Rapsody - Fire Lyrics

Maybe we should love somebody
Yep yep
Joy come in the morning
The sun rise tomorrow no matter how dark the night gets
You feel me right?

We gon' still be alright
Joy come in the morning, we just gotta last for a night
The mask came off tonight
Don't matter who in the Big House
We gon' still march and fight, word to my people! Whaddup!
My brothers still standing strong holding dey nutz
Sistaaaaahs! We built tough right? Right
It's super heavy though to think about these bodies
'Tween the sheets Ron Isley wasn't singin' 'bout
I know the disbelief and pain that we all feeling now
Why some feel the need to wanna burn it down
It's understood
Ain't no fear in my heart! I only fear God!
Feel like Beast Mode with the ball
World on our back but we still gon' go super hard for you all
Right? Right
Do it for the children, I got some things on my soul!
On my soul
Another hashtag in the streets, motherfuck it all
Don't invest your money in a business that don't fuck with y'all
Look the babies in the eye and tell 'em "We'll do better"
Yesterday is over, but tomorrow still waiting for us all
Yea sing that, sing that loud, how it go?
What it feel like?

Walk through the fire
All my people growing tired
Mamas fighting with they babies
They the ones to start the revolution, shit crazy
The media portray me with lies
Wanna justify how my Black folk died
They don't want hear our cries
So we set that motherfucker on fire

Crispus Attucks
They drug us through the system, America like an addict
Abuse the power I can show you a real savage
Being peaceful nowadays a little below average
I pride myself in being exceptionally well at it
We'll play it like y'all play and let our children throw tantrums
We hear the media telling you all to fear us
They never took a day off from killing us like Ferris
All day circus, they spinning shit like Ferris
We gotta bigger wheel, our will to live is apparent
Just ask a parent
We're living in America but ain't paying the same rent
We need progress and they still talking past tense
Where we going now? Ain't no need in backing down from shit
(What is feel like?)
Walking through the fire, all my people growing tired
Mamas fighting with they babies
They the ones to start the revolution, shit crazy
The media portray me with lies
Wanna justify how my Black folk died
They don't want hear our cries
So we set that motherfucker on fire

Walking through the fire (burn that bitch down)
All my people growing tired (we tired bruh)
Mamas fighting with they babies (we tired bruh)
They the ones to start the revolution, shit crazy
It's crazy out here (losing our minds)

Hard to get a grasp on how I feel
Shit who gon take this wheel? We're (losing our minds)
If we give up and don't try to build, it ain't over
We ain't (losing our minds)
The babies watching, seeing the hate and killings
I know it scare the children but (losing our minds)
Ain't an option! You ain't safe because
You make a profit, money won't keep us from (losing our minds)
I think about it often, if we don't pay attention
I hope you know what it'll cost us (losing out minds)
The 13th got our brothers in prisons and coffins
They praying we all lose (losing our minds)
The day we do, they'll know Nat Turner inspired the movement
They don't wanna see us (losing our mind)
Some days I think we lost it already
We broke with the levees we were (losing out minds)
I remember 9th Wonder said it, shit
What happened to the music's message? (Losing our minds)
We can't forget about Malcolm and Betty
We gotta stay ready or we'll be (losing our minds)
Slim pockets with no homes to live and no jobs to get
We'll be (losing our minds)
War and racism, they hate us still
But we'll fight until, until we're all (losing our minds)
Like The Shining or Shutter Island, pray it never get violent
My mama told me class was always stylin' (losing our mind)
They wildin' because Obama made it
A Black man made it better and that's why they hate us (losing our mind)
So never stop being what they hating, brilliant!
Keep being smart Black folk, shouts to the homie Millions! Oakland! (Losing our mind)
And to all the people that wrote in... you owe us!
How a porn star become the FLOTUS? (Losing our mind)
Is this what we want our girls to grow up in?
10% dis or paper thin, y'all ain't seen the light (losing our mind)
I blame your parents, they ain't raise you right
Losing our mind
Losing our mind
Losing our mind
Out of our minds
Losing our mind
Losing our mind

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Rapsody Fire Comments
  1. gambit1357

    We're tired bruh!!

  2. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Incredible project. Your a good artist. I definitely know you can hang with the best of them. I’m glad heard this. God bless

  3. Ezrazonia Morris

    that moment when you hear the original track by fate and it clicks that 9th Wonder sampled it @3:15 Gil Scott Heron we almost lost detriot @1:22

  4. Pray 4 Me

    I dozed off as I was listening to this; and immediately started dreaming I was eating this song like it was a cookie.

  5. Ronald Witherspoon

    Oh yeah, moonchild is dope too.

  6. Ronald Witherspoon

    I absolutely love this woman!

  7. Andre Caldwell

    When the beat switch up. Whoa!!!

    Andre Caldwell

    In my Bill Clinton voice " I don't think y'all heard her" Lol

    Andre Caldwell

    That Gil sample did it. A complete expression of thought

  8. Andre Caldwell

    Rap got bars....

  9. Ivileis Quintana

    Yes!! Straight from the ground and up, is how this make me feel...

  10. Judiah Weekly

    good music