Rascal Flatts - Once Lyrics

Should've been much further
Than this by now
Little bit more gone a little
Less twisted around
Shouldv'e been much better,
You'd think
But I'm not, I'm still stuck
I'm still here in this rut

Looking back on everything
That we had
Holding on to words that we
Can't take back
What am I to do with the past
When it's all that I have
And I can't get you back

Now I wait by the phone
In the dark, drunk on hope
I'm so lost, I'm so low
and I just want you to know
Everywhere that I go
I'm reminded of us
Where we've been, all we've done
And all the love that we shared

Oh, once --

I remember you saying I was the one
And nothing could change that
But you were wrong
Its funny how life turns on a dime
Now we don't even talk
I just just stare at these walls and

Now I wait by the phone
In the dark, drunk on hope
I'm so lost, I'm so low
and I just want you to know
Everywhere that I go
I'm reminded of us
Where we've been, all we've done
And all the love that we shared

Once, you made the world feel
So right
Once, you were my morning,
Noon and night
Why'd we slip away
Why did it all change
Now will I ever be the same

Now I wait by the phone
In the dark, drunk on hope
I'm so lost, I'm so low
And I just want you to know
Everywhere -- all we've done
Oh, by the phone, baby
I've been so lost
I just want you to know
Yeah, where we've been

Should've been much further
Than this by now
Little bit more gone a little less
Twisted around

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Rascal Flatts Once Comments
  1. Darrell Harris

    got the cd thanks fer the my north now in okc luv yalls music went to putnum city class of 1979 bein here since 1976

  2. Roberta Luchey

    Incredible hulk " i love you".miss you a lot. Yes i do exist you cannot invent a person(thats made my day)?
    Please dont worry everything is going.to be ok
    Life is what you make it.just think to the entirety of it;

  3. Emmy


  4. Danielle Harkness

    I've been looking for this song for seven f****** years and now I finally found it and it's way more amazing than I remember.

  5. TORIBEAR1998 !

    Me and my bf been together for 1 yr 3 months, I broke up with him bc he cheated on me 3 times...... we are done but we still text each other, he wants me back and willing to prove he's loyal and wont cheat but idk bc I'm broken hurt and lost

  6. Jhanine Arpon

    I remember you sayin I was the one.

  7. Lorrie whitley

    go after her if you still love her, never give up without a fight, I taught you better,

  8. caty verster

    Beautiful!!!! Song!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. hevs68

    rascal flatts . . . reading my mind and singing what's in my heart and soul . . . How did you know ?

  10. Country Souls

    So true great song I can relate so much no matter what it is I see her

  11. Transport UK

    Who's listening in2017??

  12. Transport UK

    It's taken me days and maybe weeks to find this song!

  13. KellxRaiser95

    This sounds like something Taylor Swift would sing...

  14. Laura1713


  15. Pat Moore

    Amy0106, great scenery, lyrics. Thanks for all the time and work you put into the video.

  16. Matthew Roley

    This song is amazing!!!

  17. Tom Pontarolo

    Who's listening in 2016??

    Finn Jake

    october 2017 bitch!

    Ashley Sue

    Tom Pontarolo Try 2018

  18. Phillip Catron

    Love This Song

  19. Rahmatsatrio Wiryaatmaja

    we can talk everything, but times, always have full control for the future..

  20. Moviefan2k4

    A woman I have loved for 14 years seems to have now cut all contact with me; I'm not even seeing her timestamps on Facebook anymore. I'd already accepted we'd probably never have romance again, but was hoping for some kind of peaceful ending instead of a bitter one. Now, I'm back to a place I haven't been since I was 20 years old, and its terrifying...square one.

    Anthony Mendez

    You didnt have her from 1 to 20. Remember they are companions that walk with us in our lives. Some stay some go. It hurts cause when they stop loving you. Your love is still there. Its ok to still love them. Most turn that hurt to hate but you hurt cause you still love her. And thats ok. Youll make it. Oneday at a time. I live in a world where everyone is my enemy. My mother sister father all butt wipes who care for themselves more than others. My wife and daughter for some reason has joined their side and works against me. But i still go forward. I have lived this hell for 20 years. No friends or family to trust. I am.making it. YOU CAN TOO.

    Patti Brooks

    Moviefan2k4 ... I'm sorry your heart has been broken. Don't give up though. I hope you find love again. ❤

    Vickie Mann

    Well I've got my husband of 13 years we have been together 16 just woke up two weeks ago and.walked out and.hasnt.returned.any.of my messages nothing, infought for him through everything never gave up on him and now he.lefte.struggle to keep a home.for our daughters and.hasnt helped.bit can ride by and think he is perfect.sad part is it's his demons he his fighting not mine I fought my last battle.for him now he has to cause I have.to see him.prove it till then it's.me for.sure! Love sometimes so sucks I have been with since.i was.19

    Patti Brooks

    Vickie Mann ... yes. love does sometimes suck! I'm so sorry he is breaking your heart. Hope things get better. 💗

    Gemma Denny

    In same boat it’s awful xx

  21. Sandy Moore

    My ex husband sent me this song. He says he still has feelings for me. The problem is he was dating prior to the divorce papers where ever written. A year,I'm getting stronger, healing and thinking about the future. How do I trust him and trust he won't hurt me again?


    @Sandy Moore Its a choice, more than a feeling. If I'd relied on emotion alone, I never could've remained hopeful towards my ex-girlfriend over a 14-year timespan. If your ex-hubby's provided evidence he's a better man, I'd say pray about it, and if you think there's more good than bad to come out of it...give him a shot.

    Sandy Moore

    My ex showed up while I was getting ready for ride my horse. He was drunk, wreaked of stale cigarettes and asked if I wanted a cigarette and to go drinking with him later. He told me he quit smoking and drinking before. I said not happening. Couple days ago he sent me a link to Whitney Houston -always love you. Pissed me off and text him how cheap I felt with him being drunk and showing up. He denied drinking, showing up and said he sent the wrong link. He hasn't changed and I'm still hurt. My wedding anniversary was last weekend. At least I didn't stay home this year


    @Sandy Moore
    I'm sorry to hear that; my ex-girlfriend and I hit a wall, too. My mother died this past March, and I kept my ex updated via Facebook for the last week she was in the hospital. I know she saw the messages, due to the timestamps...but not a single word appeared in reply. I wrote her some letters, even one by hand, over the next month...still no reply. Finally, she blocked me from her Facebook page; it makes me feel like she never loved me the same way to begin with. =(

    Sandy Moore

    @Moviefan2k4 I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. It must be a huge loss. You have my condolences. As to the ex-gf, I doubt that her reaction to your letters and your Mom's death means that she "never loved you" rather she met someone who may not be comfortable with her having contact with a man who is still in love. You have a generous heart and it's her loss


    @Sandy Moore
    Well, my ex-GF was never the type to let anyone keep her down. She valued her own security above all else, which drove a wedge between us because she was always obsessed with the practical side of life. I was the emotional one, constantly trying to express how I felt...but most times, it seemed to go over her head. In the early days, she was much more receptive, but it didn't last very long. I still think of her, but its hard to not be bitter when she said absolutely nothing regarding my Mom's death. I mean, she even let Michelle (my ex) stay in our home for a time; I find it astounding that she'd have zero reaction. They were never on the best of terms, and neither were Michelle and I...but nothing?!

  22. becky B

    Their songs ate all so Powerful... what hurts the most, Once, Unstoppable, let it hurt, My wish, here comes goodbye, stand, Take me there, Why, these days, ...... the list could go on.

    Joe Facenda

    agreed i love stand it got me through alot

    rec tx

    1qaaq122ertyyuio90 B

  23. GodOfThe Wolves

    And I wait by the phone in the dark, drunk on hope I'm so lost, I'm so low and I just want you to know Everywhere that I go I'm reminded of us........

  24. ammar rahabi



    @david marcin Try 14 years... =(

  25. courtney phillips

    I just got the title of this song tattooed on me this saturday. just up and did it one day. i know a lot of people will probably think thats stupid but i really don't care it has a lot of meaning behind it for me. my first and probably last tattoo 

  26. Anderson Andre Ferreira

    linda música .

  27. KellieVlogs

    My life....😪

  28. CaliKins16

    me too...

  29. Jessica Byrn

    wow these words just hit home

  30. IcyGhost1

    I usually listen to metal nowadays, but this band stumbled upon me and I decided to try out their music. Now, I have come to conclusion that this song and Rascal Flatts are awesome! :D


    Rascal Flatts did "That should be me" With Justin Bieber

  32. Kendra Rose

    This song reminds me of my ex...

  33. ok mm what a song with beever?

  34. marshall bates

    same here we wore fiting and he end it with me i cry with u

  35. katmcqueen

    great song!

  36. Dalton Hearne

    This song I kept crying once I heard this it remindes me of my ex

  37. Maxwell Harte

    If u all like this song u should try-why or bless the broken rode-if u haven't already

  38. Elizabeth Pope

    People can connect to any song even stupid songs like I'm Sexy and I Know It. That's just how music works

  39. regina jones

    I am waiting tonight for something to happen for me too! go l'll try to get back to you.

  40. Chantel Stoffer

    This is my favorite song by Rascal Flatts!!!!!! <3

  41. Moviefan2k4

    UPDATE: We started talking on the phone and Facebook again a few days ago. She's in Colorado with a lovely 5-year-old daughter, and I'm going to visit her in a couple of weeks.

  42. Shari Brown

    Perfect song for me.

  43. john lee

    well, so long as Im listening to this song, im gonna drop some mad wisdom. always tell him/her you have feelings for them, I never asked the girl I liked to dance, I never told her how I felt... I regret that and so will you, now I listen to songs like this, you will too if you don just tell them. it's better to be denied and a little embarrassed than spending the rest of your life wondering what might have happened.

  44. Joe Facenda

    I can't get BACK

  45. Tommy Hooks

    this is fantastic...great voice, lyrics, and musicians

  46. paul kapoor

    nice video and song..!!!!

  47. dreamer12383

    ya and rascal flatts was way better in that song they sang with jb. justin bieber sucks in my opinion.

  48. Hailey Skelley

    Going through this right now. It really sucks. Good luck!

  49. jewel allessie

    There this boy well not just any boy I love him so much I told him I. Loved him and he just walked away we didn't talk for 2 weeks I start to talk with him come to find out he had a girlfriend and she hates me ......

  50. the unknown

    would you mind if i ask what movie editor did you use ? , pls, its just soo cool ! ^_^

  51. Jen Mishelin

    ask yourself why she broke up with you... if it's some bullshit that hurt you deeply, she's a bitch... and I'm not putting her down when I say that, I'm putting myself down... I dumped this guy, he's a total wreck now, at first I didn't care but now, seeing him like that, it just makes me wanna go hug him and say 'I never thought this would effect you this much, I'm sorry, go back to the way you were, you were great, just not for me'... I swore I would never be that cruel again, no more bitch :(

  52. Reinalynne Tapado

    once only the real love come even wrong time, you can never take it away..just let it be.... once is foe life time i have u my BOO

  53. Verdwaald.

    What's with people hating and disliking JB these days?! He has feelings too!!

  54. Adele Fadely


  55. yaubl Van- Hanegin

    my apologies but live every moment of your life

  56. Ana Cerella

    I can't forget and release ths fllngs but I luv him enough to let him go and thats what I did!!

  57. Shelby Schnobrich

    My girlfriend broke up with me and I can't go to any of the places we did or where we made love it hurts a lot this song describes me right now

  58. Brianna Prevette

    This Song.<3

  59. Luna Smith

    Oh, girls are well aware there are nice, sweet guys, but they don't want them. They say they do, but they don't. They want "exciting", misogynistic bad boys who treat them like crap and cheat on them. Just so they have a reason to complain and justify their shortsighted courtship choices.


    No, you are wrong.

  60. ecks cruz

    great music....x

  61. Lindsey Morrison

    For you, Chris.

  62. Ashley Thornton

    Tomorrow would have been me and my ex's 3 year anniversary. He told me he still loved me about two weeks ago, but I fell out of love with him. This song reminds me of me, because I was the girl waiting by the phone, missing him more than anything. Now, I'm the girl who's moved on, and he's hopefully the one feeling the pain I felt.

  63. Muchacholover

    OMG i absolutely LOVE this song!!! kinda reminds me bout how my best friend 's boyfriend was cheating on her with one of her other friends, and how she left him there. i know it hurts, but in the end it's all for the better

  64. Lydia Woods

    lol yeah, i get that a lot XD but im from Florida :) you?

  65. Lydia Woods

    aww! well you said shes selfish, so idk about you, but i wouldn't want to be with someone who's selfish and proud! they will eventually make you miserable. and you sound like a great person, so its her loss man! i think that if you two are suppose to be together, then it will happen :) but your right, you need to move on, cause if you don't, you might not have the best future you could :)

  66. Lydia Woods

    im glad you moved on, some ppl don't have the strength to do that :)

  67. Liam Rascal Flatts Carson

    I think av sed this before on this video but this is there best song i love all there song and i mean all there songs av got every 1 but this is my favourite song that they sing Rascal Flatts are just the best!!!

  68. nicksgirl545

    rascal flatts did a song w. justin bieber <3

  69. Sarah Schultze

    relax, my comment wasnt meant to make you feel unconfortable its just my opinion. By the way, nice friend you have there...

  70. HoneyTheAwesome Cat

    Once again, NO ONE READS MY COMMENT! IGNORE THIS! My friend has hacked my account, and I can't delete it because I'm on a cell phone! *facepalm*

  71. Sarah Schultze

    You see... We had some kind of Justin Bieber here in Germany, that was hated by everybody. But then suddenly it went away and now it's bothering somebody else. The strange thing is that the those people seem to like it... Its called diversity of music, nobody forces you to listen to Justin Bieber and you shouldnt care for somebody else to like him.

  72. HoneyTheAwesome Cat

    Agree. So much. The Rascal Flatts are amazing.

  73. Countryboyforever199

    hell yeah this is real soul and truth

  74. Jewl Hehe

    1st time ever heard this song i soo love it

  75. LYRA!

    Can people just SHUT UP about the comment on my other account? (TheWebkinzlover2001) My friend posted it, and I can't delete it because I can't get on my computer! I don't mind him! Sheesh...

  76. LoveMusic538

    What's with everyone and saying, "thumbs up if...". What, can't agree with yourself if everyone else doesn't agree with you? Can't get the guts to do something yourself without people you don't know backing you up? I say just put your comment, and if people like it, then they'll give a thumbs up. You don't need to tell people to do it.


    i agree, but your comment is an epic fail because theyve collaborated...

  78. Stormy Robinson

    I'm movin on with my life, he can't live it for me, I'm over you Adam I took my heart back and your not getting it again, I finally fixed it, but I can still feel holes in it YOU Left!...I hope your happy with yer li'l huzzy you have now!

  79. Briana

    @TheWebkinzlover2001 Well... Justin Bieber is my favorite pop singer & Rascal Flatts is my favorite country singer. So i don't think you have to be so hypercritical about Justin Bieber fans... Thanks.

  80. Manga Maker

    @Lilman12302 we all feel like that back to our guys like that but... it's hsard to say any advice on a little pain thing?

  81. Skitt_Meister

    Country is real music. why? Because country artists dont use autotune!

  82. Zizi A.


  83. the unknown

    great video ! love it

  84. faith barnes

    luv this song luv rf ahhh luv them

  85. HoneyTheAwesome Cat

    @cpropst11 I never said anything about connecting to it, but you can do what you want. I just finished a war with a person about some videos, and I don't feel like arguing any more. Respond if you want, I won't. Goodbye.

  86. BrokeShopaholic

    @TheWebkinzlover2001 You do know people can like both. I don't care for Justin Bieber, but I like his songs. People can CONNECT to them. Moron.

  87. Cu Lửa

    like like like like like
    replay replay replay replay replay replay replay replay

  88. lilly smith

    holding onto all the hurtful words he said and seeing with her is breaking my heart now girls say him i say rascal flatts cause I ain't letting go!!!

  89. HoneyTheAwesome Cat

    @TheLilgothy its ok, I've had to replace it many times :)

  90. TaylaBabesx

    im sorry
    i think i broke your vote up button >.<

  91. Delle LeClair

    Speechless... xoxo

  92. RaissaaCesar

    Amazing lyrics.

  93. Allison Schneider

    i just about am crying because this describes what just happened to me 2 days ago...

  94. carly g

    last time we spoke. ill necver forget all the memories. both good and bad, and all of the things we did and ppl we faught through to be together..only to end like this.. i dont know why we stoped talking, he broke off all comunication weith me. and now i get to see him everyday with his new 'Love". ill never forget you John.

  95. missy taylor

    I still love him so

  96. M Cohen

    @1M9M9S7 I'm sorry things didn't work out. It's for the best. I hope that you find your true love soon :)

  97. M Cohen

    @1M9M9S7 what happened?

  98. HoneyTheAwesome Cat

    You say Justin Bieber, I SAY RASCAL FLATTS!!!!!!!!! What's with people listening and liking JB these days?! This is real music!!!! Thumbs up if you agree!!

  99. HoneyTheAwesome Cat

    You say Justin Bieber, I SAY RASCAL FLATTS!!!!!!!!! Holy cow, what's with people liking JB these days?! This is real music!!! Thumbs up if you agree!

  100. 582time

    you know I understand why Itunes charges us however my question is what if Itunes does not have the song you want does it make it wrong to download it for free