Rascal Flatts - It's Not Just Me Lyrics

Tell me you've had trouble sleeping
That you toss and turn from side to side
That it's my face you've been seeing
In your dreams at night

Tell me that you wake up crying
And you're not sure exactly why
Tell me that something is missing
In your life, in your life baby

Tell me that you live for love
That forever is never enough
That you've waited all your life to see
That you want so badly to believe
Tell me that it's not just me

I could have sworn I saw you smile at me
Standing in the poring rain
At a loss for words and running out of time
I said this crazy thing (crazy thing), I said

[Repeat Chorus]

Hold me now and tell me that you do believe
In a soul, a soul mate
And tell me, and tell me, tell me

[Repeat Chorus]

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Rascal Flatts It's Not Just Me Comments
  1. Geraldine Gaggia

    I just want love. Crying for my family. I want you to just love me right now

  2. Jewel Schwenk

    This is my favorite song by them.

  3. Jamie Nieveras

    Tell me that it's not just me who is longing ...

  4. Tessa Reeves

    It not just u I won't so much for u to do this beside me

  5. Natalie Georgiadou

    Tell him that he is not alone in pain for love. We are all, the people in love I mean, suffering from all the typical symptoms of falling into our beloved and we share the same deep and true feelings, the same painful thoughts, have the same worries and needs. But all these fulfil and complete you as a person and make you more mature no matter how derply you are hurt. You've learnt to love unconditionally without any trace of selfishness. You just need to love and to be loved for not a special reason only for what you are both. Only then does someone live so strongly and painfully and to such an extent loving issues. If this is experienced in a mutual way, heaven opens and welcomes them in other words they are just blessed and lucky!

  6. Stephanie Kaelin

    I believe....

  7. patricia beckman

    All these years, I never knew or believed I could feel this way about someone. These words describe my heart now.

    Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Mar 31, 2012

  8. Ken Leslie

    Without you I would have no love I would know how it feels I wouldn't have known how it felt I just pray to God that you can know who you are and what you mean to me and not waver from that very special powerful person that you are start living up to your expectations cuz they're not wrong sometimes when a person gets beat down so long if you can see who they are and how important they are and how badly it affects those around that are looking up for them and looking up to them for guidance and Direction and how quickly they can disillusion somebody's hopes and dreams by not being aware that a lot of people are watching them because they do mean that lot because you are that important to them who'da thought did I be telling you one day how great you are and how much greater you will be when it's all said and done I'm the one that has been will be and always am here for you

  9. Donna Skinner

    My dreams if only it knew them! Its LB in my dreams!!

  10. J 77

    Country always makes it easier

  11. Michelo Nyaundi

    Released on Nov 26th 2006

    Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Jun 21 2016

  12. Jermey Da Voice

    1:40 🙌🎼🎧

  13. Louisa Teague

    You ain't the only one ,I can relate

  14. Alexis Crum

    I told my friend about this song after a huge fight she loved it but she don't want me anymore it painful to lose a friend of 5 years :(

    Hanna Fogg

    Gary but

  15. Toby McCreadie

    No,it's not just you!

  16. Maung Than

    KHY , I am sorry.How to explain the factor.

  17. mr. vincent van goghIII

    Hey yo....what up girl


    the vincent van gogh chronicles flash 😍😍

    mr. vincent van goghIII

    veronicabejb wink😉


    the vincent van gogh chronicles ❤️

  18. Viri Diana


  19. Liz Clapton

    Does anyone have an mp3 of this please? I can’t find it anywhere. Any help would be amazing as I love this song so much!!!

  20. Charlene Nixon

    it's true... always you in my dreams ...I'll always love you.

  21. Ronnie Schock

    The song I knew I wanted to play for my future bride and one true love the first time I heard it...Been 45 years and haven't found her yet but I still hold out hope.


    Ronnie Schock hope u find the love of youre life soon ;)

    Ronnie Schock

    veronicabejb Thank you that is very sweet and kind of you.


    Ronnie Schock wishing u all the best.

  22. Sung Yul Taylor

    This song gets me TO MY SOUL. YOU CAN FEEL IT. This is the kind of music people should give praise to and not this garbage about spinning rims and getting money. THIS IS TRUTH RIGHT HERE. It's almost too much emotion

  23. Morgan Alexander

    it's been almost a year and even though I've tried to tell you I still don't think you'll ever understand how much I need you to come back to me

  24. Lacey Marsh

    he is one of my best friends, and he likes someone else.

  25. Luz grajeda

    I tried so hard but it just brought my heart to pieces it's like my other half is gone after I waited my whole life to meet you but I love you more than you could imagine and I wish you nothing but happiness in you life I can't keep fighting and competing for a spot so it's time I go it just hurts too much.

  26. FBI surveillance Van

    for their first album it was very good not everyone's first album is great but hey this is rascal flatts and every album they make rocks

    brandi olive

    FBI surveillance Van amen sister amean

  27. Get Lost Now

    Im pretty much related on these song. because for all the things you've done for her atlast you got rejected.

  28. Colin Audette

    most beautiful song ever

  29. muzachman1

    Please tell me it's not just me.... is it supposed to mean something that the tempo for this song is a consistent 69 BPM?  LOL!

  30. Freddy Garrison

    I'm here to say that it's always worth it, to forever follow your heart. Sometimes you go down the great unknown to find yourself right on the path. :)

    Kubale Nyaundi

    Published on Jul 20 2016

    Kubale Nyaundi

    Released on November 20th 2006

  31. Tonya Wessels

    This song hits home...how do you let go of someone you gave your world to? It's been over a year and I still don't know how to let go.

  32. Sheila Royal

    i remember the day i belinda fry said to someone that was like my quiet calm(D.L.J) what do you want from me? He replied you i said its not just about me its about alissa ,larkin,hailey and alexis and with tears in is eyes he said i know i cant stand tocost rick what he loves and to hurt kids hearts so you made up my mind im moving away if I can't be with you I can't stand to begin same tie as you and got in his truck and drove away I chose everyone's hearts too .selfless love im sorry that rick didn't appreciate or love us what you D.L.J had loved first sorry I everhurt your heart and brought a tear to your eye. its not just about me Love you always for your selfless love.

  33. Ranz Mayzerofive

    It's a strange thing how you can love somebody, how you can be all eaten up inside with needing him- this desperate need- and only once in a rare million do the same two people need each other. And we are lucky to have found each other BB despite the many miles separating us. We are truly meant to be. I am missing you terribly BB and tell me it's not just me. Love you my Jimbo for life and beyond. Kissss ~ Ranzie

  34. TheShall201188

    i cry everytime i hear this song my bestfriend i love her and i cant tell her


    i knew her since i was a baby


    sometimes you just need 2 go for it :)


    she has a boyfriend 

    Christopher Savage

    @TheShall201188 I know that feeling bro. But when i told my bestfriend and every now and then i keep telling her and each time i do the closer i get to being with her just hang in there

    Jewel Schwenk

    I hope you told her.

  35. Ashley Hayden

    ❤️favorite favorite favorite!!

  36. Heidi Reed

    where did you get that photo at 2:42?


    google :)

    Heidi Reed

    I looked but couldn't find that specific one




    found it :)

  37. Tyler Nabors

    Sweetheart you were the absolute first one I proposed to, I meant it with all my heart soul and mind. I haven't stopped loving you not one bit. I should have never left you where and still are my everything. ILY MEH JUGGALETTE dont ever forget that you stole my heart!!!

  38. Brandon Cole

    The question I have every time
    I hear this song is, is it worth taking back my ex from high school? It's been over 5-6 years since then. Lord is it worth it?

  39. Cody V

    to me ex/friend, you will always have apart of my heart and it will be waiting for you. its been almost 3 years and I can't get over you, even with two girls after you.

  40. Hailey Heflin

    I keep going back to my x we meet for the first time in middle school were in our 20s now n I j cant live without him


    Baby u can

  41. Jordan Childers

    We have been friends since we were young I have tried so hard to show you I love you and that I can't see myself without you. One day I hope you feel the same :(

    Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Jun 21 2016

    Michelo Nyaundi

    Released on Nov 20th 2006

  42. veronicabejb

    The pain that comes with cheating never goes away, My ex did it 2 me, and it still hurts so bad, now I found the love of my life and sometimes it still hurts and sometimes im scared that he will do it as well. But real people dont cheat. and if they do, they are not the person you wanna be with. Good luck and stay safe!

  43. staytrueashley

    This is completely how I feel. I just recently found out my ex cheated on me 4 times that I know of AND was married. She's now in a relationship with someone she cheated on me with and I'm in a new relationship as well....but we had SO many plans on getting married in 2 years and so forth. I still struggle dealing with it. But I'm going into the army anyway and that's the one thing she told me if I did, we would never have a future :/ I hope you still think of me...

  44. megan

    Its hard to be away from him. I cant take it. I miss him so much.

  45. CanadianCarReviews

    i had a girlfriend last year who is type one diabetic and during Christmas break she had a seizer and before that we dated for 18-20 months and her friend who was my friend just kept on fighting with me so we arent friends anymore and i havent seen my girlfriend since december and my girlfriends mom got involed with it and all hell broke loose and i really miss her hoping i can see her but i probably wont see her

  46. Kathryn Wright

    we borke up last night...xxx im ok...

  47. veronicabejb

    Im sorry. you deserve so much better! smile! laugh! love! and one day you will find someone who deserves you, and will love and respect you!

  48. Brandon Cole

    Been 19 months since we split, I lost everything when you decide to cheat on me with all my so called friends when I was laying in bed with a broken ankle that I broke on a fire call. How can someone do that?

  49. Tim Cade

    First time I heard this I was going through a very rough time in my life. I remember I had to pull the truck over and gather myself before I could go any further. I consider it my own little song, because it was never released as a single (that I know of). It's one of those songs that makes you appreciate what you have, or makes you chase what you really want!

  50. TheExtraMileStudios

    :\ felt this for such a long time

  51. Denise McClurg

    Trust me you can do it , I never thought I could either but I did. I never realized I was so strong.

  52. Katie Sloan

    These days that go on with out the one u love I know it hurts but its the thing what if your not met for him or her i like this boy how don't think I am there and I just want to be seen and I hope y'all people great better or found the one u will truly love and not a fucking idiot like someone people can be stupid with their mistakes

  53. Jamie C

    I used to wake up crying sometimes after my husband died
    Life goes on and you have no choice but to go on with it

  54. Kayde Virabouth

    This song for my ex boyfriend i wish could just going back with him. Fuck everyday up the we not together anymore. I really miss him alots.

  55. lipglosskitten26

    I thought you'd sing for me


    How have you been baby ! Oh i miss you


    Christin Christin Christin miss you

  56. posh337

    glad u found love again Mark ..smh

  57. veronicabejb

    I hope you find joy in something <3

  58. Kiran

    whoa you came to this song xd

  59. Debbie Thompson

    Deb LOVES Scotty FOREVER!

  60. bryonyravenhall96

    The first line and im crying so emotional :,(

  61. BZH1975 *

    Love it :-)

  62. Angel Ann

    I bet I'm not the only one thinking of someone I love when I play this.

    Love you Alex c: ♥

  63. Chrome

    I looove this song, its a beautiful song *-*

  64. TaylaBabesx

    Rascal Flatts

  65. Micaela Reynolds

    I read this as "fence".. spelling is your friend, Cheyenne... *fiance, or *fiancee.

  66. Leann Hobson

    What is this album called?

  67. Cheyenne McGraw

    my brother and his feance danced to this song! so cute!

  68. Deanna Renee

    This song made me break into tears because it's what i go through every day hoping my ex will take me back, and now i can't stop crying because i miss him so much, but i fucked everything up.. I just want him back. :'(

  69. isao FFRK


  70. Katelynn Grace

    i or you could post it on facebook once a week, that's how my crush got the hint that i liked him...

  71. blondedbythelight703

    This is nice.

    Jill Amaya

    blondedbythelight703 wow

  72. jin louisse lamorin

    I love it. :)))

  73. Cynthia's Channel


  74. DodgersMom2011

    jay has such a beautiful voice :) i love this song, it fits my life right now

  75. Anderson Silva

    this reminds me of my dad, he used to play this song when we were in the Car..

    RIP dad (L)

  76. Nat Gee

    eventhough this song is like a million years old.. i still love listening to it.. first time i heard it was in 06. wow.

  77. Sophie Brennan

    I miss my best friend so much! He mean so much to me.... He doesnt need me anymore.

  78. sabrina lawrence

    i relate to every one of his songs in this weird way

  79. bluejay

    definitely my new favorite song ^^ must've heard it at least 5 times tonight

  80. maggie deveroux

    It's not just you... I'm there too!!! I believe!

  81. Igor Faria

    I like every one of their musics, his voice is the best

  82. Kit Hamm

    @KirasDarkShadowHeart Album Rascal Flatts

  83. bluejay

    what a beautiful song...i mean, it's rascal flatts, of course it's beautiful, but...it's exceptionally beautiful, i can't believe i've never heard this one before
    i feel sorry for the people that don't like this song, all three of them XD

  84. Kaitlyn Keesee

    Everytime I play this song, it makes me appreciate the man I have. <3

  85. [bLURrED projekt]

    Geh, i miss you. AMA days has already ended 1998 but i need to tell you this, i had loved you the day i saw your smile... i just want to be with you.

  86. Athena Escarsa

    @EmmyMoons what hrts the most :)

  87. muchachowantsyou

    2 days after me and my boyfriend broke up i could've sworn i saw him smile at me in the pouring rain..

  88. davanah12

    who are the 2 dope heads that disliked this?

  89. Scene_Kitty

    its kinda hard for me to lisen to rascal flatts right now cuz my boyfriend broke up with me a few days before our 11 month anniversary:'{ everytime i lisen to rascal flatts i think of him<3

  90. Filipa Bragança

    I Love this song

  91. Shawna W

    I have trouble sleeping. I toss and turn all night. I see his face in my dreams. Something is missing in my life. I live for LOVE. I wait to feel it, to see it, to have it. I can't wait to have LOVE.

  92. Jasmyn Perkins

    I love this song <3

  93. Amberwaaa

    One person is alone in life.

  94. Jessika Jackson

    this is my first time hearing this song... it gave me goosebumps <3 :'(

  95. RubyGurl100

    It's not just you :'(

  96. Jennyfer Madelo


  97. Sarelle Sirius

    I cried when I heard this... I can't believe someone pinpointed exactly how I feel. "Tell me that you live for love, forever is never enough"

  98. Rena Darel

    a very nice song specially the lyrics,,i always fall in love whenever i listen to this song,,

  99. Rena Darel

    a very nice song specially the lyrics,,i always fall inlove whenever i kisten to this song,,