Rapsody - #Goals Lyrics

Making short term goals when the weather folds, huh
When I hit a million I'mma still buy fake gold
You seen Stranger Things, the Will in me won't let go
I was born on two-one so eleven is all I know
1 of 1, I got a team to run, I'm Bledsoe
I'm only a Patriot if the flag got a paper plane fold
A circle with Jamla written in script like on scrolls
It's been a while we been bubblin' underground like mould
She got a goal to be married by 25 or 24
Want him to figure it out but if you ask her, she don't know
Long as he got the money money
That's all he need to show
Got a goal to be happy but got 99 totes
You gon' hurt your back carrying them bags like that, that's a quote
Some chicks around my way gold in go to church mode
But she ain't make it, she party hard the night before
Goals goals, goals, goals goals
Know a chick in Atlanta want a body like Teyana
Join a gym but only went 3 or 4 times the whole summer
Everybody got goals but they all got different numbers
Got a mama and her goal is to grow up and then not become her
Know a chick that got a goal to grow her hair down to her stomach
But she bleached it last Sunday and she cut it just Monday
Know a broad at the job that got a goal to be the boss
Yo, she late every day though and she always taking off
Got goals to stack money but she can't, she love to shop
Goals, goals, goals, I ain't never takin' off
Goals, goals, goals, we ain't never takin' off
Goals, goals, goals, they ain't never takin' off
Let's talk about some goals
Let's talk about some goals

You got millionaire goals, self esteem goals, relationship goals
Let's talk about some goals

Making short term goals when the weather folds
Politic and handling business, added some o's
Got to go and pull up in something that makes them go "ooh, shit"
She gotta goal to cover Ebony
In her world it's better and more prestigious than being on Vogue
And maybe Rolling Stone, secondly
I know some girls that just wanna be chose
I know some fly girls, smart girls and some hoes
I know some fly men, smart guys and some hoes
A bruh grew up down the street that only rocked the retros
He got a goal to get drafted into the NBA
Y'all got goals to all graduate with a MBA
You wanna move out your mama crib
Yesterday, to make it home safe was the goal
Cause round her place they been shootin' shootin'
She got a goal to sleep in late, play shooter-shooter
Kids don't ever sleep in late
She got a goal to have a Michael or Prince estate
Her girls all got goals, they hope they marry some ball players
Uh and you just wanna be debt-free
And he just want a job but got a criminal history
Your whole life you been Michael-like with your goals
You and Steph Curry both chasing victory
She got a goal to live rent-free
She said I'mma pimp the system like it's been pimpin' me
Talkin' 'bout some goals

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Rapsody #Goals Comments
  1. redzonerenegade

    How did 9th find this sample lol. He really picked the best part of the song lol

  2. One Two

    She got me inspired to start setting some serious GOALS !!! My 1rst Goal is to follow through with my GOALS !!! 😀😎🙄Much Love and Props for the responsible and very Skillful Lyrics !!!!! 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤💥💥🔥🔥💥🔥

  3. Robbin Hatchett

    Everybody Got Goals, but they don't know how to Run Towards Them!

  4. flyof08

    Anyone know the sample of this

    Norman van den Wildenberg

    Level 42 - Why are you leaving

  5. Shizz808 Beats

    I've Been Looking For This Song For 4 Days Straight My God I Love This Fuckin Song

  6. Mark Graves


  7. mr offkey marc

    this is to good love it

  8. Justin Roach

    she dope