Rapsody - Drama Lyrics

Billie Holiday, I sing your blues
Bet your life against me and I swear to God you'll lose it
Muthafuck the cops we still singin' for St. Louis
Super easy flow, shit I could do it while I'm snoozin'
Trippin' off the dope again like Pookie out of rehab
Talkin' money you ain't got, steady makin' me laugh
Call it funny paper like a Sunday praisin' Jesus
The world goin' apes again, I swear we need a Caesar
I told him I ain't single he still ask me can I see ya
I told him he ain't too smart why them other ladies D ya
Your scorin' inefficient, I'm just talkin' business
Numbers never lie when you been shootin' high percentage

Go 'head (go 'head), go 'head (go 'head)
Go 'head (go 'head), go 'head (go 'head)
Go call the cops on us I'mma go start some craziness drama
Tryna be patient Obama don't make 'em bring out them llamas
Go 'head

Go 'head (go 'head), go 'head (go 'head)
Go 'head (go 'head), go 'head (go 'head)
Go call the cops on us I'mma go start some craziness drama
Tryna be patient Obama don't make 'em bring out them llamas
Go 'head

It's intense when your color this immense
Throwing shade so much a nigga never needed tent
Either way it's darker, I save myself a couple cents
I'm smarter than the average, we just talkin' bout the rent
Home of the free uh, livin' in America
Cold, cold world I guess we all is Nancy Kerrigan
Thought they'd let you skate through, or run like Marion
Let you reach your goal and then they call you ol' arrogant
Jordan '85 and shit, break a foot in all they asses
Book sense, common sense, that's two separate kind of classes
I'm just in another space, you just on the same planet
Range shootin' out at things, I ain't talkin' the Atlantic
Call me Plymouth Rock baby, no thanks given though
Only thing I'm thinkin' now is how to flip another flow
I ain't talkin' commercials though, I know I'm talkin' progressive
So over your heads my homie said count your blessings up
It's about ten I see and I ain't speakin' Memphis
Talkin' bout patience, gifts, friendship bein' relentless
Boy I got some wings and I ain't speakin' on Bentleys
But if I ever get one you know I'm whippin' on Indie
500, hunnid, I tell you mu'suckas I'm comin'
Whether man or you woman, boy I'm a beast if you frontin'
Bring it back to your front and
Bring it back to your front and
Bring it back, rewind, it's nuthin' to shine, so I

Go 'head (go 'head), go 'head (go 'head)
Go 'head (go 'head), go 'head (go 'head)
Go call the cops on us I'mma go start some craziness drama
Tryna be patient Obama don't make 'em bring out them llamas
Go 'head

Go 'head (go 'head), go 'head (go 'head)
Go 'head (go 'head), go 'head (go 'head)
Go call the cops on us I'mma go start some craziness drama
Tryna be patient Obama don't make 'em bring out them llamas
Go 'head

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Rapsody Drama Comments
  1. Jul Muhammad

    The Specialist 😎

  2. Kid Christ

    I wish I still lived in the Midwest, best show I ever saw was Meth and Red at the House of Blues in Chicago, Rapsody would make an awesome artist for a return to the place. Enjoy it Madtown!!

  3. deshaun dozier

    Khrisis beats crazy

  4. Robert Dominguez

    Khrysis went off on this beat

  5. Genia Foster

    I like thissssss

  6. DENISE moss

    Why am I just discovering Rapsody?🤔 YouTube recommended it to me and I like it; so, I searched for her other works and let me tell u it sounds poetic with great meaning to her lyrics.

  7. Lungile Alumve

    Whooooooooo, mmmmmmmmmmmm, this nice sooooooo nice man it make you frown when listening to it.

  8. Jay Money

    I’m in love

  9. Jack Render

    @RAPSODY marry me

  10. ᴘᴀʀᴛɪᴄʟᴇ9ɪɴᴇ

    She's essentially this gen's version of Lauryn Hill. She's could spit fire for days.

  11. Dre Hardin

    "The world is going apes again, I think we need a Ceasar" 🔥

    (Planet of the Apes reference)

  12. Azania Thompson

    2019! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 still holding this song down even if no one else is!

  13. Preserve_Nkululeko Ndhlovu

    My favorite jogging track. This lady is my fav mc ryt now.

  14. Mercy Mveree

    Im here for some rapsody rhymes 🙌🙌🙌

  15. Suff Dele


  16. zandisile nongciki

    2018 WE STILL HERE.. ✊

  17. C King

    Spitting so much truth! <3 I love it.

  18. James Forbes

    Real deal.

  19. Ray Brown

    Better late than never. You're a natural born winner. Keep striving for total notirity & success, never succumb to the haters nor the stress. 4EV LUV!

  20. Jason Offutt

    This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Azania Thompson


  22. Ghost SG

    The 58 people that hated or dislike this song listen to Migos🤔

  23. Kid Christ

    She wore that shirt at the Moonchild show here in Durham, keep it banging

  24. chris ford

    One of Carolinas finest

  25. Rosie Perry

    First time hearing of her, she goes hard.

  26. Khutso Lloyd

    musica stranger hahahahahaha

  27. hoc1992

    you guys! please! WHERE IS HER ALBUM!! the new one!! the one after her "Crown" EP. she signed to Rock NAtion. whats the hold up?? Rapsody...ahh man, she's a genius seriously

  28. TheIronicHype

    "Dear White People" brought me here

  29. dcta51

    dear white people

    Justin Jay

    how? where is the link?

  30. mylilpc

    Where have I been?? Somewhere 😴 sleepin on this dope a$$ song!!! Thank you Dear White People!

  31. A&R Pressure Washing

    Go head Rapsody wit yo cute ass

  32. Marshall

    Hope i hear and see more RAPS 2017 the rebirth

  33. 01 Carson


  34. The Average Gamer

    0:23 White boy seems lost lmfao

  35. NiqP Indigo

    Billy holiday, Bitch I sing you blues!!!!!!!!!!!! Super easy flow, I can do it while I'm snoozing......she too fire she going shine her shine sooner or lt.!!

  36. min loc

    She the best in the game so real her art flawless. her bars all wish you could even come close much love girl

  37. SphehMario.G Sphelele

    i love you Rapsody...

  38. Yungyin DaKid

    She the truth I was there when they made his video it was on camera state campus. Crazy night boy freestyle mondays baby

  39. Nur Lowe

    OK this bitch know how to hop in that bag foreal foreal

  40. Lopes Kiala

    Am addicted to listen her. My new drug. 😎


    RAPSODY are a beast....omG

  42. Baba Tunde

    Powerful Rap, sister got technique, charisma et the science of Hip Hop! Big Up

  43. thaintriguing1

    North Carolina stand up

    Velvet Rose

    thaintriguing1 fo sho!

  44. ArynSkaii12

    she sound like freida from empire..


    I think you got it the other way round. just my opinion though

  45. wumemba2

    2 Dope! Go Head!

  46. Fyetaine FYETAINE

    Never heard of her before but SHE IS FUCKING DOPE!!!!

    Nur Lowe

    Ftaine Foster- Facts That.

  47. Mikey Esco


  48. Melanie Manos

    Who's the kid in the yellow shirt?

  49. Monique Geritz

    Finally, a good female rapper again. Better than the fake shit without real issues, like Nicki Minaj or Azealia Banks. I have to check out some of her new work, she does remind me a bit of Queen Latifah in the beginning of her career, but esp Missy Elliot, not a bad place to be or to be compared to. Obama tried his best though, but because no one voted besides for him, the Repulsive Party still had the power in Congress. So I don't blame Obama as much as some do. He inheritet a shitpile when he started and they obstructed him from day one. I am really gonna miss him. #powertothepeople ✊🍀✌

    Wormix Russian

    honey cocaine is real too

    Monique Geritz

    +Wormix Russian What do you mean? 🎶😅➰

  50. Yo Erick

    "Books and common sense, that's two different kinda classes" 🔥

  51. Justin Jay

    the hook on this is one of the dopest hip hop hooks I have ever heard.

    SAYVON of Treehouse Arcade

    Justin Jay Do you mind checking out my music?

    amir Sim

    I haven’t heard nothing like this EVER 🔥

  52. Widjan Daniele Gois


  53. Laidy Fah Short

    Omg...I would love to work with her....you are lethal. I heard MC Lyte drop your name all I had to hear was she from NC. My state. I'm gonna work with her one day " Ain't even know it"

  54. Capitan Morgan

    OMG! I cant stop listening to the song!!!!!!!!!!


    why this ain't on the radio radio is a joke

  56. king P

    fuck nicki minaj nigga, that girl is the shit fo real

  57. Fernanda Baranski

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeita ! PESADO !!!


    Até q fim uma brasileira q conheçe!
    Destroi dmais!

    Fernanda Baranski

    hahahaha briso demais nos sons dela !

  58. Samuel Davis

    she Gen gray alll over again

  59. Samuel Davis

    oh...my... god...hip hop neeeeds her

  60. Paul Yombo

    rapsody is just raw!

  61. jaskoluke

    Next level talent right here

  62. CaapriceTube

    SONG IS FIRE!!!!

  63. Avianca Reese

    love you girl..keep grindin

  64. Hungry Luffy Kun

    Rhapsody continues to show off her talented!!!

  65. Block Club

    This dope

  66. Rolanda Dwyer

    Maaaaannnnn, Go'head! Regardless of the tempo, FIRE!

  67. MOB GOD

    jUsT CoLd!

  68. Keshie Mansouri

    Super dope

  69. Keshie Mansouri

    Super dope 👏👏👏

  70. John Hollers

    Bein from Greensboro, it makes me happy to see dope Emcee's comin out of NC

  71. Jamal Watson

    Good song I'm learning a whole lot about rap from u thanks

  72. Melanated Being

    Go Ahead yeah

  73. lamia sangs

    People keep saying Missy Elliot, but her flow reminds me more of Pharoahe Monch! Go head, Rapsody! 🔥👌

    hiiipower iii

    Have you ever listened to Bahamadia? To me she sounds like her

    Dre Hardin

    Not Pharoae.... That's a different level of writing and delivery.

  74. Randy Myers

    Beautiful and gritty.

  75. The Official HAPH


  76. Michael Holt


  77. juan smith

    I'm here because of Kendrick 😐

  78. Randy Myers

    Where's the radio play.

  79. Bar-Shaun Aleem Tyler

    Khrysis ROASTED these yougins sound!!!!

  80. William Villagomez

    Pretty dope..I'm kinda surprised that cats are just barely finding out about Dj Khrysis..that dudes been around early 2thousands n shit.

  81. The ART Of Bishop

    One of my favorite nights at the NC STATE CYPHER

  82. Jay Holman

    Look at my boo Heather, I love that girl.

  83. Asha Bee


  84. conrod hall

    She spit that fire

  85. Kera Rhion

    Check out "Plan B" on my page. I'm a female rapper with real lyrics as well..this aint one of those comments where you click and listen to the song and its bad quality and wack...trust me..leave feedback too. Thank y'all

  86. btd671

    Keep that foot in they ass Marlanna.. NC stand up..

  87. Vincent Omondi

    favorite female rapper,

  88. BigRedCotter

    Representing raleigh, I see you in those nc state tunnels

  89. Mister Bad Guy

    She off the beat, most of the time..

    Justin Jay

    @Nay Sar are you for real..


    @Nay Sar the beat is an off type beat, she's not off beat.

  90. John c

    Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill had a baby

  91. Cloudkick85

    She wrecked this trash ass beat

  92. kim Dickerson

    Love the beat and the flow

  93. Chianya

    This shit go too hard 😳😱