Rascal Flatts - Banjo Lyrics

When I lose my smile
When my thoughts get jumbled
When the air and BS get too thick
Can’t take a breath without getting sick
I’ve had enough with this concrete jungle
I drop my truck in drive
I pick up my baby
She jumps in with a kiss and a hey
We exit off that old highway
Sometimes you gotta go beyond the pavement

You gotta go deep
Way on back
Cross a few creeks
And a couple little shacks
You gotta get lost
Way on out
Crickets and frogs
Yeah you’re gettin’ close now
And you kick it into four wheel drive when you run out of road
And you go, and you go and you go-go-go
‘Til you hear a banjo

It ain’t on no map
And I’m glad it isn’t
Leave the phone and the GPS,
Those satellites ain’t found it yet,
Got our own little piece of heaven hidden

Yeah, you gotta go deep
Way on back
Cross a few creeks
And a couple little shacks
You gotta get lost
Way on out
Crickets and frogs
Yeah you’re gettin’ close now
And you kick it into four wheel drive when you run out of road
And you go, and you go and you go-go-go
‘Til you hear a banjo

You gotta go deep
Way on back
Cross a few creeks
And a couple little shacks
You gotta get lost
Way on out
Crickets and frogs
Yeah you’re gettin’ close now
And you kick it into four wheel drive when you run out of road
And you go, and you go and you go and you go and you go

Oooh hoo

‘Til you hear that banjo
Kick it

You gotta go deep
Way on back
Oh oh oh
Cross a few creeks
And a couple little shacks
Oh oh oh
Four wheel drive when you run out of road
Oh oh oh
And you go and you go, and you go
‘Til you hear that, ‘til you hear that
‘Til you hear that banjo

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Rascal Flatts Banjo Comments
  1. Jacob Spannbauer

    Craigslist:for e350 bus for sale never beaten babies it’s whole life🤘😂😂

  2. Susie Cunningham

    Glenn Cambels daughter is a beautiful lady and she certainly knows how to make that banjo talk absolutley love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊

  3. neon05442

    I haven’t heard this song since it came out in 2012 and I randomly remembered it today in january 2020. The brain is weird.

  4. Lee Schulte

    Good Luck on your Retirement ! Always loved your music . Will be missed greatly !

  5. Robert Scott Wilson

    When I listen to this song driving I freaken speed I can't help it lol

  6. David Carpenter

    Love to girl playing banjo love to meet her😊

    Joe Mama

    Me too 😏.

  7. Rodney Laymon

    Who wrote that?

  8. Rodney Laymon

    Rascal Flatts bring out the banjo more. What happened to the Banjo?

  9. Brian Buel

    Who’s the hot blonde waitress in blue?

  10. heavenly beauty00

    Nothing beats a banjo agree 2019

    Brett Hovis

    Agreed lol

  11. yaksi hernandez

    Don’t like country but that fucking banjo is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  12. Jacob Spannbauer

    Well that bus now either has bad struts or it’s shot completely lmao

  13. Jacob Spannbauer

    Lol song plays my reaction well this outta be good

  14. Mary Miller

    Love All Rascal Flats "MUSIC"

  15. Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    Rascal ruined country

  16. Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    REAL COUNTRY boys know that the hot ladies in this video will be lumpy, grumpy ,and "don't want to humpy" in 5 years time.

  17. Frmhevn *


  18. Marian Jean

    I always think of my Papaw who taught many a local the clawhammer style of playing the banjo down in Gatlinburg TN and surrounding towns back in the day.

  19. Destiny Gaming

    Dam that girl playing the banjo is freaking Sexy and them legs like dam but there’s a lot of sexy women in this video that I would tap

  20. Mary Miller

    Love this song

  21. hannah houchin

    she is so pretty who is she?

  22. Aaron Parrish

    Dumb question. Why is she using a claw hammer banjo but she's playing scruggs?

  23. Dinis

    Bem bom 🇵🇹

  24. Dennis Fuentes


  25. Julinho Gago

    Chorei com essa msk, ñ vou disser por onde

  26. Elite Studios BR Official


  27. Juan Cardona

    Ahh GracaLins

  28. Lee Kirk

    for those who may not know
    the story is gary was having a song writing sesdion at his house & while giving directions jomingly said something like "drive until you hear the banjo"

  29. Jacob Spannbauer

    Lol and so I’m sitting in front of the bank waiting for it to open and I’m jamming to this 😂😂😂

  30. Kyla Kensley

    She looks like tayor swift.

  31. Kasey S

    I jam to this so hard on country roads!

  32. biG DumBFace

    You know your in the DEEP country when you hear banjos

  33. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen


  34. Jackson Greiner

    The ironic thing is that bus has no 4 wheel drive

    Or does it🤔

  35. Nunof Yerbizness

    4:39 E3 2019 in a nutshell

  36. Blake O'Neal

    Can Ashley Campbell and Lindsey Stirling PLEASE make a song together

  37. Robert Green

    it's like a movie

  38. MythicalLevoxeon479

    This song is 50x better than "I Like The Sound Of That" cause honestly that is one of the worst songs that Rascal Flatts has ever recorded in my opinion, while "Banjo" is not a great song in comparison to "Come Wake Me Up" it's still a good song. (btw Feels Like Today is still one of the greatest songs they ever recorded and released)

  39. Robert Green

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  40. Robert Green

    I love it it's metal country

  41. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Good song! make me happy!

  42. Susie Cunningham

    Yeeeeeeehawwwww love the banjo ❤yep this country gal loves the country too ❤💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  43. Tracie Truman

    Ryder across the street from CenturyLink

  44. jolie fleur

    I heard this song when i was 18. I am 32 now. Im still in love on it.

  45. Tom

    I came here to watch the banjo player:)

    Mikey_Suze Four

    Glen Campbell's beautifully talented daughter Ashley!

  46. Dana Winstead

    👍 BANJO

  47. Sandra Smith

    Pick it Ashley!! The apple didn't fall far from the tree!!

  48. Abigail Devonshire

    me and my mom listen to your song's. every friday I listen to your song's. I love this song!!!!

  49. Abigail Devonshire

    I listened to all your song. I love all your song's!!!!!

  50. Val

    Listened to this from Russia. Suddenly, my vodka became Kentucky bourbon, my porridge became corn, my wife started calling me a "fine feller" and a Colt revolver appeared in a holster that I've never had. What happened?

    Billy Jack

    This comment made my day.

    Hannah Houchin

    That's great this put a smile on my face...

  51. Lila Moss

    sounds like lubbock or leave it

  52. Tenzin Teyaso


  53. Michelle Simien

    But... You barely hear the banjo??? Lmao

  54. Piss Kakk

    Nice people .Same as Country


    45 min in I already added this to my Country Mix

  56. Pickin & grinnin Ardmore Tennessee

    There is nothing bluegrass about this that's for sure "want to be's".

    Eliza B

    Sounds like a boy band to me. Like most of the crap on the radio

  57. Mikey_Suze Four

    Glen Campbell would be SO proud of his daughter in this video if he were alive (RIP).

  58. charles berndt

    way cool.

  59. Sam Wilson

    2:15 🤤🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍😍

  60. Marcos Noriega

    No sé porqué pero esta canción me recuerda los años 80s.

  61. How forever

    Love this song so much!

  62. Jacob Hazelett

    Ashley Campbell the daughter of country music legend Glen Campbell working with the 1 and only Rascal Flatts.

  63. Genaro Tenorio

    Ya la tengo en mi colección.

  64. Momento Mori

    Sau geil ! :-))))

  65. angstmuffinofdoom

    Great song! And music video! But I have to take off points because the guy 'defending' the banjo is playing a mandolin. That's like comparing a violin and a viola.

  66. drag racer

    MMMM.... those legs!!

  67. Miguel Angel Morena



    The blonde playing Banjo in this video is Glen Campbell daughter Ashley Campbell. One of the best if not the best banjo player left.

  69. John Amidon

    Haven't seen this video in years, but it's still outstanding! Thx.!

  70. Charlie Bazen

    I like this 🎤 😎😀🌟。*。💗~😃xXx
    🌟。a wonderful day.

  71. Joaquin Sedano

    I would kill for a girl that plays a banjo danm

  72. Sly DaxPoker

    *Give that man a Banjo* 🤷‍♂️

  73. Truckers last letter gaming

    Gotta get lost way on out!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤠🤠😎👌🏻🦌🦌🦌🚜🚜

    Truckers last letter gaming


  74. Truckers last letter gaming


  75. Cynthia Ramirez

    Good song

  76. Lovson Ronglo

    The banjo music makes me feel so good

  77. Mikey_Suze Four


  78. JMAEquine

    This song is perfect for when you are running cross country (horse)

  79. Peter Ledbury

    awsome clip and fantastic song ........only pitty is she aint playing the Banjo

  80. Layke Baugher

    Rascal flats are gay

  81. RackwitzG

    lol The black dude airbanjoing.

  82. Ryan Eyrie

    #BanjoForSmash !!

  83. Kroiden Fravest

    I am not really big on country, but i will make an exception for Rascal Flatts. They are catchier than a cold. :)

  84. Peter Whitear

    wish I could play the banjo

  85. Petr Mečíř

    the college kids are partying to bass guitar playing....lol

  86. Ryan Webb

    who still listens to this song awesome song

  87. Brady Smith

    I just saw a discussing Yest Infection ad before this video... :/

  88. Tonya Mays

    Good night, Sweetie.😘😘😘 and BIG HUG.™️♥️

  89. Tonya Mays

    BANJO....GO deep, way on back, kick into 4 wheel drive, crickets and frogs and ya G-O. ™️♥️

  90. Dhruvansh Patel

    I love banjo good singer Gary Levoxe,jay demarcus,joe don rooney

  91. dragoncaptain678

    You know it's songs like this that makes a particular instrument that much cooler to play (for me anyways)

  92. drag racer

    BANJO player looking for a sugar daddy? WOW, she is freakin cute!!

  93. Kim Gallagher

    Rockin Country !

  94. su tart

    i cant drive while playing this song without jumping out of my car and dancing!

  95. Ryan K

    Where I live, I am not sure if you will want to drive until you hear banjos, but if that girl is at the end then I suppose it's fine

  96. George Decker

    Hi. So cool song

  97. George Decker

    Not that play banjo hi. Like this song so much that is cool. The you could play banjo.