Rascals, The - Almost Home Lyrics

Highways lead from town to town
Tonight I'll bet she's got her hair down
Sighpost flyin' by with the time, oh my
I'm almost home, I'm almost home

Moonlight shone on broken glass
That night, he should've never touched her
Long years I had to pay the price for love
Anyway I'm almost home, almost home

Yeah I guess she's just too busy to write me
My mind was almost torn been runnin' to her bedside nightly

Just one more mile, I gonna see her sweet smile
Oh I'm almost home, I'm almost home where I belong

I wonder if she'll be happy to see me
Can't wait to see my baby now
I been through hell and back
There's gonna be some lovin' this evenin' yeah

Next right, hey that's a parking site
Oh no I was almost home, looks like my home had gone...

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Rascals, The Almost Home Comments
  1. jwjeffrey

    Gene Cornish very underrated

  2. Brad Hoffy

    Always loved this song.