Rapsody - The Cards Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
You just gotta play the cards you're dealt
It's like making a dollar out of fifteen cents...
AMP... AMP on the beat like

[Big Remo:]
Yo, ain't it funny when buddy countin' ya money
Buddy study your every utter
Wish he was from another mother
Born of a different cloth, LRG covered
And I move somethin' like a boss
Cool nigga wipe me off
And you could too since a lil' nigga asked the part
Back then in Kimberly Homes where I lived
I was learned by them Kurds about them dollars and cents
It was never my transaction it was however I did it
I was impressed with the whips
I asked my father how was it
That from zip-locks with two tops is a nick
He said, "Play your cards right son, and stay on your shit"
He said, "The streets stay watchin', I ain't talkin' to pigs"
And I admit when I was talking to him
I got wise and lost the veil pulled over my eyes
It energized me
It's double-time grind now, I know they still probably
Wishin' they were dealt my hand, but what it cost me?
I damn near lost it twice, yea I've been to hell and back
Five-O at the crib, Momma wasn't havin' that
When five-o left the crib, she said "Nigga pack ya bags
"And your packs and your racks"
And I packed them fast, Michael Jackson "Bad"
I almost burned a bridge
Ten years now the word 'til I had the kids, now I understand it
It's coming full circle now
I raise my kids with a rod and a tight lip
A few hustles and the studio at night shift
Puttin' work in with the team and they like it
It's Jamla

Still remain playin' all of these cards
Until the bet pay off and put me in a brand new car
It's just the cards
And again I don't reside in no key state
Where MTV and BET big radio DJs
Get more love in NY than from my local town DJs
Don't show no love to these young artists where we stay
The city way
My music reminds you of where young Jigga laid and Lauryn played
I'm respected, but not the New York way
It's home for home, and my home just don't understand that way
I'll never do enough to this niggas like Mr. Andre
Sixteens want me to keep writing until I'm Donte
Retired Culpepper from Carolina like Forte
Yo... we forever brave
Protect the family ties from the lies and we never trade
Success cuts deep, watch fake ones separate
And we lose touch with 'em like our friends held back a grade
Know the feeling well, I gotta few on my resume
"Jealous" was the motive for it, but fuck it they'll never say
Never was a fan, but wanna holla 'n collaborate
And they turn around and slander on your ass to another face
There's crabs in the barrel operating NC State
Just gotta play your cards right to end with the ace of spades
Leave with the hearts, ignoring artists that are throwin' shade
Playin' in the club, rockin' diamonds like niggas paid
I play the female card to my advantage
Underrepresented, how they wanna see me rap in it?
Cause I can show emotion when most wouldn't even show feeling
For fear of losing your edge calling you "sensitive spittin'"
Therefore I touch 'em with emotion, now they all growin' with me
Allowed to do it, make music I want because it's all indie
And take the bulk of my money, wait 'til we all sellin' plenty
I'll buy a Bentley in Carolina, we all living simply
The good Carolina, we can all live the simple life
Walk the streets on the humble days and nights
Uh, I play my cards like that
Leave with hearts 'til we end it with the spades all black
It don't matter what you're dealt, it's how you're playin' them back
So don't stress baby, just relax now, and play your cards

Still remain playin' all of these cards
Until the bet pay off and put me in a brand new car
It's just the cards
It's just the cards
Playin' my cards
Playin my cards all how they was dealt
Playin my cards all how they was dealt
Playin' my cards

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Rapsody The Cards Comments
  1. Tia Turner

    I would be really surprised if this got a like but who here 2k19?

  2. Richer p Sickert.

    AMP is a better producer than Khysis and 9th. His cops are retarded. Push his beats more. He's better than Kash and Eric G. Be dope but he a'int fucking with NoTTz. Damn the soul council is dope af.

  3. Ricardo Segura Dominguez Jr

    The Cater V drop but I rather listen to some Carolina raps!! True Hip-hop lives for eva.


    This hot Jamla is the sqaud NC Stand up

  5. Keon McIntosh

    greatest female storyteller n da game 2day

  6. Abraham O'meally

    The Real.

  7. 11KS19

    HAHAHAHA this woman is the best female MC since Lauryn Hill!!! Its amazing. She knows hip hop sound man im in a state of euphoria atm and im so happy!!!!

  8. KJ Durham

    Hiithatts Sound Like a Female Shakin a Nail polish bottle lol

  9. tryphone

    it really is beautiful music..just like her :D

  10. make Money


  11. Noel


  12. Cierra Hollins

    yes..very dope.

  13. vickimarie89


  14. Nolio85