, uh
What's the word? I'm just tryna get a zip (amen)
But your plug always talkin' out my ear (amen)
At the window tryna hop up in the VIP (amen)
Swear you niggas be more thirsty than your bitch
Broke hoes always tryna tell me what I should do
With this change that I make and this groove that I grew
This your broad on the phone, this that raw on the phone
It's expensive and tucked, what's the brand? I don't know
Ain't concerned with that shit, too concerned with this grip
L.A. bitches only wanna sniff the coke off the tip
We can chill, you can hang like a rope off the dick
Celebrate, bring up dope, bring some pour out this bitch

Fuck a Vine, I'm just tryna get some face (amen)
Soon as I beat the face, bitch I did the race (amen)
Bust a nut, then I go out my way (go out my way)
Get the guap, then I go out my way (go out my way)

Yeah, go out my
Amen, ayy
See how I picked up the headphone jack and just kept goin'?

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Rashad, Isaiah The Race (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Clarissa Santibanez

    This fire

  2. rift jhon

    He almost laughed when he said that la chick coke bar

  3. 96NickBeats

    This sounds like some _No Ceilings_ Lil Wayne shit lol. I forgot bro hopped on this.


    How is it that im seeing this now sleep asf fr!

  5. TheNatekillerking

    Yo this shit what I been missin from this man

  6. sk8nbrochacho

    Can they put this on spotify please?

  7. Neo Thomas

    Why am I just now finding this?!

  8. Noslo



    Noslo I mean it was a pretty good freestyle

  9. Ricky Fonseca

    call him xanax case he got barrrrs

  10. Arthur Boyd

    This brotha got this shit right! Uh

  11. GtG Frosty K

    Oh father god please forgive me for sleep on this banger 🙏🙏

  12. SpaceJamOut

    Str8 SMOKE

  13. Adam Sanabria

    Just me or does he sound like a low pitched lilwayne

  14. Kaywop

    the house is burning

  15. the wza

    Bust a nut then in i go out my way... Zay crazy.

  16. Splinter Omar

    Damn son, straight talked that smack.

  17. and str

    its been over a year and this is still the very best version. Isaiah touches down to fuck your beat up and does the race

  18. Lausha Adeeren

    Zay wop drop aleady G !

  19. Hasuqi

    What!? So unexpected. My favourite remix now. Do your thing zay

  20. Zay Flacko

    Okay but did y’all see how he picked up the headphone jack and just kept goin?

  21. Sean Keegan

    this shit soooooo fire wtf bro

  22. and str

    i feel like theres a reason we haven't been hearing from him lately. next album is going to rek

  23. Aiden G

    Where's the album?

  24. Marquise Parker

    I think he a more lyrical Spitta andritti

  25. Soul Theory


  26. Bryan

    At the end he’s like “Should I pick up the headphone jack & just keep goin”

    Fuck yeh you should

  27. Austin Hajdok

    This and the montana version are the most fire.

  28. Pedro Valles

    Kinda sounding like wayne

  29. Andrei Isidor Vornicu

    This shit wack

  30. and str

    unexpected but easily the best version

  31. Young T

    Good shit

  32. RJsPrdctnx

    im here before a million views

  33. Adonay Yehdego

    between his first two projects and now this.. this man is hella talented. one of my favorite artists now

  34. iii_vkm

    This shit fye 🔥 Isaiah killed it

  35. Z Zehner

    Kiln it isiah

  36. Alex C

    You aint really smoking if you looking for an 8thh hahah

  37. Erik Ruiz

    Garbage hes better than this

  38. Matthew Daniels

    RIP to the beat


    Sick remix! I made a video for it on my channel cuz it needed one!! Go check it out, cmon

  40. Zane Dietlin

    best version ive heard

  41. toonkid

    Peep my shit if you got time

  42. Daloy

    Put Playback at 0.5

    Thank Me Later

  43. Jose Chavez

    Best remix 2017

  44. TheNotoriousGIP

    I wish we lived in an alternate universe where this song was originally his so it could go on the album and I could bang the shit in my car from Apple Music instead of living in fear that YouTube will disconnect at any given time

  45. TheDirtyBird_ 11


  46. WOAH

    where was this released?


    Another slapper


    zay why you kill it

  49. dubbedmike

    Joyner Lucas ???

  50. RipsharkTV

    nah Zay, this one was boo boo fam.

  51. Shay18

    I expected this to be click bait wtf 🔥🔥🔥

  52. KBTITAN24

    Lil Wayne??

  53. Adam Killgore

    this is trash

  54. josh kinsman

    that blunt lookin rough

  55. Jesse

    Tay K ain't got shit on this

  56. Andre C

    Too hard.


    damnnn! supprsied me it was even real! HARDDD THO

  58. Trae

    THis nigga remind me of wayne on this one....fire

  59. DairangerSentai7

    Lol this is immature man

  60. Shaquille Robinson


  61. rubberbans fou svn

    That shit was kinda trash isaiah

  62. Bearminium

    This the only remix that really got that bounce that is more contagious than Tay K

    David Awonaike

    Immortal KXNG montage 300 did it best

  63. library gary


  64. AutoMatic Vibez

    Where he been at yo

  65. Manny Quinn

    Reminds me of "Weak shit"

  66. Filip Gimell

    Been seeing this in my suggestions thinking the shit was fake. Lmao glad i checked it out tho. this is 🔥🔥🔥

  67. harrison duncan

    You're better than this...

  68. steez


  69. WillMusic

    He has the best versiom of this song, not surprising

  70. Trane

    well that was unexpected...

  71. Adony Estimon


  72. Sh3llz

    Nigga sound like Weezy on this!!! like 07 Wayne

  73. Edgar Garcia

    Its The House!!!

  74. King Cation

    Sound like that dedication weezy..


    Wack ass remix along with all the other wack ass remixes of this song


    +Jorge Torres I ain't even white dumb bitch

  76. Happy Sendings

    Wasn't expecting him to hop on this but he killed it!

  77. 90sDawg

    he killed it

  78. Terrence Matherson

    Zay killed this shit 🔫🔫

  79. Alba Ordonez

    this weird, but ok I'm wit it

  80. therealsmitty

    True artist put out whatever they want and killed this shit easy

  81. romnos

    Lyrics anyone ?

    Juan J

    ziggy_ genius has it on the website I think

  82. Ashten's Anonymous

    Ty - Magnolia (WONT DISAPPOINT)!!

  83. noah wood


  84. That Dude

    Love him

  85. Hugh Mongus


  86. Smokie Jay

    SHAD you got till Friday man I’m sick and tired of waiting we need a mixtape

  87. Bizwa

    just as trash as the original

  88. Martell Garcia


  89. Hunter RIP - hunnaRIP

    stop it isaiah.

    just stop.

  90. Sean Dafny

    Bro everybody except Wayne did this thats crazy

  91. Caleborate TBKTR

    Wowwwwwww!!!!! 🔥

  92. kid meech

    Fuck yess

  93. IT'S JAZZ!

    We need Imdontai to see this

    Christopher Brady

    IT'S JAZZ! Truuu



  95. Melo #5

    This beat is a thot now, but it will be a famous thot when Drake does a freestyle to it in like 2 years from now

    Thomas Lovetere III

    Melo #5 never happened

  96. Litty Moses

    I didn't believe it

  97. GhostTownNpPcBx

    If i don't smoke before I eat them imma starve

    Abraham Zarate

    bruuuu soon fucking true man... i can't eat without weed smh