Rapsody - The World Lyrics

If I ruled the world I'd be Caesar the Wise One
Give a damn about your life, I guess I blew eyes, son
They saw me as a flash in the pan, now back in their ass
Could beat your whole squad and I don't need guns
Where you coming from? The movies? You'll see my angle?
Correlation? Like Farrakhan in The Nation
Y'all all crazy
All brothers got my back, ask Soul, Jabari, Jason
I mean Problem and that's a problem
That you all gon' be faced with
You Asaic basic, send a thank you to Viacom
You would've never made it inside the basement
That's hierarchy, it's like riding a Harley
You gotta reach to touch my bars, baby, I'm Marley
No bobbin', you couldn't miss me like an RV
In a bicycle lot, when I pop you need McCartney's
Paul bearers, I swear I seldom played with Barbies
No shots, cold cases at my bars see, ha ha
All the cadavers in Israel, it's pitiful
War is ugly, how we kill kids over these pedophiles?
My stomach growls of hunger for wisdom from the owls
Wrap my body in towels like Ghandi and tell you all to bow
Wow wow, yippie yi, yippie yay, my bite's bigger than growl
And I swear there ain't no single day they don't pray for us, uh uh
Back when y'all was talkin' bout y'all was number one stunners
I had my gun up mentally on some uh uh
Surrounded my circumference with homies that wouldn't stunt us
Yeah, you gotta grow, baby
Kobe, I'm the bean, I'm down to lead 'em to heaven maybe
Watch us all rise, I got them screaming like "Jesus, lady"
Rapsody, please save me
I'm the beauty and the beast, the last third's amazing
Cautious, stop, go back, she's like flags Jamaican
I swear if my kind rule half of y'all wouldn't make it
It's Rap

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Rapsody The World Comments
  1. Joel Fontaine

    so good !



  3. Sunday

    Her bars are state pen TOUGH!


    This beat is hella tight. And Rapsody is the tightest female lyricist out right now.
    Hey. Can anyone tell me the name of the video where Rapsody is playing basketball against some guy.
    Her lyrics are about consoling a female friend....
    "Ask bout the game, learn bout the rules. Now we ain't talking. Now we ain't cool."
    I saw a snippet of the video in one of her interviews.

  4. beantownn54

    Beatz crazy!!