Rashad, Isaiah - Find A Topic (Homies Begged) Lyrics

Oh yeah
Yeah, yeah

I can make a dope fiend of you yet if I could find ya
I just like a freak ho for the nostalgia
No my heart can't break no more
I can't even feel the paper cuts
Let me see my son and let me ball, let me ball yeah
Measure twice, cut once, fucked up
On that other night and the kids got me high enough
To touch the rim
As the kid that's the only thing I wanted then
Yeah I feel like Mikey D
Lord I guess I gotta take my words back
Merge with me Henny light hurt
I got 25 plus a few
This might be the zip
Or the shit or another clue
I got what you need
What you don't, what you never knew

Yeah skin and bones you are my favorite type
Yeah, oh skin and bones you are my favorite type, haha

You, you my favorite topic
Yeah, money, fuckin' love it
You, you my favorite topic
You, money, fuckin' love it
Yeah, you my favorite topic
Money, fuckin' love it
Yeah, you my favorite topic
Yeah, money, fuckin'

I guess we back to talkin' shit again, very riveting
Do you love me for the benefits? Finish this
Told me what you need, what you like, what you never did
Tell me on your knees, say it right, fix your upper lip
You just head boppin' cause I said bop it
You like jean Robins with them bean poppers
And them lean stockers
That don't mean shit
But they cool when you need somethin'
Always need somethin'
More fees, more of these suckers
I'm a tree hugger
Caught a peep 'fore I eat somethin'
Keep your fees covered, play it safe
Fuck with me puppet
That was me truckin' overseas
Cool as Al Bundy
For the slouch of 'em
In the house and my cows comin' home

Yeah, you my favorite topic
Yeah, money, fuckin' love it
Yeah, you my favorite topic
Yeah, money, fuckin' love it
You my, you my favorite
You my favorite, you my [?]

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Rashad, Isaiah Find A Topic (Homies Begged) Comments
  1. noah

    this song is wayy too good to be this slept on

  2. Joe Sap

    I heard this one first, I dont like the other version as much.

  3. iownalx23

    free lunch

  4. Suresh .Seecharran

    This version>

  5. Joey Diaz

    i like both versions, in this one i like that the guitar is louder and easier to hear, in the other i feel like the riff flows alot better and doesnt feel as disjointed we can appreciate both

    Jordan Norvil

    EXACTLY!!!! I love the original more but I still fuck with the one without the sample heavy.

  6. MP Beatz87

    Isaiah should be bigger than what he is 🔥

  7. Reeqo

    Absolutely master piece i cannot stop listening to this shit

  8. AWHVuurwerk

    Bikini bottom on weed

  9. Mr. West

    Spent so much time listening to the original when it was on the album. This version sounds neutered, the mixing of the first version guitar loop feels so right

  10. Andy Ruane

    Definatly a banger, you my favorite topic

  11. SethV.

    ew I don't like this one


    @allen henderson The final release version has to be my favorite track on the album this one just does not hit the same :(


    @Brandon Coffin My Gaydar is going crazy rn


    @Brandon Coffin are you trying to flirt with me? Because it's kinda working

    tucker :/

    ew your music's trash


    @tucker :/ cant a young boy dream :(

  12. A N

    this version brings a better vibe😎, imagine if he made a music video to this song, it would b str8 fireeee🔥🔥

  13. Meshach Jones

    This is actually the better version thanks boss🙏🏿


    Wait what's the difference of this one and the original??

    A N

    exode777 there is a sample in this one and it sounds more melodic and alive, the new version has no sample and it doesn’t sound that good

    Mate Nazur

    @A N also no tambourine layered with the snare and the snare is mixed a lil different