Rapsody - Motivation Lyrics

[Big Rube:]
The Idea of Beautiful
Let's begin
Beauty is so much more than just skin
The feast of the eyes supplies a mere fraction of what lies within
Not just the curves of hips and lips, its the mind that draws me in
The fellowship of good friends even closer than blood kin
Love in, love out, is a route where we all win
Blue skies, green grass, clean oceans and calm winds
The family ties, bonds last, a child cries and life begins
Eventually ends, begins again, an infinite cycle of perfect tens
A infant disciple sent to recycle your knowledge is born of beautiful blends
So peace and blessings, long life, no stressing, true beauty effervescent from deep within

[Rapsody (Big Rube):]
Yo, yo, I care about 'em too much
(You need to wake yo ass up)
To not say nothing
They too beautiful, right?!
(You need to wake yo ass up)
You gotta get up, get out, and get something, right!
(You need to wake yo ass up)
Jamla, the squad, yo (You need to)

Wake yo ass up, get yo ass up
Water on yo' face, get yo' edges touched
Get yo'self a job, get yo'self a check
Give ya mama some, sleeping on her set
Every day you wake, jewelry on your neck
Got a little girl, she ain't got a dress, shoes or some socks
Hardly seen her yet, playing Madden 12
Brother, Get yo'self together
(You need to wake yo ass up)
Empty liquor cup, spent the week drankin
Money on a blunt, no wonder you ain't bankin
Wake yo ass up, nigga, fuck it start thinkin
Chilling in the cut, tryna be the man
Rims on your car, no gas in the can
Boy, get yo'self a plan (You need to wake yo ass up)
Get yo'self a goal, wanna be a star?
Take it in the hole, shoot in the cold
Get a early start, get up early baby when nobody in the park
Two-a-days like the arc, practice on yo' skill
Shoot it in the dark, baby, you a star
(You need to wake yo ass up)
Friends that you love, saw um' last week
Hugging on your girl, trust ain't real
Baby, this real, only trust niggas
That wanna see you build
(You need to wake yo ass up)
Hangingin the club, Wednesday to Sunday
Pouring in yo' cup
Pouring in yo' cup
Pouring in yo' cup
Why you think liquor stores on every corner that we strut?
(You need to wake yo ass up)
Shelton Spike Jackson, mentally we packing
AKs and magnums
Radio a daily mind fuck if you ask um
But, the average wouldn't know it, Bo Jackson
(You need to wake yo ass up)
We royal like Tut, King's baby boy
Hold yo head up
You need to wake yo ass up
Wake yo ass up, wake yo ass up
(You need to wake yo ass up)

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