Rare Earth - Hey Big Brother Lyrics

Hey big brother, as soon as you arrive
You better, get in touch with the people, big brother
Better get them on your side, big brother
And keep them satisfied

Welcome to the beat of the city street
Walk on now and don't be shy
Take a closer look at the people you meet
And notice the fear in their eyes
Watching the time passing by...

Hey big brother, as soon as you arrive
You better, get in touch with the people, big brother
Better keep them on your side, big brother
Keep them satisfied

Focus your eye on the filthy sky
Just as far as you can see
Everybody's getting kinda tired of waiting
Cause nobody wants to cry
And nobody wants to die...

Hey big brother, as soon as you arrive
You better, get in touch with the people, big brother
And get them on your side, big brother
And keep them satisfied

Now that you've got the picture
What you going to do?
Now that you've got the picture
What you going to do?

Hey big brother, I know you're out there somewhere
If we don't get our thing together, big brother will be watching us
He ain't gonna get me, are you gonna let him get you?
He'll never get me, he'll never get me, no
Big brother's coming
No he'll never get me, no no no no...
Hey big brother
Hey big brother
Hey big brother

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Rare Earth Hey Big Brother Comments
  1. Dwight Clark

    You know that Im out here? This is true, the thing you should get together is Horus is available, the adverse big brother survelliance..has attempted to divert you from your due, Horus, calling his mother a terrorist-this is accurate report. America Osiris, Brazil Nepthy, Parias Aten of Osiris, Califa Aset Mother of Horus, Horus with Sun Disk battles Set in the Underworld. This from Babi near Osiris, of The Hall of Two Truths, Babi conversly Set. King U overrides youtube containment. At least someone knew I was here...Make effort and I will help you...

  2. Chris Cronk

    Heavy metal with saxaphone!!!

  3. Chris Cronk

    Powerful voice!

  4. C Bain

    I saw them at the Atlanta International Pop Fesitval, July 3-5, of 1970.

  5. strattuner

    the genius on the lead guitar is the great RAY MONETTE,the genius on the mic is PETE RIVERA,the drummer who stands in no ones shadow,he is brilliant the rest of the band is off the chain good too,unreal music and unreal times

  6. Rich Bumdrop

    50 thumbs down?=50 deaf morons

  7. Lea Chase-Haller

    Loved this Group....this song came out when I lived in San Francisco, on Treasure Island. My father had just shipped out to Vietnam. Crazy times.

  8. out there

    Can see where nazereth got the riff for hair of the dog from both being great songs

  9. Parthak Awasthi

    The song UK sang to USA to join them in ww2😂

  10. Ronald Charles Epstein

    Relevant in its time.

  11. Troy Staton

    Detroit Finest! From Blewfoot....

  12. Ronald Charles Epstein

    Speaking truth to The Man.

  13. Tom


  14. joel day

    Love this band always, never got to see them live. All their music just rocks, viva the rare earth

  15. phil76

    Music I grew up with! I'll always love it!

  16. Dan M

    American 70s RNR

  17. Frank Barone

    Originally publishes

  18. calleaeste junior

    Great intro.

  19. Nicolae Marian

    music that increases your skin of pleasure ... oh God where are the '60s and' 70s and what miserable noises "are singing" (and listening sadly) today .....

    Tommy Pauly

    Got that shit right!!

  20. Gregory Pollack

    Seen them in the early eighties when I was living in Casper Wyoming at the world famous Wonder bar

  21. Nicolae Marian

    This is true music, not the musical "garbage" of today .... I am from an ex-communist country where Western music was forbidden .... but we buy music on the "black market" with great material sacrifices, going every month in the capital of the country where I had the music source (black) to listen to this music, not to listen to the communist music ...

  22. Michael Beethoven Sullivan

    Fuck yeah I was 9 when nis 45 dropped....back when most uh u bastards was still swimmen around in yuh ole man's bag lol

  23. John Shaver

    Go Pete Go!!!Lots of RAW Talent Here!!!

  24. Tommy Pauly

    This song IS more relevant today than ever. A true look into the future, if you catch my drift!!

  25. Enrique Aldanondo

    Hey hermano mayor,
    tan pronto como llegue
    Es mejor, ponerse en contacto con la gente,
    el hermano mayor
    Mejor mantenerlos de su lado,
    el hermano mayor
    Y mantenerlos satisfechos.

    Bienvenido al ritmo de la calle de la ciudad
    Caminar sobre el ahora y no seas tímido
    Eche un vistazo más de cerca a la gente que conoces
    Y note el miedo en sus ojos
    Viendo el tiempo que pasa por ...

    Hey hermano mayor,
    tan pronto como llegue
    Es mejor, ponerse en contacto con la gente,
    el hermano mayor
    Mejor mantenerlos de su lado,
    el hermano mayor
    Mantenerlos satisfechos.

    Enfoque sus ojos en el cielo sucio
    Tan lejos como se puede ver
    Todo el mundo está un poco cansado de esperar
    Porque nadie quiere llorar
    Y nadie quiere morir ...

    Hey hermano mayor,
    tan pronto como llegue
    Es mejor, ponerse en contacto con la gente,
    el hermano mayor
    Y conseguirlos a su lado,
    el hermano mayor
    Y mantenerlos satisfechos.

    Ahora que tienes la imagen
    ¿Qué vas a hacer?
    Ahora que tienes la imagen
    ¿Qué vas a hacer?
    (Solos instrumentales)

    Hey hermano mayor,
    sé que estás ahí fuera en alguna parte
    Si no conseguimos lo nuestro juntos,
    el hermano mayor nos está mirando
    Él no me va a llegar, vas a dejar que se obtiene?.

    Él nunca me va a llegar, nunca me va a llegar, no
    Hermano mayor que viene
    No, nunca me va a llegar, no no no no ...
    Hey hermano mayor
    Hey hermano mayor
    Hey hermano mayor ...
    (Repetir hasta el final)


    Que buena onda traducir esta cancion, gracias Gran Hermsno

  26. prince raj

    Amazing song... Just stuck around it... More ironic than Iron man!

  27. bigtex macgonigle

    "Now that you've got the picture, what you gonna do?" classic line

  28. Alan Fox

    prog rock band on motown about as unblack as you can get.

    Rich Bumdrop

    Not true, blacks loved re

  29. namgang 4

    40년 전부터 좋아햇는데 지금도 들어요

  30. walt braden

    My first. Orange sunshine trip. Florida 73

    Barb Mulvaney

    I'd give more than just my right arm for sone of that! Who knew the maker was here in Canada for 10+, maybe even 20 years! But I guess we were nowhere near that pipeline. Too too bad!

  31. Marcia D

    Still rocks!!!

  32. Ivan Lendl

    Great deep cut from the best decade of rock music..

  33. Ronald Charles Epstein

    Pressing social commentary.

    Barb Mulvaney

    So much Rock music was! Not Pop though, awful shit!

  34. J. B

    If there was a band that I missed seeing in my past, and I could go back in time, Rare Earth would be way up there on the list.

    Rich Bumdrop

    Now that's tragic

    Philip Freeman

    @Rich Bumdrop I got to see them once in Richmond Va. One of the best concerts I've every been to. They rocked the Colosseum. And if you never got to see them in person you really missed a total experience.

    Rich Bumdrop

    @Philip Freeman kidding saw them at their bestEven w/o rivera.they hit it.

    Philip Freeman

    @Rich Bumdrop Didn't know that they were still performing. If I get a chance I'll check them out. If they are half as good as the original group I would be happy. The show that I saw was was a memorable and one of the best I've ever attended. They had the Richmond Coliseum rocking that night. As a matter of fact. They had to cut the sound system off to get them off the stage that night.

    Rich Bumdrop

    Met dr John once.He even said...rare earth?Better live than on record.

  35. YO MAMA

    Rare Earth is some Awesome Rare music! Nothing compares to this era music. Nothing.

    Michael McAbee

    Man has music changed % some modern ok but how you they compare with the feeling you get when you listen to this era \ it touches inside

    Kenny Huskisson

    Nothing compares to you beautiful! I agree, great classic from a great decade!✌👍

    Philip Freeman

    I had the privilege to see them at the Richmond colosseum. And they rocked the place. For at least two hours they tore it up. They had to cut the power to get them to stop. They rocked the place. One of the greatest concerts I've every attended. About the only grouo to top them was the Funkadelics. And that's saying a lot. I feel sorry for todays generation. They will never know the fun and how to have fun without the dangers of today.

    marc dailey

    @Philip Freeman rare earth, sly & the family stone 1974. & the Parliament/Funkadelics opened. Great show!!!

    Chris Cronk

    No doubt, the power and the words. Powerful voice!

  36. Gary Cowger

    Wow this takes Me back to My youth I was 11 and Vietnam was going on ,I was in 6th grade and just started to get in to the rock seen I had a Big Brother He went to Nam , He's 62 now and got Agent Orange Just a little History But it was like Yesterday .

  37. Pedro Rafael Acuña Ferrada

    Para mi Sobrino Daniel Antivilo Acuña...Hey Gran Hermano..! (negro Actor y Malo ) JAJAJAJ.!

  38. Ronald Neville

    here now ain't he

  39. William Davison

    What a fantastic song with a huge message here as well! Man I sure miss the early 1970's!!!

    Dan M

    One of the best times in rock music!

    Kenny Huskisson

    Hell yeah big brother!👍✌


    Same shit different year!

  40. Michael Rogottie

    Hey Alex, thanks for posting this one. Brings back some great memories.

  41. Paul Allison

    This is the real sheet if you don't feel this you just need to sit down....

  42. Juan Antonio Uzquiano

    Los escuche hace 45 años y sigo escuchandolos

  43. DreamRubycon

    Reminds me of early Doobie Bros

  44. pete chau

    Berry Gordy of Motown fame signed these guys in an effort to expand his business into rock music. They did great covers of those Motown bands.

  45. 1st Citizen

    protect little brother, how bout day?

  46. joe kool

    i have arrived in from the storm

  47. calleaeste junior

    I could listen to that intro all day.

  48. strattuner


    Alex Nesic

    strattuner I know, I'm friends with his daughter-in-law


    I asked him for his pick,when he and EARTH played 1 block west,stuck that terrific band in a small bar,he gave me the pick tell him I still have it,to remind me to practice,he is one helluva guitarist,but he knows this,i told him,he was a genius he just laughed,i was serious

    J. B



  49. strattuner


    Michael Rogottie

    Ever try messing with him?


    WHIPPED MANY OF THEM,they're punks

  50. Richard King

    Classic rock gold!

  51. Kenny Huskisson

    Another classic jem, powerful tune, great band, gotta feal it. Love this.

    Tommy Pauly

    Those keyboards RULED!!

  52. jingo kidd

    The Jingo Kid was here. ..

  53. John Smith

    Saw them in '84 at a Lansing, Michigan area show bar for $5. Money well spent. Great hits we were certainly exposed to through the 70s, thanks to Motown/Rare Earth Records.

    Jan Andre Bantug

    Glad you did, Listening to these old tracks is so fun

    Pablo Griswold

    Hah, I wish I could have heard Big Brother in 1984 man!

    John Smith

    It was a well-spent fin at the Silver Dollar!

  54. Pradeep Balakrishnan

    such great songs. I am glad I lived through these periods

  55. Jimbo Coats

    From what I see, the people are a victim of Edward Bernays mind control, orchestrated by the NWO deep state. DEATH TO TYRANTS!

  56. walt braden

    amen lol

    Brent Ruggles


  57. John Doe

    Shit I gotta move.....save the world !

  58. Michelle Colligan

    Killer song!!!!! I've always loved this one!

    Kenny Huskisson

    Michelle Colligan Hell yes, gotta love it!

  59. Gareth James

    trump make us great again

    Mary Tschida

    Rare Earth would be against every thing that traitor stands for!

  60. cafsixtieslover

    This takes me right back to my college days!

  61. Jeannie Costello

    I really like this song from the Rare Earth!!!

    Kenny Huskisson

    Jeannie Costello Good taste in music, powerful tune, i love it.

  62. Ozark Marine

    Just got back to the World via the Nam when I first heard this tune.

    eileen broadwell

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice.From a sister of a Combat Vietnam Veteran who is gone but not forgotten.

    Jerry Rivas

    Welcome home man.


    Welcome home...  USAF


    Brother, respect.

  63. Patrick Irvin

    Bad Ass Bay Area Band

    Jerry Rivas


  64. Anthony Marici


    J. Ramirez


    Ratticus Finch


    Gareth James

    from a wope

    Max Mccafferty

    Fuck you old man, CEASE!

    Bill Collins

    Hey take your meds...

  65. John Gustafson


  66. ometec

    I'd love to feel this performed in person again. Recording cant do it justice.

  67. Michele Mazzola

    novello di questo gruppo bel saund

  68. christopher pratt

    to you dale

  69. livejams

    could the 2 infidels that gave this a thumbs down plz step forward ....

    Andrew Cline

    39 at the moment

    Philip Freeman

    @Andrew Cline Probably trump supporters. They hate everyone and everything.

    C Bain

    Especially freedom.

    C Bain

    @Philip Freeman Especially Freedom

    Brendan Vagg

    59 now.

  70. Rich Bumdrop

    there last big hit, totally self destructed afterwards, shame

  71. Janet davenport

    search out fuller versions of this song. They had some words to say.

  72. Execdx S sad

    Hey big nigga

    Agent Orange and Blue

    +Execdx S sad  racist

    Neil McElhannon

    Grow up, or at least don't show your stupidity by posting it.

  73. Rocky B

    I wish this somehow could have made the Ecology album but i guess this song was done sometime in following year after Ecology was released. Does anyone hear a little Don Brewer of Grand Funk in Peter Rivera's voice????

    Matthew Bradley

    @Rocky B "Does anyone hear a little Don Brewer of Grand Funk in Peter Rivera's voice????"

    Oh...HELL yeah!

    Rocky B

    @Matthew Bradley Thank You i knew someone out there would hear it. Also they are both from Detroit

    Frédéric Fournier

    This song is not in Ecology neither in the following 71 studio "One World". But they performed Big Brother in 71 concerts (live "In concert"). It seems studio track was a 45 SP featuring stereo A and mono B.
    Sometimes I hear sounds of Bob Seger pre-Silver Bullet...

  74. James McDougall


  75. david michaud


    Tommy Pauly

    It's relevant even more so today

  76. john phips

    we didnt get our things together and now big brother is watching us

    Janet davenport

    Now you have an idea of how long government has been watching.

  77. June Jones

    This was a song I listened to with my big brother Jim when he would give me rides home from school. He was 10 years older than I, may he RIP. I miss him every day.

    Regis Palmer

    +June Jones.. I and my brother John as well..7 years older.. May they be blessed and us as well .

    Lone Wolf

    Hold those great memories tighter than gold, because those memories ARE gold !!

  78. Dan Campbell

    Lovin this, take you back 40 years instantly

    Mark Muffs

    I know, isn't it awesome?  Girlfriend & me still dance to it and we're 60.

    Jerrel Hawkins

    + 7 I was 17


    Is that Dime-Bag Dan from south Minneapolis, class of 75?

    Dani Sullivan

    That's for sure.

    Bobby Garrison

    Has it been that long ago, man, seems like yesterday.

  79. Chuck Bland

    Always dig a screamin' Hammond B3!

  80. coolvideosonly2011

    Silver Linings Playbook brought you here!


    @coolvideosonly2011 no man "Jimmy" came down a told me he wasn't a "turn Coat" and to tell all his bros!

    Michael Rogottie

    @shehan soysa N/P, no matter where you heard it is all good.I just get sick of seeing ,,,,oh I came here cause of my video game. GTA and vice city. 

    Shehan Soysa

    @Michael Rogottie true

    M P

    What a great scene in Silver Linings Playbook when they play this song in the parking lot scene!