Rascal Flatts - Long Slow Beautiful Dance Lyrics

Sounds like a scene from the silver screen
Yeah, that's how it was
Love doesn't always look like a picture perfect storybook
Ah, but sometimes it does

Standing beside her the stars shined even brighter
And for a moment all the world was, all the world was still
I knew we belonged together the moment my eyes met hers
And I thought nothing lasts forever, but maybe this one will

A deep breath and baby steps
That's how the whole thing starts
It's a long slow beautiful dance
To the beat of a heart

The world starts to spin again, you learn things you didn't know then
Feels like the bloom is off the rose
But you weather a few storms and you pull out a few thorns
And together the garden grows and grows

[Repeat Chorus]

It's a long, slow, beautiful dance, my friend

The house is filled with so much love
We got more than enough for two
So we've been thinking about having a baby
I know it sounds crazy, but it seems like the natural thing to do

[Repeat Chorus]

It's a long, slow
It's a long, slow
It's a long, slow

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Rascal Flatts Long Slow Beautiful Dance Comments
  1. Nancy Jacobs

    This is my story for 48 years and counting!!!!! Still in love with him!!!

  2. Brooklynn Hawkins

    I love this song

  3. Tiger P

    Yes, you are Gina my beautifu, i want dance this long beautiful slow dance with you forever my love

    Tiger P

    @Gina M Pollock​

  4. Regan Matthews

    He suffered so badly on Calvary's Hill for everyone on the face of this earth to be able to go to Heaven and never endure the hardships of Hell....God is going to take care of that little girl and every other one,but my point is that a life without pain or suffering cannot be possible,bad things happen to good people but you do not have the authority to keep God and all His power from reaching you,i pray that day will come to you and other kindred spirits...

  5. RavenclawHobbit

    @greenview91 I said you didn't have to agree with me. But it is our belief that although there is suffering here on Earth, all will be well in Heaven. And the lord won't send us any more than we can handle, we just have to trust him, and follow him and he will lend us strength when we need it most, and be waiting for us when we leave this world.

  6. greenview91

    @WolfPatronus he does really? he shows the little girl who gets raped and beat his love really well huh?

  7. RavenclawHobbit

    @greenview91 You don't have to believe in our religion and I respect that, but god loves everyone unconditionally.

  8. greenview91

    @countrymusicgirl1995 have you talked to god personally and asked him if he loves this person?

  9. James Beeson

    Rascal flatts has Celtic music!?!?! I love them 100000000 times more now!

  10. Kristen H

    :D love it

  11. Kate

    @hippoluvr21 your welcomee :)

  12. hippoluvr21

    @countrymusicgirl1995 thanks

  13. Kate

    another great song by rascal flatss they are sooo amazing :) thank youuu for uploading the songg have a good one and god loves youu