Rashad, Isaiah - Solioquy Lyrics

I left my daddy round '97, he was lazy
Couldn't hit the grind but making babies, I'm crazy
Smoking bouquet cop it from my niggas pushing daisies
Like a romance, push a nigga buttons like a program
I been on the Jäger for a day-ger watch me slow dance
Tough as Conan this the art of barbarian
I got four white girls all Aryan
I wonder what their daddy think fuck 'em, it's a revolution
Fuck it, fuck 'em, take a break, let 'em fuck each other
I ain't your everyday normal brother, porno lover
She savin' children by the low and guzzle, what is muscle?
And I'm finessing like I'm Timmy Duncan, win you something
Immaculate, this scatter rapping, no passing my blunt
Don't you put me on freshman covers, I'm posing with lunch
Think they worthy of presence presently passing 'em up
No competing with bleachers jogging I'm running a muck
Sweet Jesus, I fuck around and need a street sweeper
Leave the bodies on the cul-de-sac, follow me the cult is back
Sippin' on that cognac and that Jim Jones
Watching movies like damn that Vince Vaughn is a funny cat
Fred Claus and the Kelly up in your closet
Belly full of smog again, ciggys just make me nauseous
Wonder how the fuck you let a nigga make you cautious
But you jamming out to fucking Marilyn and Ozzy shit
Ponzi scheme selling everybody dreams
Killer like your neighbour, I'm as nice everybody seems
We just breaking bad and my brother serving Walter White
Hope he ain't caught with that possession like a poltergeist
Momma, where the Priests at? Why we gotta lease that?
Why we can't own that? All these fed loaners
Ain't no forewarning came bombing and I'm just Vietnam
If you gon' be trippin' like a bitch, you should be a mom, see the son

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Rashad, Isaiah Solioquy Comments

    Rashad, can you drop something for TDE man we dying over here

  2. enock kintu


  3. Vlad Tataru

    I left my Daddy in '93. Ha !

  4. J.O.B Official

    Still my joint ✊️🏿👑

  5. Nate F

    Damn that Vince Vaughn is a funny cat

  6. Ale HP

    “Mac in the sky rapping no passing the blunt..” damn this shit hit even tho it isn’t to Mac Miller it still hit

  7. Josh V.

    “We’re just breaking bad and my brother’s serving Walter White.

    I hope he ain’t caught with that possession like a poltergeist”

    Man I thought that shit was so hard when I first heard it cause I was watching Breaking Bad around that time too lmao.

  8. Vonn Bunker

    I was looking for help for my English final but found this soliloquy instead

  9. Topp Fonzarelli

    RIP to Sean Price....BARbarian ..This is golden💪🏿

  10. bubz01

    Sweet Jesus! I fuck around and need street sweeper! the bodies in the cul de sac. Follow me the cult is back. Sippin on that cognac.


  11. atlas


  12. J.O.B Official


  13. Alpha

    Zaywop def listened to Capital Steez when he wrote this. #LONGLIVESTEELO


    Shut the fuck up no he didn't.

  14. M.S the Goghst

    Still DOPE!

  15. Nicholas

    Never knew this had a video. Been under a rock.

  16. Ti268

    paradox poke

  17. Player Philip

    Damn, that Vince Vaughn is a funny cat,


    Beem here. My first song iv heard from him

  19. im gonna call the cops

    Still here Isaiah... ITS BEEN 3 YEARS HOMIE.

    ...please come back.

  20. Daniel Houston


  21. ChiefBroccoli

    You should've let the beat ride bro that shit sounds nice. In the streaming version you can't hear that ending it just cuts off right after the static ends.

  22. ChiefBroccoli

    Wow never knew there was a video to this. Fuck em' it's a revolution! 🔥🔥

  23. Jake Ryan

    I left my daddy round ‘97 he was lazy - great opening line like fuck

  24. alberts1985

    Wake up and smoke

  25. ULT Arthem

    Im tha 1,000 comment yall

  26. ShawtyYO1911

    " Wonder how the fuck you let a nigga make you cautious
    But you jamming out to fucking Marilyn and Ozzy shit" this went over they heads bruh lol

  27. Giles Peterson

    My favorite Zaywop song ever.


    Still dope

  29. Pedro Valles

    First time i heard of the wohp about to be 4 years

  30. Martin Lee

    This song is packed with creative wordplay, hard ass punchlines, and witty metaphors
    Fuck outta here with that ‘not impressed’ bs Mick Jenkins

  31. Jack Cairns

    TDE never take the foot off the gas

  32. TheDirtyBird_ 11


  33. Hamza Riaz

    Don't put me on freshman covers, I'm posing with lunch

  34. bricksausage


  35. Mr. Tham Misses

    Solid af.

  36. Raquwan Peoples

    this and Joey Fatts - Lindo share the same sample and that's just dope. also one of my fav rashad songs

  37. Salty Internet Guy

    This song is like my dick. Short but goes fucking hard

  38. Lars Olav Nielsen


  39. Сергей Гринёв

    хороший хап хап

  40. Nate God

    "if you gon be trippin like a bitch, you should be a mom" lmao

  41. Quiff44

    Sick tunes bro

  42. Bryan Fletcher

    That Vince Vaughn is a funny cat

  43. oshobo

    We just breaking bad & my brother serving Walter White
    Hope he ain't get caught with that possession, like a poltergeist!!!!

  44. Ruan47

    No vibes man

  45. Farvez Afridi Faizur Rahman

    "We just breaking bad, my brother serving Walter White. Hope he ain't caught with that possession like a poltergeist."


  46. Mitchell Watson

    Never knew this had a video but it's not far from what I imagined it to be.

  47. Wole

    Wanted a Soliloquy Part 2 on The Sun's Tirade. Just like how kendrick has the Heart series, This could be series for zay!

    Shawn Taylor

    Heart series?


    The Heart pt1, The Heart pt2, The Heart pt3! Its straight fire


    Wole lots of people do that. Not just Kendrick. Wayne, Cole, Logic, and even Jay Z.

    M. Noir

    Wole Isaiah sort of did that with the "95" song and labeled the series part II, III, IV

  48. Kaizen Kirk

    Art of bar burying 🔥🔥🔥

    Try Twice Like mice

    ah cheers dude


    Try Twice Like mice Nah, this is a double entendre. A double entendre is a phrase that has two possible interpretations, in this case "barbarian", and "bar-burying". A homonym, is a set of words that have the same pronunciation, but different spellings or meanings.

    Fred Flinstone

    TheJbms2 you right and I was meaning homophone. for some reason I thought it had to be homonyms ,the exact same words, with double meaning, but entendre means to hear in French and can include homophones. I'd love more rashad raps like this.

    Kaizen Kirk

    I rap and I am very aware of the literary devices used in good lyrics. let me know if you agree, even if he didnt mean it this way thats how I like to flip words sometimes. https://soundcloud.com/kaizenkirk/election-year

    Mitchell Watson

    Only just caught on to this line, great ear bro!

  49. Star Fox

    This beat is fucking retarded

  50. deandre presswood

    am i crazy or is top dog a porn company?!?!


    deandre presswood it's top dawg

    Ashanti Nyongo

    deandre presswood You're thinking of DOGFART


    ohhh yeah, lol

  51. Carlos Lopez

    fuckin love it

  52. gilmore happy

    waiting for the 2016 project from this cat TDE's bouta take over again with this guy

  53. BiegeManta93

    Am I the only one who thinks Ciliva Demo was better than Oxymoron??


    Nope but Oxymoron had a few dope tracks

    El 47

    way better ND I'ma day one Tde fan so I really hear their shit

    Tristan Bell

    Cilvia Demo is arguably the best project anyone in TDE has put out

    Giles Peterson

    MrHsharris no. issa classic in my books

  54. andrewfeg


  55. ianthesage

    The beat, the lyrics, all of this is amazing

  56. Cisco Chavez

    Please take a look anyone I'd really appreciate it you won't be disappointed. https://soundcloud.com/cisco_chavez/the-sky-is-falling

  57. Thilo Feri

    10 h version would be great

  58. James

    I got 4 white girls , all Aryan . I wonder what they daddy think , fuck em it's a revolution .

    Zane Dietlin

    Rollin' Up
    Fuck it fuck em take a break, let em fuck each other. I ain't your everyday, normal brother, porno lover


    It's not. It's weak

  59. clanofshadows

    way too short

  60. WWE Fanatic

    Damn, it's already been 2 years lol

  61. Nudge

    Needs more views.

  62. Alex Eshelman

    Isaiah Rashad X Earl Sweatshirt

  63. Deandre Young

    so-lil-o-quy/ a long, usually serious speech that reveals ones thoughts.

    mmmm... ok

  64. John Travis Alden

    finesse it like timmy duncan !!!!

  65. thornton

    this man is a beast

  66. Rodolfo Nunes


  67. everfaded

    I feel like people sleeping on this dude

  68. payton cummings

    how is this shit slept on!??

  69. Quince Suave

    Isaiah got bars man....he just need to come out more representation wise...

  70. Dee Zenutes

    I'm more of a


    +Jo Han fuck yall rashad on top

    Ayy Films Lmao

    +flavchko Exactly, lmao.
    They all dope as fuck though.


    +Jo Han how do you put soul on the bottom?

  71. JeRRiiEz

    "don't you put me on freshman covers, im posing with lunch"

    Dirty Pixel

    Straight fucking fire!!!

  72. saku

    This is like Capital STEEZ' Apex. The song is short but he fucking kills it

    KingKraft DeztroyerHD

    Hey I fuck with steez heavy...but I can't let you do my man Rashad like that...he for sure for talent and you just don't catch all his bars


    Apex go harder but this is easier to enjoy in a way


    It's cuz Isaiah flow and delivery better. It makes his punchlines hit harder IMO.


    These are 2 different types of tracks. They have different purposes.

    Noah King

    Well put, both amazing tracks and artists. Different messages and deliveries.

  73. Efrain Mercado

    If you gon be trippin like a bitch you should be a mom

  74. Shon Homezzz

    fuck um this a revolution ...lol

  75. Jack Liansanga

    Tim Duncan

  76. Emilio Lujan

    Hittin the keys 😏

  77. WastedBananas

    Bruh this guy is amazing

  78. Kayden and Animals

    If you going be trippin like a bitch you should be a mom see the son

  79. FIEND

    q needs to hop on this

  80. ApathyGames

    WTF "damn that Vince Von is a funny cat" hell no love the song but the fuck

  81. Gor

    I've been on the Jäger for a day-ger is an amazing fucking line

  82. melvinism


    In that order....

    Joe Pickford

    @MH DOOM  Nah, it's great, the internet is a massive place, Hip Hop's a massive industry, but this is like the fourth time I realised that we are in the comment section together.

    Gongo's Den

    +Romeo Villarreal just because you hear him everywhere doesnt mean he isnt lyrical, give credit where its due, hes a monster

    Walter Mymala

    Q is number 2

    Giles Peterson

    MH DOOM Lance Skiiwalker too

    Lebogang Seleleko

    MH DOOM I miss you bruh. Something tells me you are Lyrical Miracle

  83. DeMitch YaBish

    Didn't see the visuals to this song until now and i was gonna say that they arnt really funding his music videos at all, like TDE is unsure if he would be popular...But to be honest I think the visuals are perfect, simple so you can focus on the insane amount of intelligent bars flying through the soundwaves. Isaiah's gotta be my favorite artist by far..

  84. Rana Iatisam

    sick retro beat and he spits like a boss,lyricaly killing

  85. Ledger Note

    Easily one of the best tracks and rhyme schemes to come out since Royce 5'9, Tech N9ne, or Necro.  "That Vince Vaughn is a funny cat"  So slick.

  86. Ante B

    German production

  87. John Manett

    Damn where Isaiah been at yo been to long

  88. Andreas Fomsgaard

    This is incredible man!

  89. WowAmazingRight

    "And my brother's servin' Walter White. Hope he ain't caught with that possession like a poltergeist" thats such a tough ass line

  90. famousAnus

    Top 5 tde rappers:
    1. Kendrick
    2. Rashad
    3. Q
    4. Soulo
    5. Jay rock

    Carlton Banks

    No need to get butt hurt cause I gave my own OPINION about schoolboy. Don't know what's with you people now a days, always using the word "ignorant" to make you seem more intelligent than they actually are. You're no genius, sit your ass down. & I'd much rather listen to music, than read a boring book, Thankyou very much.


    @Carlton Banks Ab Soul ain't even near where Kendricks at, he should be number 2 though, Rashad 3, Q 4 and Rock 5 for me, last two arguable

    Carlton Banks

    @Petur Mar Gudmundsson
    You obviously can't comprehend the deeper meanings behind ab-soul's flow then...
    Rock and Q aren't even arguable, Q clearly does bigger and better things.
    & Look at the date man, that shit was months ago, no need to reply now..


    Don't care for the date since I feel your opinion has not changed, kendrick has better songs, better lyrics and better albums than Ab-Soul, you can't compare Ab to Kendrick since kendrick is easily better in everyway

    Carlton Banks

    I said ab soul is best strictly lyrical wise... I'm not denying that kendrick doesn't have better songs. You can't say they don't even compare, cause that is plain stupidity. You obviously don't listen to all of ab soul's stuff.

  91. campfire247

    This and banana are my favorite songs on Cilvia demo

    Fancy Russian


    Jonathan Diego

    +campfire247 rip kevin miller, webbiw flow (u like) and shot you down.

    Jonathan Diego

    +Omar Falcon agreed

    Jonathan Diego

    +Jonathan Diego webbie*

    Pious Alpha

    +campfire247 your opinion but i think menthol, shot you down, heavenly father are also really dope. #TDE winning

  92. Freddy

    Cilvia and Preachers $on SHIT on every TDE release ever.


    +King Kristo I love both, but no, they don't. TDE's projects as a whole are just too good.


    Kendrick is corny, Q is fine for clubs but his album is shit, Soul is boring, Jay Rock is one of the dumbest individuals I've ever heard speak.


    Kendrick and Soul are amazing lyricists who rhyme over good-great beats, Q is energetic and charismatic, and makes better music than a lot of rap artists these days, and Jay Rock murders all his features and shines when he wants to.


    Nasty That's that dumb shit.

  93. Szekler646

    4 white girls? Only paying...