Rapture, The - Killing Lyrics

Killing with flange and with tape and with hendrix and
Killing with flange and with tape and with help
I am the one who cannot ever see cause
I am the one who cannot help myself

Oh, you're so bored

Trying to grab it
And you think that you have it
And you're wanting to know it
And you're trying to show it, but
You can't have it
No, you cant have it
No, you can't have it
No you can't have

Killing with flange and with tape and with Hendrix and
Killing with flange and with tape and with help
I am the one who cannot ever see cause
I am the one who cannot help myself

One, two, three, four
Kick that fucker out the door

Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know
Got to got to know

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Rapture, The Killing Comments
  1. Hector Arroyo

    January 2020

  2. Απόστολος Κ

    What a band!what a song!

  3. Raging Mo

    Takes me back to my lil kid self driving terrible n arresting everybody in true crime haha

  4. Mika Rinne

    True Crime N.Y.C 😀

  5. R M Steinwachs


  6. Teruna Extraordinary

    Very nostalgic, used to choose this song everytime i drive car in NY true crime ps2 game. I love this song.

  7. Dead Panda

    Never could listen to the entirety of this song in True Crime NYC. Trying now lol

    Glad there are others who've played that title, I enjoyed it. Wish the game had a better chance in it's development though, would've done so much better. But still, great game.

  8. lp_

    >entering car

    Джинзó Аркайдия

    Very accurate 😂👌💯
    Fucking good oldschool beat but shitty lyrics lmao!


    so fucking true

    every time

  9. Heinrich Iglo

    This song was always played in the car dealerships

    Jester Confit95

    Hell yeah they got wild at work

  10. Daniel Fernández

    Wtf with this song!? haha

  11. Christan Dillow

    True Crime New York City!

  12. Grim Reaper

    kick that fucker out the doooooor

  13. Karla Murakami

    His voice in this song reminds me a lot to Cedric Zavala!

    Schrodinger's Cat

    they always seemed somehow correlated to what Cedric and Omar were doing early on. The Chair that Sqeaks reminds me of something from Vaya

  14. R. G.

    It's lovely to see people still come across the game even nowadays!
    True Crime NYC, what a great game - I remember I used to play around in it on PS2!! :)

  15. Post Pardom

    echoes is a fantastic song by this band , these fuckers have popped up a few times in my life and made an impact , the bass work is undeniably excellent too

  16. Post Pardom

    this band is straight sick , true crime brought me here too

  17. Roy Mustang

    I don't know if I like this or not lol

  18. Roy Mustang

    true crime new york city!!!!

    Marx P

    Fuuuuuuuuuuk yes bro. Hahaha they were on the soundtrack to superbad also. Brings back good fukin memories playing this game haha

  19. Tiny canniball lollypop wiffee

    love the voice work , music to sing when bloooooterd!!! ha, haa .

  20. michael grullon

    @Tom Baric yep use to love that game

  21. michael grullon

    True crime ny

    repa 57 hustle

    michael grullon y=y))

  22. Seiser

    voice is complete shit but I still like it (:

  23. chawki boukourbane

    true crime NYC

  24. orlando ohmke

    james murphy worked with the rapture in echoes.
    anyway it's backwards.

  25. Nilep Nekeçka


  26. Απόστολος Κ

    wtf is going on in Germany with this fucking Merkel?

  27. mecho1927

    Where can I download this song ?

  28. OnionCat

    so sad i can't hear this song in germany without a proxy -.-

  29. D R

    sounds like get innocuous by LCD Soundsystem

  30. MrMovieSound

    i would drive around in the police car just untill this song came on and then id press pause and listen to the whole thing

  31. CaRcypher

    LOL where i sadly found this song and heard this in a movie.

  32. clone0001

    Does anyone know where I can find the demo version of this song?

  33. TheTrooper424

    Its like throwing a bag full of kittens into a fire, recording the horrendous screams, and calling that a song XD

  34. llovemyhenry

    @danewesley yuup

  35. Dave

    @ftranchete one, two, three, four, kick that fucker out the door.

    i think? not listened to this since 2003 so cant remember correctly.

  36. Aidan Day

    @kaspoogle WIN

  37. MazterK3vino

    @clubzen me 2 depeche mode kicks ass

  38. clubzen

    seriously they are a really important band and their legacy will live on long after they break up... my kids will probably dig this shit just like i dig depeche mode and all the 80s shit my mom showed me growing up

  39. PoisonThe1

    true crime x)

  40. hmm tru

    @mishkebobo Okay, the bass tab is

  41. mishkebobo

    Tabs please

  42. vacuumlover1

    This was a great rapture sound track to wait for may 21 2011 NOW ITS A DANCE SONG TO LAUGH AT HAROLD CAMPING!

  43. Daddy's Flipside

    @32322919 I knew i had heard this song earlier! thanks xDDD

  44. Tom Baric

    True Crime NYC brought me to this

  45. Matt Venegas

    omg my ears are ejaculating! :O

  46. Little World

    The first time I heard this song in True Crime NYC I though a woman sang this lol great song :P

  47. vanzan12

    one chord

  48. Gialana2D

    1 2 3 4 kick that fuqker out the doOoOoOor! ROFL

  49. Victoria Lynne

    Sick song listen to it on ecstacy

  50. Victoria Lynne

    @32322919 inside the car dealership!

  51. amysorel12

    Can someone like, give me a link I can download this song? Full version of the song?

    Mika Rinne


  52. 123DTRAY123

    TC:NYC ^ ^

  53. chris a

    @maclennan73 Make that UK post punk too, gang of 4, the au pairs pil etc

  54. chris a

    Excellent, its like cbgb s never closed, a big nod to American post punk but why not, a great album.

  55. spritejunkee

    The only glitches I run into are
    1:going into a building and finding nothing but gray
    2:Going into a hotel and it gets dark for a few seconds
    3:The game crashing
    4:some things on the debug menu dont work
    5:I grapple a guy with full stamina and he elbows me in the face.
    All of those I can stand

  56. Sinti Krouford

    in true crime

  57. TheTrooper424

    epic fail lol

  58. TheTrooper424

    lmao I know right

  59. tragedyscene2

    ikr lol

  60. Mrs.Frizzell

    haha in the game i always waited for this song to come on

  61. Lucas Bonette

    true crime new york song

  62. Gialana2D

    1 2 3 4 kick DAT FUCKER OUT THE DOOR LMFAOOO *yeah got it from true crime as well* song makes u wanna stop ur mission n just crash into shit

  63. Keyarra Edwards

    good song

  64. Kalvin J.

    lmao i have that game for ps2 but never play it cuz of ps3 but this song for me goes back like 8 years ago:p love it

  65. Casper Anderson IV


  66. filmnoiiir

    Any chance you could post "I Need Your Love"?
    It's track #4 on the album

  67. filmnoiiir

    What a great song!!

  68. adam lima

    sweet good timing