Rapsody - Tina Turner Lyrics

[Public Enemy sample (Rapsody):]
Brothers and sisters (oh my)
Brother and sisters
I don't know what this world is coming to (OooWee)

Snow Hill made a real one
Lot of y'all front on the real 'til the bill come
What it cost to be a boss now? A billion?
Let's put some money together and build it
I did it all with honor the rest of y'all wanna steal shit
I'm sorry homie, we got some different ceilings
Real ones I know don't be catching them kind of feelings
The homies get a lick, we celebrate for their brilliance
But y'all pilgrims, y'all just want to steal shit
I feel like Nat Turner reciting these God verses
I'mma play hard with or without the jersey
I'm misunderstood, yet you love Tiimmy Turner
Back in the kitchen and my wrist still turning, shit
I'm Tina Turner, I need wheels by Germans
All black everything, the color code of purrdy
Show you the beauty of it, meet me in person
The irony of it, you can't afford an excursion
Got love for all my sisters and brothers who rocking turbans
Who don't speakie no Ingles I'm MJ
Pen game better than Pintrest, I'm MJ
Spread my legs to fly, nope ever did that
Ain't a goal too high if you push the rim back
I'm just a chip when this one was a scrimmage
You wrote a whole book, I could kill you with a sentence
Slavery still alive, they just changed it to a sentence
First project in a couple years, I told them I ain't finished
Walking on water and the rest just swimming
Actin' like they don't know me but inside you just timid
Tina Turner, Turner
Tina Turner, Turner

Tina Turner is a goddess
Science can't explain why my flow is so solid
Black women the most educated and graduates from college
5'3" and I'm the tallest and there's no one that could follow
Shade don't phase me, I sleep in a sombrero
Follow the feeling I don't never follow arrows
Made my own path, read a different Bible
Laughed at you niggas celebrating fake titles
I seen more talent at recitals with the babies
I rock clothes that ain't got designer labels
Roc with Jamla, I ain't on Desiigner's label
But my flow been good since April
2010, no matter the cost, I learn from the boss
By next year I won't even need a pen nigga
A plane in the sky couldn't be more fly
Waiting on the day Trayvon killer die, and Ta-Ta
Probly riding round bumpin' this real loud
Cap low with his fist in the sky screaming out
Tina Turner, Turner, Turner
Tina Turner, Turner, Turner

Tina, Tina, Tina Turner
She been working on a burner
Kill everything walking
Bodies all on the corner
Tina, Tina, Tina Turner
She been killing on a burner
Kill everything walking
Bodies all on the corner
Tina Turner, Turner, Turner
Tina Turner, Turner

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Rapsody Tina Turner Comments
  1. MzShaybutta

    Sista Soulja reincarnated.. I LOVE this chick.. She speaks to my spirit.

  2. Marcus Ross

    This my shit...would have perfectly fit the theme of her new lp... eve...this could have been on there to give her long time or day 1 fans a real treat from her mixtape run and give her new ones something classic they probably haven't heard of before...Just remixed or remastered...updated if you will...and listed on her album simply as "Tina"..anyone here agree?

  3. {swapmeet ninja}

    Raps takin' ova "19"

  4. robert curry

    black woman r not smarter than black men. u learn what the white man wants u 2 learn n college

    {swapmeet ninja}

    Who is to say these beautiful black women have limited their education to this systematical equation.

  5. isaac wilmington jr

    She reminds me of Sistah Souljah on this.

  6. Passing Thru

    Slavery still alive, they jus turned it into a sentence,.......fire