Rapture, The - House Of Jealous Lovers Lyrics

House of jealous lovers
House of jealous lovers
House of jealous lovers
House of jealous lovers


House of jealous lovers
One hand ties the other
House of jealous lovers
House of jealous lovers


House of jealous lovers
One hand ties the other
House of jealous lovers
House of jealous lovers


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Rapture, The House Of Jealous Lovers Comments
  1. Oto Ivanovský

    symbol of the schijoofreendistantist

  2. Ozcar Ortiz

    Mexican love..

    One like!!

  3. Allison Morgan

    Their good

  4. Mike Oxsbigg


  5. danieljamesmead

    Anyone else at Trash right now

  6. Damario Haynes

    Nice song

  7. Risingson Carlos

    You cannot imagine how important was this song. It was the entry point of indie kids getting into dance music (James Murphy talks a bit about that in "Losing My Edge") and every kind-of-indie club played it every week, ever effing week. I am not very happy at the fact that the DFA post punk revival and electroclash basically killed microhouse, minimal, broken beat or any other style that did not sound punk enough, but I must admit that those songs were fun too - and it was a great excuse to drop Gang of Four, Pylon, The Au Pairs, Delta 5, Slits and similar in any bar

  8. ewetoo

    glorious, rampant bass

  9. Sparky Bonehead

    Damn!!!.....dem white boys gettin' funky!!


    holy throw back! this song needs to be played at the club again

  11. WastedandWounded

    Has anyone ever done a house of flying daggers edit with this? Thematically it would make sense seeing the movies about jealous lovers n all.

  12. Sam The Mediocre 2k Player

    Why does this song have horrible screaming in the beginning in nba 2k15

  13. Master and Servant

    212 people are not allowed in the house of jealous lovers

    frozenwintershitty Amoba

    212 people ARE jealous lovers :)

  14. GGBB

    이게 노래지

  15. Sr Wick

    2019 y siguen bailando las chavas lobas..!! 🐺

  16. Justin Reyes

    The dance/punk movement was awesome but shortlived

  17. deyvid perez

    Muy buena canción , creo que soy el único mexicano que escucha estás rolas

  18. Supernova

    They're back!

  19. Anthony Sanchez

    The instrumentation is fine. In fact no, the instrumentation is absolutely great.

    I just don't like my music with dying goats in it.

  20. Paulo André C. A. Nunes

    What a smooth bassline, hit me!

  21. Leticia Flores

    Los amo. <3

  22. Zayuri

    just saw this live this weekend, I can’t even get over it . What a time for indie music in the early 2000’s ✨

    Chris Cusick

    same! heaven fest was unforgettable


    Chris Cusick right !!! ✨ my teenage dreams came true !!

  23. Jael Miriam Zamora

    Wow, this brings me a lot of memories 2002

  24. Queen Schnitzler 蔣志樺

    Did anybody else listen to the #rapture in college? This was 2002 and I met them at Amoeba and got autographs...sooo did anybody like the Rapture? they have disappeared..but we'll still have a dance party with #houseofjealouslovers

  25. Samantha Hades

    Alguien 2019??

    Angel Sanchez

    Trópico 2019 ♥️

    Ivan Villarreal

    Casi 2020 y aquí andamos 😎

  26. M P

    I thought they were going to be the biggest rock band in the world when the single dropped, then the album took forever to come out, they broke with DFA and they never had another song this good.

    frozenwintershitty Amoba

    I thought so too, but then again, as is the band name, the rapture can only happen once.

  27. john Vicaire III

    This is great.

  28. Robo Potato

    As soon as this starts BANG - that’s LCD. They should have stayed. Worst decision ever.

  29. Josh K

    Barbarella brought me here.

  30. Dilly Tante

    feels like many artists sampled from that guitar in the beginning.... hmm

  31. covert chorus

    Still love this song...

  32. SpankzYT

    Here from NBA 2k15 in 2019

  33. Lance Buttercream

    The Rapture >

  34. Anthony Young

    Got me laid soooo much

  35. Suzy Tucker

    A cacophony of funk

  36. Sam Sneed

    NBA 2k15 !!!

  37. Suzy Tucker

    Don't over think it don' t over think it

  38. Northernstar Bliss

    Totally underated band.. this song should be labeled as a gift of the 2000's

  39. L Ricceri

    Worst song ever of 2k15

  40. Abdul A

    The bassist is a fucking god!

  41. KimidoriAoi

    it sounds like the fall to my hears

  42. T.C. Bramblett

    When will I ever learn not to read the comments from all the retarded dumbasses who come to hate on music that's not made for them anyway?
    Maybe starting now

  43. LeBron James

    nba 2k 15

  44. Jane R

    Truly one of the worst songs in history


    Jane R cool story, bro

  45. barbedwirekitty

    Best song on the album, I hate that I can't remember the vid for this song - thanks 120 minutes

  46. Sussan Jiménez C

    Me pone de buenas esta rolita!!!!!

  47. Nez Bit

    Fucking great tune! Dance like nobody is watching you and you will feel great!!!

  48. Adancho Ley

    Era ó es conocida como la cancion de las chavas lobas!!Ji! Ji!

  49. Mike Reese

    Hot sauce in my butthole, Hot sauce! It hurts ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  50. Witness Me

    This sounds, well, exactly the same as "Echoes" except without quite as much awesome.



  52. Airlo

    i hate this fucking awful song


    Airlo go back to Ed Sheeran, dear.

  53. cjjaxxon

    Maaaan I don't know what y'all talkin about. I LOVE THIS SONG. I went nuts when I saw the video and heard the song for the first time......in 2016. Lol. Reminds me of "This Is Radio Clash" by The Clash and "Living Through Another Cuba". I forget the name of the group.

  54. Dr. Gonzo

    You guys are fucking nuts, this song bangs. The vocals add to the intensity of it. Why don't you go listen to some fucking Barry Manilow or something?

  55. Murl

    I love this song unironically for its ability to make so many people upset

    Fist of the World King

    I didn't know people hated it until I read comments. I think it has a nice "aimless" aesthetic.

  56. JC Fonseca

    The Rapture is Life!

  57. JC Fonseca

    The Rapture is Life!

  58. Richard Fukuda

    Jesus so many angry 2k15 fans, just mute the audio and play your own music with earbuds.

    Fist of the World King

    Actually, 2K allows you to disallow certain tracks, making this complaint weirder.

  59. TERPS FAN 22

    I found this song off the soundtrack for NBA 2k 15 the beat for this song isn't that bad matter of fact I like it with the guitar and the synth what ruins this song is the guys vocalist when he's singing it sounds like a dying animal sorry to the people who are fan of this band this is just my opinion

  60. goat

    This shit used to get me mad at 2k

  61. Colatron

    To the haters, you weren't there. You just jealous (lovers)

  62. pinkultra

    I love love love this song but i hate that phrarell put it in the 2K soundtrack so now we have all these fucking idiots here :) enjoy yall

  63. nietzscheposterchild

    I love tunes that I don't understand, I can listen to them whatever my mood is.

  64. I Forgot My Mantra

    Bad things happen when you try introduce idiots to good music. Why did you do this Pharrell?!

  65. Omar Montes de Oca Muñoz

    chavas lobas...!!

  66. Larry Ham

    Back in 2007, when the dj put this song on in the club......and you saw all the scene girls dancing, then you'd get it.

  67. El Scourou

    i can understand why people hate this song, because the vocals in some parts can make one's face screw up ever so slightly lol, but this song is genius people, give it a chance yo

  68. The Real SMALK

    lol. great song tbh

  69. Bruno Campestrini

    it's not in the best of The Rapture tracks, but good...

  70. Ely Suarez

    What movie was this in? I can't remember. It's old though.

  71. kittyand fox

    so many idiot comments on here. This band fucking rocked live back in the day. They owe a lot to Public Image Ltd, mind.

  72. ewetoo

    i love this song especially because people hate it <3

  73. Shuji Navia Alvarado

    Cocoline deep

  74. Shuji Navia Alvarado

    Cocoline depende

  75. Judie K

    This is still awesome!  that is all. thanks =)

  76. mizarare

    this song.... house parties in Compton, long Beach california and dorms .... brings back memories. stick to ur virtual fantasies kids.

  77. oele

    song gets better by the years. NYC postpunk where its at.


    lol when punk rockers get into disco

  78. SmooveOvaEast


  79. clouds overnyc

    OMG!!!!! I used to go to this electro-clash party at a club in williamsburg, bk in like 2002 and dance my ass off to this!!!! The club was called luxx, this song just had me all limbs!!!!LOL

  80. A B

    I'm curious. Why don't people like this song?

    Aaries Harris

    because it was in 2k


    i jam this while i play 2k17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Adrian Huth

    punk is truely dead when comments talk about vocals here

    clouds overnyc

    His vocals make the song, oh and the cowbell. LOL, I used to dance my ass off to this!!!!!!

  83. NOVA x NAMES

    if I heard them performing this in a concert, they would screaming their asses off 😂

  84. Knavery

    This is cool shit.

  85. azzouz hassan

    funny cool and fucking great i like this song

  86. TheRamblinggirl

    <3 <3 one of the best ....!

  87. Duty

    The beat, rhythms, and the instruments in this song are superb. But Jesus Fucking Christ, I hope the vocalist would off himself, if he hasn't already. His voice belongs in hell with him singing to Satan.

  88. janet jackson

    I love this song! And I am 60! As for the autism comment, it was out of line. Self-expression in any positive manner should be encouraged. Don't like it? Then WHY are you listening to it?

    rich jones

    dont explain yourself petal just move your 60 year old tukkas accordingly

  89. musicisbrilliant

    Cant believe all the negative comments... WOW people, get a clue. This shit is as good as it gets. You just dont see it yet.


    take a shower


    @MrTombi Youre right, its been a while. :)

  90. TheJamesFTW

    This song literally sounds like autism

    Kevon Weber

    you proved all assumptions w yr trash comment


    @Kevon Weber "w yr"

    Sean Marsh

    I love how the ability of remaining anonymous behind his keyboard grows him a pair and now he can chat whatever shite he wants to whoever he wants, you wouldnt do it face to face though would ya, youd be a bit more wise to who you chat shite to then, I think you should stop acting like the little boy you are and grow up


    @Sean Marsh Ok? Who shat in your coffee this morning


    Brad Lewis wow it took you 3 months to come up with that?

  91. Aussieduderivs1

    Why does this song exist?

    Andrew Tucker

    Fuck off

  92. 渡辺樹

    解散が惜しまれる チンピラディスコアートパンクという稀有なバンドだったのだが

  93. isaac gilley

    2k was trash for this in 2015

  94. isaac gilley

    this song sucks dick

  95. Judie K

    love this