Rapsody - Chrome (Like Ooh) Lyrics

Boys on the block told boys on the spot
You gotta a shot youngin', you ain't gotta get shot
Dangerous to measure a man by the size of his cock
I was told to measure a King by the size of his flock
Who your leader and where y'all going? My army big enough carry a boeing'
Ride off to the Lox
Hair braided, twisted, wind blowin' thru my knots
9th, G, Jones, Khrysis, Amp, Kash, Nottz
Mama got soulfood cooking in the pots
You in a grave situation you should look into a plot
Dirt on my name, boy I'm way too smart
Chest full of a pride don't mean nothin' without heart
One life to live so you gotta make a mark
West side told one thang, don't never rock with marks
I only rock with mark, that's my lil brother
That's the big homie, daddy said always keep a G on me
I got the dagger back that thang still sharp
I really play the game y'all commentate behind doors
Don't never say my name cause it might end yours
I never been lazy but I seen a plenty Forest
Whitaker, the with of her, good Lord
Ain't got keys like Khaled but I still open doors
A few in my crew flew the coop
The day I fly the coupe I'll probably get woop woop'd
Speeding thru the laney, what we call high schoolin'
Painted that like Delaney, we see it in color too
Synesthetic, know everybody won't GET it
I'm patient though, no wonder they regret it

When I ooh
Pull up in the coupe
When the chrome coming?
It's coming in June
When the chrome coming?
It's coming in June
Ooh, ooh

Pull up on em
Naw, hold pull back
Don't show all your cards
They ain't worth that
Spoon feed these niggas
Baby teeth these nigga
Who they teethin' on?
Me, my nigga

Chrome been spinning on my mind
Hair, face new outfit, I'm fine
Trips round the world with homies we all flyin'
Everything they say ain't gospel, lames lie
Boys always taught don't cry, but need to cry
I was taught to respect the driver more than I do the ride
Ride with me homie, ain't nothing to hold the wheel
When I was hungry you looked out, you always got me a meal
Workin on my glowup, they askin if I got mills
I got family, I got stress, got success and bills
Good God!
Put 20 inches on the axle
We cop them classic ol' thangs in the Hill like Axel
Lines better than all the rappers aligned if they ask you
Ridin' Shotgun, sittin askew
On the straight narrow
I called up mama up
Told her 'bout my summer reign
She thought 'bout Carl Thomas
I said no no no, no no I more like Giannis
Must be real to get these honors
That's why they put G's on us

I'm Real
Represent where you from?
Snow Hill
When you gon pull with up new chrome on your wheels?
Chicken chasin all summer, pocket muscle real
I'm Real
Represent where you from?
Snow Hill
When you gon pull with up new chrome on your wheels?
Chicken chasin all summer, pocket muscle real

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Rapsody Chrome (Like Ooh) Comments
  1. Jaime M. Come

    Whooooooooo. Dope shit

  2. Sonar Eskoh

    ....*so very happy to add *RAPSODY!*♥ to my list of female ***#G**.O.A.T.S.* 👑🎤💎⭐💖💸🔥💣💖
    *ROXANNE💞$HAN†É!* 💝
    *Ms. Lauryn*Hill.* 🎓🔰👡
    *BAHAMADIA!* 🔊✨💥💯% *mc*lyte*💄👚👢
    *#REMY***MÅ!* 🚬💵💘💋
    *charli*ßaltimore* 💅💙👠👜 *etc.,,,,e†¢.,, ,,,,,

  3. Masibulele Vincent

    Big unconditional love from South Africa specifically Eastern Cape blaaah!!!!!

  4. brownsista777

    QUEEN nbe1

  5. BuildingCenter

    On one lvl, Rapsody just needs to stop. Excessive dopeness, unlimited ability, flawless flow ... just cruelty after a while. Just cruelty.

    Luckily, that one level is irrelevant. On every other level, I just get to be grateful.

  6. Notthefather

    I wish the whole song was the second half of the beat.

  7. Adina Jenn

    Taught to respect the driver more than the ride 🔥🥳

  8. Hakeem Thompson

    She giving me Missy Elliot voice with a Kendrick Lamar type flow

  9. trap sam


  10. Gregg Cooper

    I think I added 200 views to this video and "Hard to choose" RSA 🇿🇦

  11. Arthur Murphy

    This beat at the end

  12. e. d. acabeo


  13. Mets Diehard

    So fire best female artist

  14. BeetBoyz Musik

    1 year to the date that this dropped and its still refreshing like its brand new

  15. Lunaris Rogue

    I see Heather has been doing good

  16. Bourgeois Pineapples

    🔥🔥🔥🍍💜 Instagram.com/BourgeoisPineapples

  17. Silver Gorilla Apparel Media Music

    https://youtu.be/Ws-3mR9PYgw please check out pure 🔥!!

  18. Wilson Nenen


  19. WWCD

    What's up with the chorus, dayum gurl work on dem melodies

  20. poetmm

    Rapsody had the best album in 2017 Yes I said it Kendrick and Jayz stans lol

  21. Kenny Aphane

    "Chest full of pride don't mean nothing without heart"💯💯💯 definitely #GOAT listed #HipHopLives🐐

  22. Ur Anus


  23. Slim Lazlo

    Rapsody so raw. If you fw Rapsody, check me out. 🚨🔥💣 https://soundcloud.com/slimlazlo/morilla

  24. Дмитрий Данилов

    D O P E

  25. Zéguinho Music

    fóda pa caralhooooooooooooooooo

  26. Lady_ Yosh


  27. Tambirai Mazimbe

    how this only has 64k views fascinates me

  28. crazyalcayne


  29. MURO MC

    Respeito máximo!!! Rimadora nata! O rap é foda!!!

  30. Jay Anderson

    Hella tight. Rapsody is the woman. One of the best rappers today to me Top 5

  31. Gody X

    I see Cardi B fans have been here giving thumbs down..why because love didn't flash a titty or twerk? Cuz she HAS SKILLS AND CLASS? GTFOH...she is what Jay Electronica was supposed to be....thanks Love....do you...Peace to the Earths..

  32. Kristina Cook

    I honestly think this is the Queen of rap. Now that I've went through her last album. I'm sorry THIS IS THE QUEEN OF RAP. hands down. Bars of glory

  33. Denesha Wheat

    Best Female Rapper!!!

  34. Ayo Blake

    Flow is like Jay-z around the Vol 1 era!!

  35. dumile Musasiwa

    pity it has few views. its time she gets some recognition. She's dope

  36. Rani cohen

    You one of the beast raper's i love you❤️❤️❤️

  37. K W.S

    That boy getting arrested is famous

  38. marqos ben yahsharaal

    I choose her over cardi b

  39. Tiau Bea

    Carolina Girl , 💕 it's your time Rap !!!!👑🔥🔥🔥

  40. Phong Huynh

    I think im in love.. and they say looks isnt everything, I believe it now ! Rapsody is soo talented.. i wish to wife her and talk about bars all day


    C❤rolina 919-252-910-336-704 for life

  42. Younique83

    🔥🔥🔥 finally a female rapper who ain’t talking about her body & getting money. Wow.
    How come I have been
    Sleep on her??!! ⏰

  43. Rilind Jashari

    What's the first beat made of? I mean what kind of sound is it? Is it sampled? I NEED TO KNOW!!

  44. Wasted fayyo

    Top 5 period. Love rapsody. Pray she can make one more album like this so people will start dickriding like she deserves


    Got that vibe! I'm bouncin to this


    Why this doesn't have more views is beyond me bruh

  47. ZAYWOP

    Best female rapper by far .. still waiting on this instrumental too 😭

  48. Nekay O

    My Sis never disappoints 🖤

  49. TheMostHigh

    dope !!!

  50. Yellow Synth

    She’s just a different breed.


    Super dope

  52. L'Homme Dalure

    Joey Badass would kill a remix of this. Also would love another Rapsody verse haha

  53. Rebel Tribe

    Rapsody 😍 love from India

  54. McWC_Official

    beat on point!

  55. Rad Dreamer

    One of my favorite albums last year.

  56. Danny Rodriguez

    How come this video only has 26k Views ?????????????? Rapsody is fire.

    Vinland Saga

    Danny Rodriguez she’s so slept on

  57. Dimitri Hatgis

    best track of the album easy

  58. Architectural Sound Type Beat / Instrumental

    Fabolous Old School Type Beat :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkGB18RCMXQ  Enjoy !

  59. Walker Wolff

    Hell ya Rapsody is awesome

  60. bfears

    she is so ill

  61. Adam Rashid VEVO

    Respect Rapsody Till Die Keep The Shit Up To The Next Level Up High

  62. dylan dandah

    #LailasWisdom...Rapsody is too consistent..

  63. hoc1992


  64. Kenny Aphane


  65. marvin xulu

    my song 😝😝😝😝😝

  66. Sanele Mthingi

    wow, lit visuals rap queen , can't stop repeating these visuals

  67. Sanele Mthingi

    damn lit visuals rap queen

  68. Tyler Alexander

    Krog St tunnel in ATL....nice

  69. Haashim Muhammad

    Rhapsody Vs Remy Ma

  70. Anon

    Legit nice to see a female rapper not chasing the stero typical image. Hip hop

  71. Jader Oliveira

    vem ao brasil Rainha

  72. Gman Gman

    this hasn't reached a million yet??? smh, what happened to hiphop

  73. Devin Duisett

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 from Carolina to London whoeeeee

  74. Alo The Radio God

    I had so much fun running from the police in this video

  75. Matt KnowsNuthn'

    Shoutout errrbody from (252)

  76. Justin Carrigan

    Carolina got the best MCs

  77. Dre Hardin

    @2:26 That bass tho !

  78. steven bell

    That Camaro is Clean

  79. T Randles

    This video is AMAZING rap.

  80. Inside The Vibes

    We need more Carolina Representation. I’m loving the vibes. We need a venue in NC that has dope hip hop every week. If you are in NC and want to work with INSIDE THE VIBES. Follow us, add Tre’ Mars. Let’s get it NC. We on the come up. Shout out to Rapsody.

  81. The Average Gamer

    But I (Eye) seen a plenty forest
    Whitaker, The Wit of Her
    Ain't got keys like Khaled
    but i still open doors


    Also i wasn't ready for that beat switch

  82. Dayshawn Glynn

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  83. Dayshawn Glynn

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  84. Dayshawn Glynn

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    Dope visuals.

  86. Tech G

    Nice rap good work to you and the crew

  87. Job Judah

    she NIIICE!!!.

  88. mlungisi zikhali

    SA rocking rapsody ...continue stay true

  89. LongIslandADED


  90. NYBEAST360

    Dope chick we need in Hip Hop.
    Rapsody has the deep lyrics, of Lauryn Hill. The swag & confidence of Missy Elliott.
    The rawness of Rah Digga.

  91. Ashley Nicole1x

    One Life To Live!!