Rapsody - In The Town Lyrics

Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town

Word around town spread, she lying on her deathbed
Used to spend most her days making sure they love fed
Corners used to hold her like coasters do Colas
And then when his satellite cobra striking and her disses paying good bread
She young, 18, never listened to what her mom said
Her daddy touch her fatty, now her real daddy insulted
Using his child to put some money in they wallet
She young, child bearing a child, she feeling nauseous
Sick of the world but got a fetus, need to feed it
So her need to me and then give it pleasure all for her baby girl
She curls her hair with irons, not hot as the heat she lyin with
That got her sick and now her insides inside her dying
Cars past they flyin, but everything around her slowing all
She sees the money that the town give to buy her
Soul, at 18 years old
Remind me of so many young girls I know in the town

In the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
In the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town

The nights move fast when the lights turn off slow
She all done shopping, got some brand new platforms
She could walk the town flagging down new Acuras or
Shiny Accords with two pastors in back of 'em
Don't make her feel God, can't forgive her for all of those
Said she stack her paper and won't change forever ho
And she ain't even showing so she going for all the dough
Cause the stress piling up and what she need is some help to cope
Exchange with drug dealers, some blow for blow hilla
Tryna take her mind off the killer like pillars dope
Her mind stay on it, wishing God would just make it snow
And take her off the streets, if only just for Monday though
The town hard and she scarred and she just wanna let go
On her dying bed, she take her last breath on an overdose
Only hours after pushing out a young baby though
She named her a miracle and prayed for her baby's soul

In the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
In the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town

And now she older, 16 on the corner
Raised by her mom and daddy, smoking marijuana
Her real mom and daddy though, she never got to know 'em
Never knew a different life because no one was there to show her
Take her by the shoulders, tell her she was beautiful
Without a shame you never paid that at her age won't use you all
She never finished school and never got to go to prom
And spent most her weekends working, putting needles in her arm
All the older women say she look just like her mom
And how she used to read the scripture from the Bible, Mark and John
But now she's all alone in the town by herself
Like her mom tending to they needs, living for the wealth
Worried 'bout her health and the life that's inside her
Reading scriptures from the Bible now and this is the cycle of the town

In the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
In the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town

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Rapsody In The Town Comments
  1. The Truth Forum - YJ


  2. mutsa ushewokunze

    Memories of Floetry

  3. suheli mulongoti


  4. Sanele Mthingi

    Best female rapper of all times

  5. Greg Hampton

    modern day MC Lyte, style, class,maturity ,substance,relavent ,oh got skills too


    One hell of a storyteller Carolina's at it's finest

  7. Valerian chikere

    if they call it underground Rap am owk with it...as long as they dont mix it with that fake shit... RESPECT TO RAP ND 9TH WONDER

  8. Esau Sello

    The most underrated hip hop artist. Hang in there Rapsody, i bet when the world recognize you they'll regret not listening to you when the time was right.

  9. Jason Burrell

    The hip hop game needs to be slapped.. Rapsody been dropping hits for years; this ain't nothin new! #jamla

  10. Percival Mkhuleko Dlamini

    This lady is on fire! That verse on K.dots- Complexion(Zulu Love Letter)

  11. MR. RUGGZ oliver

    Dah girl yah deep....like it

  12. Sikho Ntshengulana

    Wheres Nomsa Mazwai?

    I am Thuto

    these are independent artists, they cant afford to fly half way around the world to shoot a music vid

  13. Evelina Holmlund

    This is really that kinda hip hop I wanna listen to. Hiphop for me is real things and lyrics that have a message and that we can relate to. Wow I love this. But it is sad that the good ones is underrated...

  14. Sensei_Juice Ndlovu

    I once wrote a poem called "Never Been Kissed". I never finished it, this track always reminds me of it coz it is exactly about the pain and experiences that sisters go through on the streets. Ga'damn!!!

  15. Lencoe Makapane

    nice one Rapso

  16. lloyd tsimatsima

    sick, sick, sick. rap diddy a real lyricist indeed

  17. adina ramirez

    Damn..love this jam..

    Melvin Gilmore

    That's real hip hop

    adina ramirez

    @Melvin Gilmore u right!

  18. Wakanda Savage 9000 AF

    Real Life Hip Hop..

  19. Afrocent Khethe

    after listenning to this it makes me wonder why are we listenning to Nicki Minaj

    Afrocent Khethe

    miss u Phekisile hey come on now holler at me via my mandla ncube email adress

  20. telepathy90

    im gonna have watched all rapsodys videos at this rate. rapsody you are truly a gem. 

  21. batutse nongoloza

    I am down with this. RAP never disappoints.

  22. Itumeleng Bogoshi

    Nomsa Mazwai South Africa re-presenter warrrrup 

  23. Niella D & iLLz the OG

    Real talk

  24. Upcoming Ministries

    Mad love sis....real music

  25. Camilla Galvão

    simplesmente demais!!

  26. lurenzo774

    I would have never gotten here if it wasnt for Pusha T Decoded song!!

  27. KingMidasOfficial

    to the general public. she got signed to a 9th wonder in 2008 but people are only starting to recognize her now. and she's put out her first album.

  28. KingMidasOfficial

    she's new.

  29. Christian Love

    dam she actually good we dont even get this now in day smh I wish I live though 80s and 90s music and who can hate this

  30. idenadesno

    9th wonder making wonders

  31. Emily Petersen

    Amazing Artist! Much Love!

  32. GhettoCeLebritieZ RichSunZ

    FeeLinG u out... HooKeD all ReaDy.

  33. GadflyTheOne

    Pretty nice... but my fav female MC is still Alyssa Marie ;)


  34. Bridget Martin

    What the radio is missing. shame.

  35. Black BAby

    Dopr and deep feelings

  36. Evaristo Iván

    This is real music and big rapper beautiful!Rapsody GOD bless you in name of the CHRIST!!!

  37. SwiftDreamer

    most underrated female artist ive heard so far. the drums was soo doope

  38. Beloved 1988

    real musiq for real people with real issues gotta love it !!!!!!

  39. Plus 1 Daily

    Thank God for artists like Rapsody!

  40. LaKliqueTV

    Rapsody's a true artist

  41. Jama Ka Sijadu

    new? LOL

  42. kay bey

    Congrats your video has been reviewed for rotation play on JPBTV - the hottest network for indie music - to be considered for rotation placement - simply logon to jpbtv.com and upload your video using your you tube embed code!

  43. S Quo

    Real hip hop music

  44. kdogg071

    That shit is lovely

  45. De Townsend

    People say there's no good music out there but there is! Good artists like Rapsody just don't get that mainstream support. You gotta look elsewhere other than mainstream media. Rapsody been out!

  46. Matthew Linque

    she isn't new she just doesn't get played on the radio Rapsody has been around for some years now


    Nomsa repn South Africa, gud 1 rapsody

  48. PropheSAY

    Still ain't hit a million views yet? Shame...

  49. Togzin Nhla

    omg that beat..9th is a mastermind


    teekay nhla that beat is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  50. mduduzi ndolele


  51. iamcantrell

    Rapsody got it!

  52. Tailor Groove


  53. Shinji Ikari

    nobody cares

  54. reggee rockitt

    She never disappoints me, always on point and dope!! another great artist from NC. Love you Rapsody!!


    This is good rnb rap.. Love it


    Music with meaning over all these dumb songs radio choose to play!

  57. Steel Magnolia

    there are no words to express how good it is to see a new female in the game.

  58. Wilfred Momo

    diz shyt iz real... check me about i'm bout da real shyt 2...

  59. rodolfo silva

    look /watch?v=S61mnOnKwF8

  60. Gabby Morales

    i love this shit ,,,,,
    true shit!

  61. Mountain MMA

    Rapsody is OK but I Love the beat !

  62. obi chuks

    passing tru...

  63. aGwEENapple

    I love that beat. Interesting song theme.

  64. ChiJBandz19

    keep it real

  65. Janet Cole

    Nice!! keeping real

  66. Moe DeNiro

    I love this song. I love this video. This is the essence of Hip Hop. It is real. It is raw. It is art in rhyme and visual. The cinematography in this video was absolutely beautiful. Bravo. Well done.

    Moe DeNiro
    Celebrity Times Magazine

  67. BlueStarDog5

    Some nice, fresh real hip hop right here!

  68. lorna hutchinson

    who is she.never heard of it.oh i dont like it.dont like rap.crap.its depressing me.

  69. Jayy Don

    Finally some real hip hop not like know n dayz all u hear is rappers rubbing shit in are facee that they got bitches n moneyy much props too this track!

  70. Kidd Monroe

    Because Nicki's Music Is Diverse.Bitches Needs To Take Notes.And That Fact That Nicki's Name Is Mentioned On All These Rap Bitches Videos .........It Just Shows That Nicki Is Da Queen

  71. Faba

    Check out my video submission for SB.TV
    I have got nearly 200 likes!
    Comment on it what you think! Much love.

  72. rcam20


  73. Jerry Riggs

    "Anti-racists" say there's a RACE problem. They say it'll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and

    "assimilate" to get a brown mixture.

    They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine.

    If I object to my own genocide these "anti-racists" say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they're anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  74. Tofan Faith

    Raspody , Lupe fiasco , J cole , and Kendrick ... are rappers who try to change this stupid mothefuckas society

  75. Marco Cortez

    GOOD !!!

  76. SoLLo Mpusetsang

    You are a REAL MC!!!

  77. Iesha Brown

    This is good!!

  78. Geral Gutierrez


  79. Ricardo Jorge

    This is fucking amazing.

  80. Iesha Brown

    But why do you want her to be popular? If you like her shit than just listen to it and buy it instead of complaining. People like you irk me, enjoy the music and shut the fuck up. Making her popular worldwide isn't going to change shit.

  81. Richer p Sickert.

    She does look like steve urkle tho...this is dope.

  82. Rodney Casey Yall

    Maine dat aine nobodi but STEVE URKEL Jalil White lol....

  83. Ghetto Music

    that girl is so amezing man so put jaime like me peace & respect from rapeur to a rapeur (B-crow) From morocco

  84. MrBigT

    The mighty troll, I actually wish to cut you up, study your brains. What makes a fuck like yourself, go around the internet, starting fights with people you do not know. If you disagree with what I say, give a thumbs down, reply in a descent manner. You actually lucky because you are the first of your kind that I actually replied to. How about you get a life buddy, BEFORE I TAKE IT.

  85. Tha Livin Room Producer

    This type of shit is constant in my Town

  86. Tha Livin Room Producer

    Dope Moe Great song!!!!

  87. Yvonne Johnson

    I <3 this song!

  88. VisionDreamRecords

    --VDR Rap Contest-- (JOIN NOW!!!!!! winner gets a free instrumental pick out of 2 beats)

    *Can you spit fast?*v1

    Hey check out my channel im hosting a rap contest soon and giving away an instrumental to the winner of the rap contest subscribe and keep posted on when i upload the video for the contest with all the info. The instrumental is produced by me Loopz and VisionDreamRecords and the winner will get the instrumental for profit use and all rights to the instrumental.

  89. Macky Mac

    Wanna see Rapsody X Kendrick

  90. Redd Brown

    Lil Wayne Dead?


  91. WicKked WiazZard

    dat REAL hiphop shit

  92. olivia brumfield


  93. sotocapo

    she remind me of Bahamadia

  94. MCTV | Music

    Deserve more views for real!!!

  95. Ndabuka

    Rapsoddddddddddddddddy! A South African in love with your music. S/O to Nomsa too!

  96. Patrick Scott

    Just like J.Cole, King Mez etc, she's from NC. HipHop aint dead, it just moved to NC lol!! Checkout SAY'HU as well, talented cat from NC too

  97. dillon4787

    The sample is "Who Said" by Nomsa Mazwai