Rashad, Isaiah - Cilvia Demo Lyrics

"10-4, 10, 10-4; hello? We got- we got a 4-2-3
We got a young man ridin' around, in a Natty Caddy, hehe
Natty Caddy, not that at all..."

Who's that creepin' through the city in that dark ass tint?
Misdemeanor on the way yo
I slide in my rimless Bentley, no tights, I'm gymnast
Bendin' blocks, my world of Legos
Now baby hold that wheel while I'm rollin' up, hopefully she old enough
to purchase that liquor, what I need from the store
She understands her selection, advance her affection
And fears my rejection, never needin' a ho
I got plans to be that nigga
I know you met him as a child; he gave you 10 bones
Don't sweat it, don't wile', be cool for a minute
'93 'til/Till be cool for Emmett
The hung soul a rapper goes rappin' those wrappin' woes up
Defyin' foes, lyin' toes, weapons on tuck
Malcolm, they tackle for belief in the movement
But Rashad got applause for releasin' the music

Now sometimes I be gettin' higher than a bitch
Smokin' all my lows, put the fire to the spliff
Whattup... (ay ay) now whattup... (ay ay)
Now I've been gettin' higher, and higher
And higher, and higher
Now whattup... (ay)
Now whattup (ay) now whattup, whattup

Niggas steppin' in the swimmin' pool, invincible
Women I pursue get lost in this, uh
Middle of the summer's in Miami
Kembe with me, Henny, sippin' shots like I bought it for him
I'm a brown skin small waisted
I'm creeping with my ball faces, I like her titties too
I like her attitude, I like her flexible
She got a baby due, I think she bisexual
At least I hope so
I glance to that little grown man at her front door
He looking at me like I looked at pops when he come fo'
My mama as a toddler I was selfish this ain't nothin' though
I can spit a couple 22s if I want to, I save it for the tour
The allure of the gap tooth; rap toose, re-shape 'me son
Always knew he would make him something
He got schemes to smoke green and make him some, take 'em son


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