Rascal Flatts - Let It Hurt Lyrics

7:42 in the morning
8 seconds before it all sinks in
Put your best face on for the world
Fake another smile and just pretend
But you're just puttin' off the pain
Nothing's ever really gonna change

So let it hurt, let it bleed
Let it take you right down to your knees
Let it burn to the worst degree
May not be what you want, but it's what you need
Sometimes the only way around it
Is to let love do it's work
And let it hurt
Yeah, let it hurt

3:28 in the morning
Countin' up the spaces between the rain
You're gettin' used to the rocks at the bottom
Your heart goes numb, but the lonely stays the same
And that's the price you're bound to pay
And there's really nothing anyone can say
Oh, there's only just one way

So let it hurt, let it bleed
Let it take you right down to your knees
Let it burn to the worst degree
May not be what you want, but it's what you need
Sometimes the only way around it
Is to let love do it's work
So go on
Yeah, let it hurt

You might just find you're better for it
When you let go and you learn
To let it hurt, let it bleed
Let it take you right down to your knees
Sometimes the only way around it
Is to let love do it's work
So go on
And let it hurt
Oh, let it hurt

7:42 in the morning
8 seconds before it all sinks in

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Rascal Flatts Let It Hurt Comments
  1. Rena Ball

    The love of my life just left me and I don't think I'll be able to survive the pain this time

  2. David G

    Let it hurt let it take you right down to your knees that’s exactly what I’m letting it do miss my babies David jr jace and emmalie Gorsich 2019

  3. Jessica Wedlake

    I'm trying to start a new life for my girls and I. I just don't know how I'm trying 💗🌞✨💗

  4. Mike Evans

    I love you Tammy go with God

  5. Cindy Goldman

    i found out my institute teacher has lupus so i hope he feels better soon

  6. Cindy Goldman

    i lost my aunt josie the same year due to flu complications these were the most recent deaths i lost my friend caleb in 2014 due to cancer same with my friend juliet

  7. Cindy Goldman

    i lost my uncle albert to suicide in 2015 and i almost lost my mom to a seizure and being septic

  8. Destroyer dawson

    Iv been letting it hurt for so long but I can't let it bring me down I have a daughter to stand strong for but too this day i still miss and love you and we both wish you where here

  9. dancinghorsez

    "Let love do its work..."

    Best line in a song full of amazing lyrics.

  10. Penny Jones

    I lost my son n 1998 deal with PTSD and when I got left by my best friend my first true love a year ago that's all I been doing it is forever a broken 💔 and it truly sucks bcuz he knew the pain and heartache I went through an still to this day go through. It's never going to stop and I just wanted to be happy again idk if this will ever happen for me. I always just wait for a phone call from him after 17yrs of my life I deserve one especially from the man who helped me through the biggest storm of my life. A year has past and nothing but seeing him with another girl after a month he left idk if I will ever get thru this whole in my 💓 but I am reading all these comments and so many live with so much pain and I am sorry you go through this 💔 it sucks and I feel your pain

  11. deytona buske

    Just lost my best friend at 10:40 this morning

  12. Jeremy Rowland

    I miss my mum.

  13. Jeremiah Smudde

    Let’s use a font that is hard to read for lyrics. Smart.

  14. Stephanie Lathem


  15. suga_cream

    I let it take me down to my knees because I couldn’t anymore. But my mom told me that gods throws the hardest things at us to test our faith. I never lost faith or blamed god for my depression. But I often questioned if he still loved me after everything..maybe he does. Maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know anymore. But Ik that it can get better because I have my family.

  16. Luci Shattuck

    Let it hurt

  17. Courtney Wilson

    9-29-19... lost my bestfriend / soulmate... each song i hear.. reminds me... of every inch of pain I’m feeling 😕

  18. Stephanie Heywood

    Does it ever stop bc I don't know

  19. Chris Moss

    My dad died in October, around the 13th. And yes, sometimes I just needed to let it hurt, and the loss rip me apart.Tonight I sat in his studio and lovingly packed up his art stuff and just cried and cried.

  20. Kenny Colon

    I’m here sitting on my couch listening to this and trying to figure out what’s going on from now on that my wife wants to go out separate ways and is hurting already but I guess it hurts most to hold on to someone that doesn’t feel the same anymore. I’m going to let it hurt and hope that either God is going to fix it or heal me and help me keep on moving.

  21. marlene cracknell

    Lost my dad 2 yrs ago today cant deal

  22. Austin Roberts

    All of yall need to know that the worst day of your life is only 24 hours because after those 24 hours it's a new day

  23. Chitwncubsfangrl

    I am sick of letting it hurt !! I am ready to be better !! I am constantly hurting sparing someone else’s feelings ! I am done doing that !! I need to be happy with the one I love and leave the past pain behind

  24. Merica

    750 sux

  25. Barbara Leighty

    This video saved my life.

  26. Yessi Cervantes

    York et o ut 4noi

  27. Rachel Brooke Thompson


  28. Michelle Tugman Cormier


  29. Monika Case

    It HURTS😭😭😭😭😭

  30. Leighton Thomas

    Love it

  31. Amanda Pettis

    Watching my grandma fall away to Alzheimer’s 😓

  32. Ian Oas

    Just lost my aunt ceil Thursday night from cancer. I'm broken. This fucking hurts so bad. I miss u so much.

  33. Roxy Buell

    😢💔 Heartbreaking it is...something at one time e or another, we must all go thru...May God be with and Bless All.

  34. Isabel Deluna-Hanna

    I don't have to let it hurt, it just does every minute of every day. I lost my best friend,my lover,my companion, my husband. He was my everything and now I'm with out him. It hurts so bad.

  35. Terry Rynes

    This song makes me cry does that make me weak or human.😔 Let me know

  36. Tammy McGuire

    Wow, so true.. if you dont deal with the pain, your stuck. Let it hurt!!

  37. horsesnrhymes

    It's been almost a year since my near fatal car accident. Still occasionally have triggers and flashbacks but overtime, it's gotten easier. For those times those things happen, this song really does help. Thankful I'm still here but dealing with the results from my traumatic experience and memories hasn't been easy.

  38. Sunshine Holtzlander

    7;42 in the morning 8 seconds till it all sinks in... Sounds very familiar!🤔😥😭🦍🐻

  39. 070719

    Found out my husband of 9 years was gay damn I needed this song

  40. John Fowler

    I can't remember what it feels like to not hurt like this. There's just no escaping this it's been the darkest days of my life. I live knowing it's because of me im having to go through this and I can't get over her. We were meant for one another without question we both know that and want desperately to find our way back to each other. I'm dying lil more everyday without her. She overdosed trying to commit suicide. I had a complete and total break down from being away from her. III crave her, so addicted to her I'm sick without her. I waited 26 years lol. We were Jr high school sweethearts and I never got over her. Few years ago we found each other and we were together instantly and it was story book. So perfect, everything was amazing. I've never known love like this I didn't believe it existed. I promise it does. We've been apart 3 months and it's killing both of us to be apart. It's getting so much harder everyday and I know without doubt I'll die if I don't make my way back home to her. We made a drastic change that disrupted our lives and making everything so different from what we were used to. Neither of us were happy and we lost each other. At the time we didn't know how much we meant to one another but separating us from each other ruined both of us we had no idea it would be like this. Horrible, we were so much in love so happy, our lives together were almost perfect. We just lost each other and now everyday a living hell without her. She's hurting so much, I'm not sure how much longer I can endure this kinda pain. It's too much, I'm miserable and I can't see living without her. I pray we can make our way back home from the hell we've been in. Please pray for us, so lost when we are apart. I miss her more everyday and it's not like we will heal and move on. That's just not an option. Send love and light maybe we make our way home...

  41. Gloria Ramirez

    just lost my brother Vic to cancer...

  42. Kristina Rhodes

    My boyfriend past friday. Pain and sadness comes in waves. Still doesn't feel real to me. Moments its hard to breath. This song made me sad but im sure it will give me comfort someday... To those who have loved and losed i feel your pain. My thoughts are with you all

  43. Crystal Kent

    17 months ago I lost my husband of 40 years. It hurts.

  44. Sydney Davis

    They say it gets easier in time but baby girl that just isn’t the case.. mommy misses you more each day Addilynn Noelle the day you left this world this song come on the radio and all I could do is cry. 1-19-19/2-21-19

  45. Amanda Brunner

    July was 5 years since my twins were stillborn due to twin to twin transfusion syndrome, despite having a surgery to try to correct the issue. Today I felt like I was doing okay then I got a card in the mail from The Mayo clinic asking me to attend their 1st fetal intervention reunion and it sent me spiraling back. This will forever be my reality. 5 years later and it's still hurts just as much. I have 2 healthy children now but my heart will always ache for my twin boys.

  46. Justin Johns

    "It may not be what you wanted but its what you need" so much truth. God blessed us with emotion to experience emotions, let them flow don't be scared. The world needs more truth, light and love. God bless you all, you are all perfect in your very own unique and beautiful way.

  47. Ellen H. Rimmer

    It’s hurts.
    But I have God and I know brighter days are coming.

    Veritas Aequitas

    Brighter for some..not so bright for others..

  48. Alexis Mew

    I just had my miscarriage..
    I'm so broken..

  49. Tricia Smith

    just laid my 28yr son to rest I just want to be with him x

    Ashley McDuffie


  50. Yesenia Martinez

    I love this song

  51. Dayvin Boisvert

    God I love her so much but I just can't tell if she feels quite the same and it's been hard. She doesn't want to talk much anymore and will just leave me hanging then the moment she needs something she acts like nothing she's done has happened and I just don't know what to do anymore

    Veritas Aequitas

    Yes you do know..your gut tells you..you just don't want to hear it..

    Dayvin Boisvert

    @Veritas Aequitas you were right. I listened to it and I'm happier now without her then with her

  52. Priscilla Torres

    This song so powerful reminds me of ma break up it hurts all I can do is let it hurt sad we end up taking a break honestly don’t know if I will ever seen him ever again 🥺😢love u soo much I will never stop loving him till I’m ready to let go

  53. Dawn Palmore

    19 years. Retired from the state. Had three children...he still cheated. Now he is dying from cancer. Do I stay or go?

  54. Aubrey Potter

    I miss my best friend 😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  55. Rachel Phipps

    It really has taken me down to my knees tonight. How do you get through losing the person you thought you were gonna be with forever,? Especially when they just throw you aside as if you never saw each others soul??

    ContractWolf 666

    Well darlin, you take it day by day and hope you never feel that pain again, and never ever stop living your life.

    Rachel Phipps

    @ContractWolf 666 I'm not sure I can right now. I've survived abusive relationships and a marriage break up but this...hurts worse than anything.

    ContractWolf 666

    @Rachel Phipps all I can tell you is that it hurts to the point were some people give up but trust me, the pain eventually fades and leaves a scar making you stronger

  56. Corbie Friday

    *when you let go and you learn (not love) to let it hurt

  57. Rosie McCann

    This song always hits me in the heart because I always fake a smile and pretend i hide my pain so no one ask me about why im crying or what's wrong. I rather deal with my pain on my own.. Thats how i cope i cry and deal with it on my own or i go to my best friend which is my mom

  58. Doris Night

    I'm really beginning to love Rascal Flatts....all these songs really touch me.

  59. Mary Jones

    Thank you to.my friend who suggested this song after the death of my husband. It encourages healing.

  60. Tamra Perry

    This is all I’ve ever known

  61. Deceased

    Who else in they feelings ....missing somebody who's no longer here anymore😞....late night vibes

  62. Gena Bragg

    Amen! I love this song.

  63. Tessa Reeves

    Please lord

  64. Tessa Reeves

    It hurts so bad can't stop crying

  65. Darby Weese

    The people who disliked this video only disliked it because it relates to them to much. Either that or they are just jerks. God bless❤️❤️❤️

  66. Amanda nicole Smith

    Two years this day I lost my fiancé to suicide.

    Takes me to my knees all the time 😔

  67. MyPsychoLogic

    I lost my grandpa to cancer 8 years ago and for a long time I pushed any hurt, anger, sadness about his death into a corner of my mind thinking it would make it easier to cope with. It didnt and I've still not come to terms fully with his death but ive stopped trying to just push the thoughts to the back of my mind

  68. Cheyenne Strickler

    Um.. I was listening to a song my ex dedicated to me and this song wasnt even on the next lists of songs to play... It just came up and skipped all the others... Wth

  69. Rosa Gerardi

    I lost my daughter Danielle may 14,2019 ,I miss her so bad it physically hurts I lost my my baby and best friend , 💔💔💔💔

    Rosie McCann

    Im sorry for your loss

  70. james war

    My HEART is killing me a year-and-a-half wasted and she wanted me to move on and and give her space then I found out she's already talking to someone two weeks after she dumped me 💔💔💔💔

  71. Starsinthesky

    I'll miss you Desmond

  72. Jackie Depositario

    Just let it hurt, it will just hurt anyway. It must be really love and that's how love is.... it hurts. You know well how much I have loved you.

  73. Caitlin Burner

    I lost my best friend due to a car accident the other night 😭

  74. Marlin Hippensteel

    How can a man be so stupid to not realize how close he is to losing a woman. Yes im talking about myself.



  76. Alexis Maki

    This is so true my uncle passed this morning and you wanna drive it away and not feel the pain but you need to :(

  77. Morgan Grace

    The best of 8 months ended a few weeks ago. I haven't let process the fact that I broke up with him. And today, I knew I had to let myself hurt for him. I am definitely not the type of girl that wallows. I'd rather work off my pain, or distract myself. And today it hit me. It ended on the 13th. It's the 21st and the pain of that day is still the same. Laying in my bed I want to run to the knives downstairs because that's one thing I can control. But I don't. Because it won't fix anything. I'm broken and in pain, but I'm not letting it take me. I have friends all around me who are helping me. I know if I end it they'll hurt too. I refuse to give them that pain. People around you care too. Whatever you're going through, it will hurt, but don't make a stupid decision and give your friends/ family that pain too. I love you. You are worthy of love. You are a queen/king. Keep your shin up, your crown is slipping. <3

  78. carol simpson

    I'm listening to this bc my bf lives in Mississippi and we have been dating for almost 2 mons and he came down Friday and left yesterday I miss him alone😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  79. jack hosler


  80. jennifer ilarraza

    I lost my dad last sunday 😔 this song is touching parts in my heart his funeral is this Thursday 😞

    Faye Warren

    I'm so very sorry for your loss.

  81. Van Gilley

    Ms Sturmer she a very brave woman and she has my prayers.

  82. David Jr Boholano

    The pain demands to be felt.

  83. Alayna Nichole Pennington

    Who is listing to this in 2019 my uncle passed away today I'm trying to get over him I miss him so much rip Johnny sheets

  84. Ashley sings

    This song helped me with my depression and 2 years in just as happy as I could ever be and I'm glad I got out of that state of mind I'm here if anyone needs to talk


    God bless you and your loss of your loved ones! Hope you are doing well. Each day they're in your thoughts.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  86. MrJodaias

    Versão da banda Malta ficou melhor!!!

  87. Payne *

    3 months today my father passed away

    Angel jones

    Sorry.. Praying for you 🙏 I know it hurts.

  88. Stephanie Smith

    I just lost my 24 year old son to this serious epidemic he overdosed never in a million years did I think this would happen to my child he was sober doing great and then I got the call that would rock my world is this Stephanie I said yes Tyler Lynch born8/10/1994 yes what’s can I help you with I said to the voice on the other end of the line I’m sorry but he’s passed never will I for get that day or that conversation

  89. Heather Forman

    Great song

  90. Linda Holland

    It hurt so much losing my best friend 2 years ago I miss him everyday rip Stephen

  91. Alaunna Burig

    although its good song it can make a person cry from all that is bad in a person's life

  92. Karlee Ann

    Just trying to get over you.

  93. Haley Troxell

    I have depression and anxiety but now my ex just broke up with me and he started blocking me on everything.I guess ima just let it hurt❤️😭

  94. Desiree Wickstrom

    It burned and hurt, let love do its work, all love did was hurt me. I should say Thomas hurt me with all his words and hurt, love should not hurt like that. So love is something you don't have and never did for me. Five and a half years of lies,, thank you


    Yes it hurts, it’ll always hurt. Every heartbreak, every lost loved one, the hurt is normal. Sure it sucks but these scars are only skin deep, I’m just as strong if not stronger than I’ve ever been.

  96. Diane Mckinney

    Our angel baby was due today😢 taken far to soon😢😢💔

  97. love me leave me

    If u never met the person in the first place,never talked to them on the phone, never could call them too many excuses, hellllllllllllloooooo how is anyone missing anyone when there never was anyone for anyone.....2019 keep it simple folks.....not a real person what in the heck did u love hmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh the screen the words Hi dear how did u sleep my beautiful gorgeous angel......ahooooo I met many ladies on media we shared the same words written we shared same photos and we shared how they thought we where so stupid....we lol so hard oooolllllllll only to watch us play the games grown ups play now a days on media..........we couldn't believe how it stills is happening. We share it all on media lololol on media bam I never left it happy days r here...we watch the porn from same man who raps his lyrics about how he has changed while porn is on his hands and bed media ahooooooo

  98. Patricia Canady

    I let it hurt

  99. Danielle Watson

    1.1k people hit the wrong button

  100. Katie Reimer

    Wounds do not heal with time, they heal with God