Rapsody - The Drums Lyrics

Check, check, check
We take it back like
Ridin large
In the old red Tracker
Herringbone necklaces on

Ride large like Professor, yeah we all feel the pressure
Reach the middle ground, want the money and the message
In our music
But, the ones that ask the questions
They get no answers
Give a damn about the essence
So, why stress the sessions
Just say what's your mind yo
So I'mma kick the lines yo
Till all of ya'll arrested
Cuffin' with my bars
Doubled up just like the necklace
They wear around they necks
To show they checks is all the deafest
Unheard of, my word of, 9th Wonder told me wreck it
My drive Daytona 5, Ghost, never do they see um
I'm up early, buttering toast
You eating Wheaties
Tryna get my thoughts together from dreams on posturepedies
I had last night
Holding the mic like I was TD (E) D on CD yo my rhymes
Could go for OT, I don't stop for nobody
Its rigamortis the rapper
Pouring out liquor for niggas I out rapped up
Means nothing
They wanna hear stories that can relate
They wanna hear stories about your life, about your day
Anything on my mind, I know here I can relay
So, when I feel stress I come here and fade away

In the drums
Like I did when I was young
In the drums
Just kickin it, bum ba bum
In the drums
Like I did when I was young
In the drums, bum ba bum

Don't over think what you think that they thinking
Am I too lyrical? Is it too simple? I'm sinking
Out of the zone, my attitude now fuck what you think
About to go all the way in, I give a damn about your minks
Deferred from the furs and the money
If the shrinks come with the deals that you ink
That niggas sign without a blink
Don't bond with me well, like males in all pink
Strong minded, frail shit, the lyrical Darlene
It was never all rosie, yo these niggas all goldies
They slave to the oldies, the presidents, just thinks
This real life rap, money, power, there's nothing else
A lot of sex, drug usage and rapping about wealth
Ain't not balance in this system no more
We ain't well
Ain't a rapper on the radio with stories to tell
Hip Hop never died, yo
The radio failed
Now the powers with the people
Wonder if they can tell
Just some change for your thoughts
Like those in the well
Yo, I kick for you all and take it back for a spell

In the drums
Like I did when I was young
In the drums
Just kickin it, bum ba bum
In the drums
Like I did when I was young
In the drums, bum ba bum

Columbine, we scary youth
They don't know how to react
With the drums start to swing
And it feel like 96
We the truth
Rocking Juice apparel
Boxes and rings
Gold fingers, gold thinkers
Young Pharaohs and queens
Brooklyn and Queens
Classic New York sound
Back on the scene
Shouts to Jamla, Pro Era
Boom bap in our veins
Got me Sparking
Taking me farther back on memory lane
Cleaning, freestyling, I'm only age 12 in my frame
Catching the rhythm
Was the mission
Now we living our dreams
Conditions not extreme
No need for TV screens
It seems we back to slinging
Dope product is back
On the block
I never forgot
Where the feeling was

In the drums
Like I did when I was young
In the drums
Just kickin it, bum ba bum
In the drums
Like I did when I was young
In the drums, bum ba bum

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Rapsody The Drums Comments
  1. The ModernMovement

    Rapsody, we need you right now. Thank you for your love. 🙏❤

  2. Thecreator54

    These two should form a duo group, I think it would work. Sex appeal with Real lyrics.

  3. Jimmy Butler

    Real Hip Hop🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  4. Sonar Eskoh


  5. esteban perez jr

    YeeOOwWW!! She got lyrics

  6. BuildingCenter

    9th n Rapsody is the block I wanna live on.

  7. Zion Negus

    Lauryn Hill 2.0....Her mind is so deep!

  8. JO 7Z

    Just be clear, I WANT:
    1- A collab with the Wu Tang.
    2-An album with Dj Premier as dj and producer!
    So good!

  9. Rengiflow AR

    Who still listening today? 🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰💣💣💣💥💥💥

  10. bongani maringa

    Heavenly Music 🎶

  11. tsepang massa

    Man this song reminds me of my boyfriend

  12. Nathan Crosby

    Sounds like "Stakes is High" by de la soul was sampled

  13. Nicholas BMORESON

    These are real female M.C . This is how real black women Express Black culture and their selves and I'm loving it please keep this alive.

  14. esSVee S. Vaughn

    "Ain't no rapper on the radio with stories to tell"- ^^^^^^^^^^^^ the truth

  15. esSVee S. Vaughn

    MORE VIEWS PEOPLEEEEE!! This is a JAMMMM :) *buh bum bum bum bum*

  16. Jul Muhammad

    The UNIVERSAL QUEEN goddess of THE " HIPpest" Hop EVER😍💎ENTER THE RAP- TURE👀The Specialist 😇

  17. Jul Muhammad

    The Specialist 😇

  18. Lawyer Macklin


  19. David Murray

    She's a breath of fresh air...wish i knew of her before last year 😞. She is speaking to me in her raps...lyrical, fun and real hip-hop

  20. lusindiso qongo

    Stiil Poppin this in South Africa, we got mad love for you Rap

  21. Lavtrabia Lawson

    Rapsody I love U.✊🏿👌🏿👍🏿BLK 1st Hotep ✊🏿😎

  22. asdfghjk

    Why's this so heartbreaking, like bittersweet. Now I'm craving butter n toast

  23. clint warner

    Nice vibe 👊

  24. Zareena Stadnik

    Oh my god, your rap is a blessing. Pure talent, no bullshit about asses or money. Listening to female rappers who are real role models like you heals my tired soul. I am in musical love with you!

  25. Ronald Donald

    I love this emcee. I just love this emcee... Positive music. Mad skills.

  26. D-DAP

    Shit Iz hard!

  27. mujaahid72

    Yeah, Classic Material !!! It is good to see somebody from Carolinas get some super shine !!! Yeah NC / I rep SC !!!

  28. Zéguinho Music

    som fóda pa caralho

  29. Kevin Williams

    I love the slo-mo @ :41 - straight 90's Boom Bap..

  30. The delight of decibels / Le délice des décibels

    Here's the proof that you do not need to show your chest or move your buttocks with blond hair to show a slave mentality Miss Rapsody demonstrates that only talent is necessary to achieve respect ! ! !

  31. kins omorogbe

    Still listening to this art in 2017, real shit live 4ever!

  32. Ward Holden


  33. Bigg Fluff TV

    Oh yeah... Rapsody she nice....

  34. Bigg Fluff TV

    9th Wonder beats are pure fire!!! Whew!!!!lol

  35. Michael Cobbs


  36. Caribbean Jewel

    this rap is still one of the best today. would love to use some of your music in my vlogs if you would allow me please? #caribbeanlove

  37. JordMcFar

    Almost forgot about this


    ok this will work!!!.... Yo raps does it again she's dope...type in D.R.U.M.S RUGGED on YouTube check me out

  39. Norbert Kimaro

    i love this track. Rapdody the best female Emcee.

  40. garance ahran

    GOD! this shit was fucking good

  41. Congo Nico

    fucking dope

  42. Rodrigo R

    Brasil is listening !!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Catherine Holm

    I hope she is working hard cause I want more and more from her...

    Perverted Alchemist

    She is, and she's signed to Roc Nation now, so you may be hearing a lot more from her.

    Catherine Holm

    Music to my ears :)

  44. Dudu Mphuthi

    Love this woman!!!!

  45. Mikey Esco


  46. zangif tang

    HipHop never died yoh, the radio fell ....word to NaS.

  47. zangif tang

    This is where I fell for Rapsody.


    zangif tang Carolina's finest my dude

    hiiipower iii

    Love in the house

  48. R B

    Yesssss Rapsody big up, I love you sis.

  49. cado22286

    Top 5 right now...regardless of gender

  50. Charles Kubeka

    I swear I always get chills whenever I listen to Rapsody...she's way too lyrical. She deserves to be mentioned among Hip-Hop/Rap's royalty.

  51. yasuro shimizu

    i dig the r rhythm

  52. Kzero Wolf9

    Been looking for this for a sec XD

  53. jermane harrison

    I fell in love wit hip hop Again after that!!

  54. david moss

    Rap is so ill, glad she's here. She's not some dope female rapper...SHE DOPE regardless!!! Pay attention

  55. Aday

    1 of her best. Never gets old. had it on replay 10 times.

  56. epic mc

    SHE IS THE SHIT!!!!!!

  57. Lucas Cristiano

    I love Rapsody! The future of rap is in good hands.

  58. Mike Mcgaskey

    I wish I could turn on my radio to hear this type ish

  59. Bathandwa Ntswane

    My Favourite Track of all times

  60. Doc 74

    Hop to da mutha fukin Hip!!

  61. Darien Body

    This is how it should sound

  62. Ryan Armstrong

    It is sad how radio never plays music from real hip hop MC's, these days. Rapsody is one in a million.

  63. skillztube

    Sick. Just sick. Rapsody and Nitty Scott are my official best "females on the mike" for this generation.

  64. zangif tang

    I fell in love with her here

  65. D Harris

    "Hip Hop Never Died, Yo the Radio Fell!" TALK THAT TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Jacque Lewis


  67. christian6455

    Video drop on my B Day ☺

  68. Aeon Finity

    Love you Rapsody ;p

  69. Shelton Faircloth

    Big Up Rapsody.  forever growing with skills.  Time for people to recognize her skills.

  70. str8spittin


  71. jasmine wallace

    "Hip-hop never died yo the radio failed"
    New fan🙌

    David Parkes

    jasmine wallace yup!!


    Instant like the second I heard that line. Damn.

  72. Jasmine Alexander

    This is Hip Hop!! 😍😍

  73. Eloquent Monk

    dem feels <3

  74. Craig Saunders

    The best M.C. right now...male or female

  75. zangif tang

    am just checking in in 2015, and I will be checking in till am gone, and I will introduce my offsprings to this...

  76. Jesus Lopez

    One of best I ever heard, Word!   I wonder if she did a joint with peterock yet?

    Steve Solo

    @Jesus Lopez By far top 5 doing it, period. She shits on everybody. Hip-Hop at its purest is called Rapsody. One of the best I have ever heard, and I mean that...

  77. MrMariobn123

    She kinda reminds me of Laurene hill

    Tj S

    @MrMariobn123 she mentions Lauryn as one of her music influences

  78. kEITH tolbert

    yummy shit indeed.

  79. Kwan Toney

    Real Hip Hop

  80. Nicki Zen


  81. Kaido ™ troll

    Kendrick knows and now I found my favorite female mc

  82. T Money

    Who is her ghostwriter??

    Topo Badisang

    @T Money Lol...Jean grae.....She too dope man


    @T Money She writes her own rhymes

  83. Thandeka Maphumulo

    Hhay no... this is great art...o, when I feel stress I come here and fade away... In the drums, Like I did when I was young... In the drums... bum ba bum

  84. G MIX

    Number 1 female artist in the whole world right now.

    Melanated Being

    @Garrett Leong 4REAL

  85. Franklin Freshman

    Glad Kenny showed me her music ....

  86. rhoodie nangolo

    true emcee

  87. Bryce Stapleton

    As a man, I REALLY wish more young women were exposed to music like this as opposed to Nicki Minaj, ETC. Rapsody is so real, intelligent and profoundly well-spoken.  A real role model. I look up to her as an artist, the substance is just so refreshing...

  88. FUTURE 'fritz' Kgathi GLASTOSTEIL

    check out that piece on her neck... AFRICA!


    +fritz Glastossteil The motherland XD

  89. RealAfriq

    This is refreshing. I love it.

  90. Steve Solo

    I love this joint right here...

  91. ChozenDestiny Da BayAreaMC

    This is so refreshing

  92. Jasmine Alexander

    Omg I love this song. Love you Rapsody I so happy people like you still exist for Black culture still giving it some soulful love and unity.

    kim Dickerson

    I agree



  94. René Martinez

    Come back to this cut every month or so and it still hits hard