Rapsody - Pay Up Lyrics

Pay up
Pay out
Pay up
Pay out
Pay up

[Rapsody (Heather Victoria):]
Big money on ya' visa
Only way you get her, only way she won't leave ya
She said, ("How much you think it cost for this weave, huh? ")
You like the way it look? Well baby, it's gon' cost some
Spoiled, look good, she like real leather
She like exotic trips, good weather
All you got to offer is to love her better, better than the rest
I told her, "You ain't need a dime to be better than the best"
Thought it would impress, picked her a bouquet
She only want new boots like Beyonce
She like I got dreams that'll one day pay
She looking at you like ("Baby, I ain't got time to waste")

Pay up
Pay out
Pay up
Pay out
Pay up

He bought her tulips, roses, daffodils
She's money hungry, but he can't pay her bill
She want new dresses, hair-do
New high heels
She money hungry, but he can't pay her bill
Pay up

[Heather Victoria:]
It's the money that she loves, loves, loves
But, he ain't got enough, 'nough, 'nough
She bought him flowers
Picked some flowers from the yard, yard, yard
She bought him flowers
But, that won't win her heart, heart, heart
Pay up

He just wanna lay up in yo' place
Livin' off yo' income, chillin' all day
Borrowed her the car and bring it back on low tank
With his homeboys' homeboys playing 2k
You his come-up, he don't wanna come up
That's why he preying on independent women
Grocery list, and all the bills is paid
He on the family plans, so all the calls is made, yeah
Most of those go to others
Tryna make you feel bad saying you don't love him
Buy him new Js, whips, and threads
He always got excuses, on Polo bids like pay up
Ain't no family plans
You was tryna help a man become a man
Thought your love one day would help him grow up
But, he just want a baby girl that he know can

Pay up
Pay out
Pay up
Pay out

She bought him flowers
She bought him flowers
She gave him flowers
Roses red, violets blue
All he know is that he love you girl
She bought him flowers
Roses red, violets blue
All I know is that she love you boy
Pay up

[Heather Victoria:]
It's that money that he love, love, love
But, she ain't got enough, 'nough, 'nough
She picked some flowers from the yard, yard, yard
She bought the flowers
But, that won't win his heart, heart, heart
Pay up

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Rapsody Pay Up Comments
  1. Peter M

    This is Dope. straight fun.

  2. Sombody Else

    I once read that woman are more likely to let wealth & status carry more weight than it should in relationships because of past (and present) discrimination. Essentially, in the past woman werent allowed the same opportunities as men and it was drilled into them to "look for a man with money"
    Its an explanation of why most men will take most woman seriously as a respectable partner regardless of status but, "alot" (not all or most) of woman will find men of lower status to be less flattering. Its not the fault of those woman in anyway whatsoever. Its the fault of society, (like 95% men) who too this day refuse to give woman equal oppertunities in the workforce. This videos intro reminds me of this study. Its the reason why when i hear men (or even other woman) call woman "money grubbers" or "gold diggers" it makes me very sad. The ignorance is unreal.

  3. Cameron Watson

    This shit right here is straight fire 🔥 I’m definitely going to learn these chords to this song

  4. Ric Flair

    Rapsody is the female version of kendrick

  5. Gabriel Pescado

    Dis a banger! How dis get under 100k views? Fuck you hip hop.

  6. Nt_ Nic_ trini

    Love her flow

  7. Mikrodronefiend Videos

    80’s vibe in HD 💯

  8. JO 7Z

    We can see that she have great musical influences, thats hip hop!

  9. Keith Owens

    Nice cut

  10. develon Anthony

    I think Rapsody and Young Ma should do a project together.

  11. develon Anthony

    I could never understand if its both of their aniversery why only one get gifts?

  12. Theo Sullivan

    Ouch if looks could kill. If the dating game was only one way. It would ne a sicker world then ir already is

  13. Alper896

    She reminds me a little bit of kendrick lamar i dont know why

    Tyrese Hemingway

    She had the Last verse on complexion may be you heard her there

  14. Leon Kennedy

    Best female rapper in the game right now

  15. 7Cort


  16. Pointofview

    Why aren't you making more music!!! Pissing us off, we love & miss you!!

  17. day gomez

    rapsody is so good

  18. Jay

    I love this video almost as much as I love the song.

  19. Victoria Appiagei

    awesome Cool good music lyricist play word

  20. 1988ThomasD

    Clever Rapsody very clever

  21. MrWhiteones

    I get how someone can like her style but for my taste young ma the dopest female mc

  22. mike stone

    Only complaint about this masterpiece . Is show some real black man situations. And not these tight pants wearing captain save a hoe nothing niggaz😏

  23. ᄋᄋ

    im bigging this stuff on the right ear

  24. Trinity McCrary

    0:12 why r women so mean he trynna do something nice for her but she can't appreciate it and she wants more and she didn't even get him nothing SMH. Rapsody is so dope for that

  25. Ifgodwz Wanovus

    My only regret for this project is how fuc*ing LATE I am on this lady!! Regret of the year! Go head sis! 🙌🏾💜💙💚🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤✊🏾

  26. Viro Vizion

    Sharing you world wide send my check to cash app # cashmoney4L thank you in advance bless you

  27. alwaysm.i.a.

    It's not even fair to compare her to Nicki and Cardi, not even Remy. It's like comparing Lauryn Hill to Lil Kim and Foxy Brown (era speaking). Everyone has their tastes so let them stay over there.


    Never seen anyone compare her to Cardi or Nicki

  28. EskiLdn

    Best female rapper there is, underrated because shes not a sell out. fuck ya iggys nicki's and cardi's.

  29. Priceless Renee

    This song comes on at my job every.single.day....

  30. Chrysos _i

    Top 10 rappers right now, no one disagrees with me i just like saying it out loud feel me?

  31. tfewell73

    Queen City stand up!

  32. sulayman jallow

    Big respect to u rapsody

  33. Sunny D

    How come I never heard of this lady until today? WHERE IS HER ATTENTION?! Queen is trash

  34. Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛғᴜʟ Gᴇɴᴛʟᴇᴍᴀɴ

    How is she better than Nicki? This bitch sucks. She's mediocre at best... Cupcakke is better than this bitch...

    I Love Chicago

    Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛғᴜʟ Gᴇɴᴛʟᴇᴍᴀɴ gone


    To name a few

    Better rhyme shcemes
    Wider and more meaningful subject matter
    Greater grasp of wordplay
    Original delivery and personality
    Goes beyond what is expected from the typical female rapper stereotype

  35. People By Their Covers

    shes so fucking underrated!

  36. potterbrain66

    60k plays?? should have 6M... pay up, this trk fire!

  37. uso_JusTooSmooTh94

    Mainstream radio is a joke. Quit forcing Nikki and cardi down these kids ears nowadays making them think that's what hip hop is. Rapsody tha real hip hop queen today 👊

  38. Jorge Tapia

    Te amo 💜

  39. Blossom Iyogun

    Can we all just make Rapsody, noname and princess Nokia as mainstream as Nicki, Cardi and all the other mumble and trap rappers.

  40. Yasmine Simmons

    Yo her purchase performance was a freaking vibe... and now this <3

  41. jixxeo

    Rapsody is a true artist

  42. madkid

    She needs to do a collab album w lauryn hill. Hands down.

  43. Board 4life

    Been a fan since you were lampin :)

  44. Kana Beats

    she took the party to the movie theater! haha

  45. Slim Lazlo

    I fw Rapsody. If you fw w Rapsody, check me out. 🔥🚨https://soundcloud.com/slimlazlo/morilla

  46. salif Bey

    Happen everyday in NC B lol....these huexs is ruthless

  47. Gregg Price

    One of the only females that didn't follow the lil kim blueprint!

  48. Black Gaara

    The lady TSUNADE of the rap game #facts

  49. Karin Melón

    Rapsody <3 The realest!

  50. Richard Clemons

    Rapsody is the truth.

  51. Huey Freeman

    "I love a tomboy" lol

  52. ShadowZigs11

    Can stop comparing female rappers to each other? There’s a taste for everyone.

    Rapsody is top tier af in hip hop
    Cardi/ Nikki are trap rappers, no point in comparing. Different rap styles. Let’s enjoy the music, folks

  53. -Sir WESLEE-

    Videos should be in the million view range easy...ya better stop sleeping on Rapsody, album was Grammy deserving and then some.

  54. nolitha tom

    my brother introduced me to her, boy am I glad he did <3

  55. Shon Gorgeous

    "I got Zyrtec in the bathroom"

  56. Pablo Schultz

    Super underrated artist, her live shows are amazing too. Like the style of this video. Queen Rapsody.

  57. Rush Love

    Dopest hip-hop album in years and she gets hardly any shine...

  58. Jamar Harris

    My students love this jam

  59. Auda L


  60. Mothership Lady

    Rapsody is so underrated. While other female rappers are throwing shots at each other, she's out here story telling and making good music. I love her music!

  61. Rob Stashiz

    Rapsody stay wit the issh...Check New Single "Wasted Yearz" out now on all platforms! https://youtu.be/6xvTPFD5LR0

  62. Ceez B

    #252 stand up!!

  63. Ayesha Go.

    Rapsody in the top tier of rappers (men and women) right now. No debate.

    Abasi Akan

    Oh, you smart!!!

    King Savage

    Stop the nonsense.. Shes trash 👎

    black guy

    @King Savage thought you were going to get a like didn't you 🤣 get the fuck outta here and go listen to soldier boy try to recite his ABC's to a beat

    Marcus Ross

    True story queen...💪👍🔥🎤🎶


    Maaaaaaan...Rapsody...PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! (like James Brown)...release a video for a Rollercoaster Jam Called Love. I truly believe it is the single that will catch fire.

  65. Charles Crimes

    One of the BEST RAPPERS In the world!

  66. a true scotsman uth

    Bruh we need a real female rapper in the game, like rapsody and not just a thot

  67. Charles De castro


  68. Afrikan Family First

    She too dope and needs to get the recognition she she deserves. Love her for life 🙌🏾❤️

  69. Jung Nasty Man

    So...hip-hop just means you pick wack ass beats like Nas.


    Can you elaborate on this?

  70. Jordan Izudike

    Pretty girl beautiful rap

  71. B P

    Wow women are so materialistic please don't waste your time, but don't be a bum either

  72. MaximilianRoof

    Damn, this Girl definitely deserves way more attention. She is the Lauryn Hill of this generation and an awesome storyteller and songwriter. Love the music.

  73. Mike K

    Love this beat so much

  74. Rey S.

    This is that black bitch shit. I guess this is why they chose to nominate her for a Grammy over ATCQ. She’s down to spread poison.

  75. Rey S.

    Yeah, she lost me with this song.

  76. Brad Sutton

    GQ haha

  77. Gnarwhal

    Pay up? Ok, but I feel like this song's worth way more than I can afford

  78. telepathy90

    Rap is best female out!

  79. Decade Later

    That's so hot! Keep it up girl! #919toBOG

  80. Kingtee Blue

    pay up!!!!!

  81. Sfundo Mabaso

    This is not like Rapsody, this is why I hate record labels😬. They turn rappers into pop stars


    fuck roc a fellah records.
    ..Rapsody should have stayed solely with 9th JAMLA,,and tab one, Charlie smarts, and rapsody should have never gave UP KOOLEY HIGH 🎧🎶

  82. J Hid

    Please give her love NC

  83. poetmm

    Laila's Wisdom > Damn
    Yes middle hipsters I said it

  84. Robert Byrd

    Stop pitting her against Nikki and Cardi. I promise you that’s the farthest thing from Rapsodys mind. She has a lane and she’s dope. If you know, you know.

    Gabriel Pescado

    Wish more people knew.

  85. blacktruthtelevision

    This Video is Now Playing @Blacktruth.net

  86. Qui-Gon Jinn

    Bitches love flowers

  87. YMK The Creative

    Pay Up!

  88. Freedom Khubisa

    Rapsody 🔥...never disappoints!

  89. Beth H.

    🤑Pay up! Me & my daughter are waiting for your concert in Detroit! Love the video! Keep up the great work, Rapsody!

  90. Regal Tone T

    And to the record label its called PROMOTION! This is hot its so hot im mad a lot of us don't know about it! Bars and then some my GOD! Rapsody amazing!

  91. Dazie Duke


  92. Elijah Moss

    Best female rap artist

  93. daphnee doss

    Love Rapsody tho

  94. Jasmine Espy

    She got next!

  95. Nichole Hunter

    She no I have allergies 😄

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  98. J Blessed

    She's very underappreciated