Rascal Flatts - Holdin' On Lyrics

There's a Mountain Dew can
With lipstick on it
Rollin' around his truck bed
He just leaves it back there
One of the things he has left of

When he drives into the late
Day sun
You can see a set of footprints
He ain't gonna clean that
He'd rather just live with the hurt

He's holdin' on to the wheel
To the way she made him feel
On to the shifter, on to
The pictures
Every precious moment with her
Like the left behind colors in the
When the sun is gone
He's holdin' on

Oh, he's holdin' on

There's a voicemail on his cell
He don't dare erase
She endeed with I love you
And he saves it just in case it
Might still be true
No, he ain't through

He's holdin' on to the wheel
To the way she made him feel
On to the shifter, on to
The pictures
Every precious moment with her
Like the left behind colors in the
When the sun is gone
He's holdin' on

To the past
To the last time he held her
Her breath on his neck
The three words she said
Oh --

He's holdin' on to the wheel
On to the way she made him feel
On to the shifter
On to the pictures
Every precious moment with her
He's holdin' on
Yeah, he's holdin' on and on
He's holdin' on, he's holdin' on

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Rascal Flatts Holdin' On Comments
  1. Ester Willis

    I'm Holdin On Too!!!❤

  2. Alpha Tauri

    Oh, just move on already! 😭

  3. Pat Moore

    Appleberry, thanks for taking the time and work to put the lyrics. I'd love for all video's to have the lyrics. Many, many thanks.

  4. Christine m Lowry

    If it was Christine would he be holding on I r would he be there with Christine tonight

  5. Kalen Montsma

    I will always hold onto and cherish the moments I once had with her.. always.

  6. Tracie A.

    She's holdin on!!! I love u with ALL my heart & soul!!! Just don't know how much strength I have left in me to keep holdin on... I'm loosing grip, loosing hope. 😢

  7. Chantale Daudelin

    thank you

  8. Alexander Holmes

    not holding on tight enough

  9. Jessica Matson

    I'm holding on to the memories and pictures and it always brings me happiness and a smile upon my face and always will..

    Joe Joe

    Stay strong

  10. spencer carsner

    She loved me once but then he came along and even though I was treating her perfectly he stole her from me and I'm still holding on to the love of my life ;'(

    Heather Huffstetler Helms

    stay strong you will find somebody

    Helen Keller


    April Schmidt

    spencer carsner sorry 2 hear that.

    Anne Little

    spencer carsner me too, thirty years later !!!

    Jacob Hazelett

    I'm sorry to hear! Nobody deserves to get dumped by somebody just so they can go be with another person. Don't worry if you haven't found the right person you are looking for you will find her.

  11. becky B

    I love this song its so pretty.
    And I've loved rascal flatts since I was a little kid.

  12. rkw rkw

    Amazing beem a fan for years kive in England now so my sister's sende your new tracks. Its like somdtimes
    You know me ; silly I know but love your work ! So keep on keepin on Xxxxx

  13. Ricardo Venchenzo

    Rascal Flatts writes the saddest songs, but they r so relatable which Is the saddest part of all.....

  14. Jessica Byrn

    it hurts but i can still look back think of all the sweet memories and it it still brings a smile to my face.always will cause i loved him that much and always will hold him deep within my soul

  15. Shari Wood

    Sad but beautiful !

  16. Brandon Harris

    ik what you mean

  17. Devin Hogan

    This is honestly one of the saddest songs I have heard. And it fits with me perfectly.

    Jacob kai Hogan

    Devin Hogan agreed

  18. Brandii Nicole

    sigh... im sorry baby.. I fucked up.. I get it now.

  19. aaron ferrarese

    let him know... he might be missing you too

  20. Katelynn Williams

    I wish this was a more popular song cause it is just an amazing song

  21. Shadow Capulet

    Closer and this song are like their two sides of the story. Both that I can relate to. Love rascal flatts

  22. Jelena Jovanovic


  23. gabrillea gross

    My gramms died and this song. Remains me of her

  24. Sydney D. Herring

    I'm holdin' on... Been over a year and a half, and I can't seem to let go... If he only knew how I felt... <3

  25. tjgrigonis116

    This song is great but it has its negatives like bringing up old memories

  26. Wanda Linville

    i just dumped my boy friend and i still dont give a crap

  27. Martevius Hill

    I just recovered from my brake up now im listening to this song it's briging back memories when i was with my girl i still want her back and i still love her

  28. SarahFaie

    The pain never fully goes away, it's not like you can just get back the time before that person you loved moved on. But that's what you need to do, that's what I did and God am I glad cause I found a great guy and he and I are making new memories of our own-3

  29. angela stone

    i'm enjoying this song

  30. Madie Hallman

    Did his girlfriend die:(

  31. JJay

    I'm sorry to hear that, my dear. :( I wish I had something constructive to say, but there are too many feelings in a situation like that. Too many feelings and never enough words. Be strong.

  32. Brionna Watson

    My boyfriend just broke-up with me yesterday, my mom says I can find someone better. But I Love Him. So I'm Gonna Keep Holdin' On <3

  33. Jeremy Dunn

    good for u no one else knows whats right for u but u hold on to that feeling

  34. Jeremy Dunn

    god I miss my love why wont she come back :'(

  35. Blake_Kings94

    this what i would feel if i lost my girl

  36. Shelby Schnobrich

    it is hard for me to hold on when it hurts to much

  37. tyler walker

    song of my life

  38. Megan McKnight

    Love this song!

  39. CanadianCarReviews

    i like rascal flatts i first heard them on my moms cd when i was eleven and i liked them ever since but i cant keep track of all of thier songs and also they are the number best selling bands for ten years straight wtg rascal flatts

  40. Faith Dennis

    I looooove this song!!! Everyone keeps telling me I need 2 move on but I love him....he has. B b b. a new girl now. So this whole song is meeeee except for the fact the 1 holdin on is a guy... We were together for 11 months.. In 2 weeks it would have. Been a year.. He is the only guy I have ever let into my heart like that, the only guy I have ever been so i n love with, the only guy that I can't get over & it is KILLING me!!!! I love you baby..... So much only me and God knows

  41. Arik Galindo

    thank you goes to this song it helped me hold on to a girl that moved far away from me but this song kept our love strong thank you rascal flatts

  42. Love_bug3

    I cry, my love is getting stationed in Main. He promises he won't forget but I think he might. I hold on to everything he ever sent me. The hoodie he gave me. The bracelet he gave me when we first started talking. We're not together but he still love me he must right? I mean I still see him at school he still gives me hugs. I just don't want to forget him and I don't want him to forget about me.

  43. kelsey ann

    I wish I could just tell him "I never wish too speak to him again," maybe then I could get over him. But I can never cause we're constantly running into each other. At the bus stop, at school, he's in 3 of my classes. I don't know anymore. It kills me too look at him and know what we had is done.

  44. JJay

    Well, you're still holding on! And if you love each other, you should! I'm happy to get this update, I'm happy you have him.

  45. Deanna Renee

    They tell me that if you don't come back, they're is someone else out there for me.. But why can't they understand i only want you? If you don't come back to me, i'm still gunna be holding on.. Holding on to the love i promised you. They say you're 16, you can't really love him, but i do, that's why i'm holding on..

    Stewart Whitlockjr

    please forgive me for all my sins. I only want for people to accept me for the man my parents raised me to be and to make a living for myself the love of my life and to spe.d time with my mom and dad again.

  46. Chrissy Jeanette

    I was with the most amazing guy ever, and he had to move, that was 3 1/2 years ago, this is how ive felt about him ever since, and i thought he had completely forgotten, until i got a text from him last month, and now we're back together, and im never letting him go again!!

  47. Prisca Dudli

    I had to move away to another country and my whole family tells me to find another guy but i wont give up im holding on till i see him again <3 I LOVE YOU CHRIS GRANDY!!!

  48. JJay

    I've been there, and he came back to me because I held on. There is hope! Even if he doesn't come back to you though, there is always hope. The person you love, even the person you love most in the world, will fade away little by little over time if the connection is neglected. They'll never be gone, but it gets better. Hold on, my friend.

  49. RyanJS08

    Yeah...I can totally relate to this song. I'm holding on, but I don't know if there is anything left to hold on to. She made me feel so special, and now it feels like I mean nothing to her. I guess it was too good to be true....oh well, life goes on!

  50. SilverOwl13

    This fits how I still feel about this boy......we both loved each other so much, but then his mom got transferred to California for her job, so he had to leave. After a year or so, we lost touch, but I still think of him all the time....It's been almost 6 years, but the wound in my heart still feels fresh....I'm find myself wondering if he ever thinks about me. Probably not; hell I doubt he even remembers my name! But for some reason, I'm holding on....I still don't feel like we had closure....

  51. John Seet

    We're literally a thousand miles apart
    But you are the only girl in my heart
    They told me to give you up
    But even though you're gone
    I'm still holding on...
    I love you very much Serena!!

  52. Zoe Shattock

    This is literally my most favourite song out there.

  53. Mike karl

    i got to look into that little boys eyes for the rest of my life. its been almost 2 years. your presets are still on the radio. but i dont turn it on. i see you fail at love time and time again. i tell you im with someone else. but thats just to deal with the hurt. a year later i went back and bought that ring back. i know ill never use it. but i just couldn't live with anyone else wearing it. im hold'in on....

  54. Zoe Shattock

    I'm trying to find a Rascal Flatts song where the lyrics aren't beautiful. I'm failing miserably.

  55. Bldybights8

    Every one says to get over him, but i dont want to. I just want him back.

  56. marivivis23

    i held on for so long even when we broke up cuz u cheated on me so many times and i forgave u.. i loved u with all my heart, and u played me, i did everything for you and u didnt care.. everyone told me i would find someone better and you werent worth it.. idk about finding and loving someone else the way i loved you, but i finally realized u werent worth it... i just wish you had been so different, and would have realized how much i loved u... but im done holding on and im done waitin for you..

  57. Jenn N

    My ex-boyfriend broke up with me multiple times, each because he was confused. I took him back without doubt, every single time. I love him to death. He makes me so happy. He's amazing in every way. He is everything a girl looks for in a guy: someone to be herself with, someone to always be there for her, someone that won't take her for granted. I want him back, and I will wait for him. He's graduating next year and is going off to the marine corps and I was willing to be here for him. Semper Fi

  58. zoopop22

    I will always love you Valerie, may you be watching over me from heaven.

  59. Lynsie Stafford

    <3 amazing

  60. JoseATorres

    I. Love.This.Song.

  61. Joanna Rak

    I think my heart just cried a little

  62. Jamie Carter

    it's funny how you listen to a song that depresses you, but then when you go to change it, you realize you can't because it means too much <3

  63. SonicxPika

    Rascall Flatts, songs anyone can relate to. Gotta stop holding on eventually..

  64. Miss F.A.

    @smexybieber thats the same situation im in

  65. EArtistry

    @VolleyPuppy91 Thank you, still going strong will see him in 3 days! :)

  66. EArtistry

    My Boyfriend lives on the other side of the world and i havent seen him for over a half year but im still holding on, I love you baby and ill see you in 6 weeks xx

  67. Holly McGinn

    After 5 years, hes still the one I love. Not anyone else comes even close. And then for him to kiss my best friend under the bleachers at a football game? Thanks everyone for telling me to let him go, but I'm still holdin' on.♥♥

  68. Jonathan Leatherberry

    tht always sucks to feels somthin n to get tosssed aside. iv been there b4 n it really sucks

  69. faith barnes

    luv this song

  70. emilymlw

    I really hope hes driving around listening to this song after he crushed my heart to oblivion, thankfully I got out and away from him..

  71. Ash Lee

    Him holding on to "her" caused me to let go. Piece of advice: don't hold onto the past when the present could be so much more rewarding.

  72. allyfassold

    just heard this.. after six months it still got to me.. i still love him..

  73. Jorge

    I can relate to this. I still have every single facebook message she sent me. And i go thru them a few times a week.

  74. esjumper

    I can relate :) I have one note that i've kept for 5 years. I think of him constantly. forever and always LH <3

  75. Lucy Hao

    i love it

  76. Colin Sesler

    well this song kinda describes my life. i keep notes and crap from my ex es. it kinda pulls me back tolife when i read the notes and things that she left to me!!!

  77. Amber Trotta

    Rascal Flatts are amazing! =) <3

  78. LunaLash

    this is cuuuute :)