Rapsody - Precious Wings Lyrics

En garde it's the war of the heart still
Warring with my past how a lot of us women feel
Brother sneaking on you like Jay in on Rothschild
That's how the feeling hit you just like missing your birth pill
Sickness, remembering the calls that you got, ill?
No, I was more hurt than embarrassed could not deal
Carrying this baggage and I wonder how he feel
That new man I got who wanna do more than cop feels
Unlike them old flames in my day that I used to deal
With only concerned with your looks and your sex appeal
They all claim to love you then its down like Brazil
From here on, sensitive 'bout the trust like good will
Used over and over, I've been through it the worst
Try to pay it no mind just like the bills on the first
That's when I black out like them women in church
Catching the ghost of yesterday who all remind me of hurt
I messed up, and all I ask now is patience preceded
In the shower tryna wash the pain with Ivory breeze
Crying my eyes out till the touch of the water was freezing
Thinking of that baby that is no longer breathing
He had and he lied about it
Asking myself "why the hell I even cry about it"
I'm better off without him
Cause what I got with you outweighs all the riches, power
And all the gold and what I know is I can't do without you

En garde it's the war of the heart still
Know he made for you, tho someone else got the deal
And they don't 'preciate it, got you watching your Fossil
Know your time coming, new edition to it like J Gill
My, my, my remain tough like the diamonds do
Every day is pressure, each one feeling like 22
Catches, there's some give and take in all of it, learning
Tryna educate myself as I go through it like Lauryn
In the 2-5, where I was raised and Mama Lou died
A lot girls in my age all lead with their two thighs
How can I expect 'em to be different if in they eyes
They see themselves as what they all holla they despise
Pea size inside, when we P' size outside
Two inches from 6'5", if we won't too high
We would be too high, to be touched, M. Blige
The breakthrough, shouts to Hip Hop dedicated to you
My precious wings

En garde it's the war of the heart still
Heavy hearts for all the heroes that need will
Real power, we watch um fall like towers, down
Cause they ain't none around to keep um from doing downhill
Addicted to the villains, and it all turns bad
Until the villains take our heroes and we all feel sad
Even heroes need a hero to watch out for they back though
Under all the armor they just women and men yo
Fighting for our cause, and in the end, we should all
Band together for they sake and give 'em something to stand fo'
Instead me making jokes at 'em, and we laughing at 'em
When we all sinners in the end just like Eve and Adam
So, dear madam I pray for you and mos'
Definitely pray you find peace that you need cope
Cause hope don't ever die like legends
And since the age of seven I knew I would touch the world the most
So, peace to you love, forever on top
I show respect cause who we talking bout is Hip Hop
So, peace to you love, forever on top
I show respect cause who we talking bout it Hip Hop
My precious wings

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