Rascals, The - Lucky Day Lyrics

This must be my lucky day, yeah
Woke up and saw the sun shining my way, uh-uh
Feels good to be alive

There's not a cloud in the whole sky
Nothing but love shinin' everywhere
I feel like a millionaire
Everything's sunny and gay

Must be my lucky day (lucky day, yeah)
Yeah, I can hear the birds, they're callin' my name (lucky day, yeah)
And singin'
Flowers are smilin' at me

I feel the freedom right in my heart
Then there's a day's about to start
I won't worry 'cause I am part
Of everything everywhere

Time seems to fly
My troubles are far behind
And my heart overflows
Something's got ahold of me and won't let go
No, won't let go

Must be my lucky day (lucky day)
Yeah yeah (lucky day)
Even the trees, they're bendin' my way (lucky day, yeah)
You know what, I feel like I'm off the ground
Wonderful feeling come over (a feeling's coming over me)
Like an ocean right through me
I thank God I'm in love (I'm in love)

Like the sweet morning dew
My focus just clings to you
(My cup's) Overflowin'
Love is so beautiful, the world is ours(?)

It must be my lucky day

Everything is
I can feel it, I can feel it

Feelin' like love
In my heart
Feelin' like love
In my soul
Feelin' like love
In my mind
Feelin' like love
In my toes
Feelin' like love, love, no

It must be love
No, no it must be love
Cause it's a lucky, lucky day (lucky day, yeah)
Oh darlin', it's a lucky, lucky day (lucky day, yeah)

Lucky, lucky day
Oh darlin'

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Rascals, The Lucky Day Comments
  1. Namen Somerton

    Popwell was as funky as they come and then some!!

  2. Dywane Harris

    Lucky Day

  3. Johnnralph

    Robert 'Pops' Popwell (December 29 1946 – November 27 2017)


    He ,played Beautiful on this ... and whole Album. Blessed...

  4. Cathy Cattleo Lomax

    When I hear this song, I feel just like the song. What a great feeling too. I have The Anthology. Love all these great songs.