Rapture, The - The Coming Of Spring Lyrics

Get yourself together!
Get out of your head
Without outer persuasions
You're better off dead
Learn how to breathe
You'd better learn how to shine
These obser-ma-vations
Are mah-ma-ma, mah-ma-ma

Down on your knees
Pleading for life
Shards of a mirror
And twist of a knife
So get yourself together
Unwrapped ball of twine
These obser-ma-vations
Are mah-ma-ma, mah-ma-ma

(One heart) no, nah-no
(One heart) no, nah-no
(One heart) no, nah-no
(One heart) no, nah-no

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Rapture, The The Coming Of Spring Comments
  1. Tiny canniball lollypop wiffee

    this man is an incredible vocalist , may i say way bett vocal range than gang of four singer , respect to gang of 4 ......

  2. Lietiel

    No shit they sound like Gang of Four.  Gang of Four is post-punk, and The Rapture is post-punk revival.  They're not ripping anybody off; it's a genre that's predicated on homage, hence REVIVAL.  And to the douchebag who thinks that we haven't, yes, Americans have heard of Gang of Four.  Along with The Pixies, they inspired Nirvana, among others.  So get off your hipster hate wagon, because you haven't broken any new ground here.  Sheesh.

  3. Eoghan Mac

    This, followed by House... is one of the best (unintentional?) dual tracks out there :D

  4. don johnson

    These guys took absolutely everything they do from an 80s post-punk band from Leeds called the Gang of Four. This song is not bad but this group's approach is not very original. Not many Americans know of the Gang of Four. Check them out on YouTube to hear the original source of this sound.

  5. Απόστολος Κ

    great song!very underestimated band...


    sounds like bieber

  7. Hubertoooso

    Since 1:16 bass sounds like Black Sabbath Song - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath...

  8. irotinmyskin

    best indie bassist i know.... without going on the whole virtuoso bassist thing,,,,

  9. Jack the Hipper

    sounds like Gang of Four

  10. German D. Jacay H.

    D;! they fucking rock!!!

  11. retePtnecniV

    one of the cooles tracks in music history

  12. Mayra E.

    i just find out about this band and they are awesome. Nice music.