Rascals, The - Right On Lyrics

Rode into Mobile lookin' for a lady
People keep starin', they actin' like they crazy
But I was born with some pride so I let it all slide

And I said, right on brother, right on sister
I know we are one, we're all children of the sun
So just let me be, keep my soul free

Stopped for some coffee then I saw a sweet thing
She was talkin' with a dude all about a revolution
I just looked in her eyes and my heart began to fly

And I said, right on brother oh, right on sister
When love comes along all my plans are gone
Well now let me see what's in store for me, ooh wee

I moved right on over, smiled at her so sweetly
She told me 'bout a party, what time she would meet me
Can you dig my surprise when a red flag flied?

I said, right on brother oh, right on sister
All this is fine, not what I had in mind
I'll be runnin' free, you can't catch me
I'll be runnin' free, would you like to come with me?

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