Rascal Flatts - Payback Lyrics

Front of the line, straight past the bouncer
Lookin' so fine that the band announced ya
Gotcha tight jeans on and your hair done right
All your girlfriends say we throwin' down tonight
Let me guess, somebody done you wrong
And you're lookin' for a way to get your feel good on
Get some pictures on the Instagram and show him what he's missin'
Straight no chaser, girl on a mission

Mmm, baby I could be your payback
Hey, gonna help you get your sway back
Take ya to the dance floor, I'ma lean ya way back
Yeah, I'ma lean ya way back

Gonna have a real good time
Don't worry 'bout your tab, girl, put it on mine
We can show him what he can't have
If you wanna play that game
Yeah, baby I can be your payback

Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da

I bet he's sittin' at home all alone in the dark
Probably textin' like mad, wants to know where you are
'Cause he didn't even know what he had 'til he lost it
Should have known runnin' around was gonna cost him
No way that girl is as pretty as you
I never even seen her but I know that it's true
If he was even half a man he wouldn't have blown it
Thinkin' 'bout it that way feels good don't it

Mmm, baby I could be your payback
Hey, gonna help you get your sway back
Take ya to the dance floor, I'ma lean ya way back
Yeah, I'ma lean ya way back

Gonna have a real good time
Don't worry 'bout your tab, girl, put it on mine
We can show him what he can't have
If you wanna play that game
Yeah, baby I can be your payback

Da da da da da da da
Let me be your payback
Da da da da da da da
Gonna help ya get your sway back
Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da
He's gonna hate that
I can be your p-p-p-p-payback
I can be your p-p-p-p-payback
I can be your p-p-p-p-payback
I can be your p-p-p-p-payback
Woo yeah, woo, ah yeah

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Rascal Flatts Payback Comments
  1. Hasan D. Ahmed

    Only 1.4 “MILION” views !!! This is “UN FAIR”

  2. HIXIS Band

    This is without a doubt the worst song I've ever heard. It is such a crime against contemporary music that I just heard it playing in a store and had to immediately look it up on YouTube and write this. Absolute trashy garbage

  3. Dandan Diqce

    the sound of the banjo at the background

  4. Game Boy

    Why doesn't this song have more attention?

  5. Justin Carroll

    Well, it's better than "Bob That Head." lol

  6. Racheal Wolfe

    My fiance dumped me ln easter he had slept with a 18 and tried getting me back that same day without me knowing he slept with her while i am pregnant with my daughter Hanna he wanna me to go up to his place so i did she was there with her fiance he cheated on me in the 3 week of April while i was there he had sex with her in her fiance car while i was in the kitchen at his place he break my heart bad while i am 30 weeks pregnant with my daughter Hanna and he lied about it and hide it from me never told me he cheated on me not to my face but tells me when i am at my parents in a message on fb that i cheated on u like it hurts knowing the man i love was with her

  7. Miss M

    brilliant brilliant song omg

  8. Just your average Crusader

    Now I know what song to play at a high school dance

  9. kirenilla91

    me encanta su música, son uno de los grupos country que más escucho

  10. Melissa Stallard

    love this song!!! Definitely top favorite! always when your out with friends your guy will blow up your phone my ex did alot played this song loud the other day

  11. Aaron Bryant

    written by the cadillac three

  12. Nicole Sharier

    nikkis payback....i love u mister...then,now,4ever&always..nikki

  13. Baby Kittie

    love this song!!!

    Joe Schaefer

    Matysyn Smith same

  14. Amber Bauguess

    cheating lying bastard

  15. Larry Applrby

    i hâte these song

  16. Golam Kibria

    ((I love this band so much. +Rascal Flatts you guys are so amazing.. I absolutely love you guys.. ^^))

  17. Balto Racing

    Matt Kenseth's theme song

  18. melissa delaney

    I got my pay back it felt good 😀

  19. melissa delaney

    Oh yah I am working on my pay back you Terry Taylor you heart me bad oh man I will get my pay back

  20. Javier Raigón

    I love it!

  21. Shay Marette

    Love the lyrics

  22. SL346

    Hey Angelo Rinaldi....you say this song sucks right? Is it because some girl decided to pay you back? ;-D

  23. J Jezzer

    every song amazing..<3 rf!

  24. Sade Watkins

    I like this song

  25. Jameson Garell

    I love this song

  26. Paul Morgan

    He's song ever I told my sis to listen to it after she got broken up with made her feel better

  27. Katelynn Yanchick

    Watch my very first video, and let me know what y'all think?

  28. deborah gibson-harris

    I love this song

  29. Chasity Avila

    I loved this song by Aj

  30. Emely Cahua

    This song is amazing



  32. Michelle Collins

    For all who seem to think this song means she's having sex with him.....not necessarily.  Payback can be just enjoying life without the ass who hurt her...she doesn't have to spread her legs for that.  And don't quote the part about him leaning her way back or whatever...anyone ever heard of "dancing"? LOL

  33. Ashley Rhodes

    Love it

  34. Lord Braveheart

    Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da in my range, nuff said...

  35. Delaney Lawhon

    i think the song is fun :)

  36. Sebastian Davis

    Love this song

  37. noemi devereux

    thrash? in my country music UNTHINKABLE!!!! heard it on star 94 and i think i was jjust shocked. heck even refrencing "revenge porn" was just amazing through

  38. jeff smith

    i love this song.

  39. Maggie Lawrence

    This is my jam

  40. Adria Harp

    FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!1

  41. Alexis Abbott


  42. Chloe Zamarripa

    I don't even like rascal Flatt's but I love this song

  43. Right_Back_ Atcha

    I swear they wrote this song for me!

  44. Right_Back_ Atcha

    Get yo ' sway back...!!!! Yeah girl!!!

  45. Scottie Weddle

    I love this song

  46. BeautifulBlonde


  47. Brunomarsfan453

    Love this song!!!

  48. Mildred marie

    great song

  49. Julia Michelle

    Don't look at others comments. This your best song Rascal Flatts. No joke my favorite song!

  50. Dayra GG

    Amo las canciones de rascal flatts mi banda favorita :D

  51. Patricia Bryant

    It's happen it me! I got pay back! Lol Love this song!!! First heard it on the radio the other day and fell in love! About 6 months ago found out my man was not being faithful so I went out and omg got him back so bad. He watched a 22 yr old marine hit on me! Wish I knew about this song when it happened! I would have played it then. Lol

    Right_Back_ Atcha

    You go!!

    the three cool sisters COOL

    Go girl!!! I would do the same and it's so much easier for us to get payback

    Pamela Folenius

    Marie Pitchford

  52. Patricia Bryant

    This song soooooo hits home love it!!!!!

  53. Lisa Cooper

    no angelo you suck 

  54. megadeth934

    This song was awesome live!

  55. Trish Juaire

    Gotta say, I'm not really a RF fan, but this is catchy & a lot of fun. 

  56. Tanya Jackman

    Just the song I needed to hear lol

    Tanya Jackman

    What's your reason

  57. kristend124

    I think this is the best cd they have made

  58. Angelo Rinaldi

    This song sucks.

    Karen Houghton

    yeah, i know...to each his own. lol.

    Louie The Pit

    So does your mom

    Amber Watson

    Aller baiser un cul de porc!


    Id like to see you sing better country music with a band, instruments, manager, and concerts. That is IF you can afford it

    Aliyah Cohen

    Wolf head from space bro that was a good come back and this song is my favorite rascal flatts song so don't be a hater

  59. nancy babka

    Way to go Rascal Flatts!!! This song is way cool!!!! I love cranking it!!!! 🎶

  60. Gabby Redecca

    I love this song and you kno what you can be my paybach :) ♥♡ !!!! I think its one of you best in a long time

  61. meandminemake5

    My "payback" when my husband of 11 years cheated on me with a 20YO was a 19YO with lots of stamina if you know what I mean! LOL

  62. Finny Flame

    this is new 

  63. OddSide6

    Straight no chaser girl on a mission.  Hells yeah.

  64. Megan Quinn Fizzy

    I went camping for my birthday and it's a long drive so I listened to this song and broke the replay button...I really had to restart the I-Pod because it wasn't working!

  65. Darren Wells

    Yeah baby I could be your payback! Love these guys!!

  66. Michael Angelo

    What a bunch of dumb cunts commenting on this song.... funny thing is... as u drop one guy, we are the payback to another.  So keep being whores... We Love It... Basically I'm the payback for one guy and he's the payback for my ex... so who gives a fuck... you stupid bitches fall for it... and your to dumb to see it... keep singin the song... its fucking awesome..... annnd there you have it!


    no grosser than he is...and the blood needed to think with my head isn't rushed to another head with one eye. truly this man has issues that only his God and a GREAT SHRINK can help him.....just saying

  67. sheila denise andrews

    love the song. i dont have an ex for this song , but i sure can pretend. love the song

  68. joshua mcintire

    he is my uncle

  69. Jarrett Reynolds

    My favorite part is where they go into that deep voice. And then the part where they go Da Da Da Da Da

  70. myformula350


  71. bellarina1294

    I want him for my x=-mas!!!

  72. RichardorMissy Seeder

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Rebecca Abney

    Love this song already, going to be a big one

  74. Carmen Sadok

    Men will say a hoe sings this, but she is the way you made her and really your opinion dont really count, please sit down.. You have become a non- factor.


    @Jennifer Owens Yeah... Because God knows you women never screw a GUY over, EVER. Give me a friggin break.

    Carmen Sadok

    I agree. There are levels to the game of life. Real women dont cheat, as real men dont cheat. A thot:that hoe over there... can be male or female but we dont classifiey them as real anything

  75. Kacie

    oh you guys have songs for every situation in my life .. love it!!

  76. Samantha Shelton

    My ex decided to get high and cheat on me with a 14 year old child, he's 17, and we tried to work through it, a week later he was back to his old ways so I dumped him and today I found out that he is dating her, needless to say I have a new favorite song!!

    Austin Jurgle

    @Dirty Dan age of consent is 14 here. Just sayin

    Right_Back_ Atcha

    Fuck him...


    14 is too young for sex in my opinion. I don't care what the law says.  14 is a child.  Leave the children alone.  I would think a 17 year old would be attracted to someone older. 


    @Dirty Dan if you were with your girl back when she was 14, then yeah, you'd be fucking a child, regardless of your age. 

    melissa delaney

    Mine to I know how you feel. My ex boyfriend cheated on me to. And all so all he wanted was money from me also to

  77. Tracy Beeson

    Love this song!!! It is even better live!!!

  78. Jeanne Bush

    love it...but I can't find one thing you guys do that I don't like..Keep it going!

  79. Country Fit Club

    My new favorite from the guys! Makes for a great workout tune as well!

  80. tina cash

    Great song

  81. Jesse Crouse

    Love this song

  82. black mamba

    Good for her lol

  83. black mamba

    Good for her lol

  84. CF8 Accord and YA4 CL

    hmmmmm. i can use this song for a old friend i know. ;) if ur watching this u know who u r.

  85. Wasntiteasierthen

    Shoulda known runnin' around was gonna cost him. Sure did!!!

  86. Wasntiteasierthen

    Shoulda known runnin' around was gonna cost him. Sure did!!!

  87. blamr2014

    ermagerd i luv this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Leah Greer

    Thank u you will miss this

  89. Amethyst Topaz

    Nice sound.  I heard it on the radio yesterday and came to look it up. Like it.

  90. Ted Stilles

    Another home run, gentlemen! 

  91. acerb45666555

    This band has The Power!!

  92. Zachery Harlan

    Personally , I think this is too much of a stretch for him , Dislike , Stick to the heart felt songs your used to , This is a song for FGL , Or Luke Bryan

  93. jewelly huddleston

    Good song but stupid vid

  94. Randi Sumner

    Great song to hear after a broken heart and you are ready to hit the town!💘

    Tiger Smith

    Randi Sumner
    Pretty sure you nailed the meaning. Not sure where people get the idea the woman is cheating.

  95. F M

    My ex just messaged me this song. What a fucking whore. 

    Sara Fryar

    @KrSe94 lmao

    Jake Bauer

    That's when you message her back and say: I knew what I was losing. That's why I decided to lose you lol.


    @KrSe94 Well he don't want to lose his shoe... 

    Right_Back_ Atcha

    Cause you probably sucked....

  96. Michael Ward

    How can anyone dislike this song?!?!? Amazing song by my personal favorite band!!

  97. Michael J

    Another excellent song of the many hits from a great musical group!!!!!

  98. Esmeralda Larios

    Loved it!