Randy Travis - In The Garden Lyrics

I come to the garden alone
While the dew
Is still on the roses
And the voices I hear
Falling on my ear
The son of God discloses.

And he walks with me
And he talks with me
And he tells me I am his own
And the joy we share
As we tarry there
None other has ever known.

He speaks
And the sound
Of his voice
Is so sweet the birds
Hush their singin'
And the melody
That He gave to me
Within my hearts is ringing.

And he walks with me
And he talks with me
And he tells me I am his own
And the joy we share
As we tarry there
None other has ever known.

And the joy we share
As we tarry there
None other has ever known

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Randy Travis In The Garden Comments
  1. Christopher Kelly

    O my jesus forgive me my sins save me from the fires of hell send all soals to heven mostly those in need of your mercy

  2. Silas Owiti

    Awesome song


    Love this so much..

  4. Rhonda Boncutter

    I love Randy Travis and this song! God bless us all!

  5. Rhonda Boncutter

    This song reminds me of so many feelings I had as a kid! Love this!

  6. Rhonda Boncutter

    I do not remember this, my parents told me told me I pick this song out on my Great Grandpa's piano, not long before he died! I love this song! God be with Randy Travis! I hope he can come back to us!

  7. Will Ross

    This hymn was one of my grandma's favorite. This was sung to her around her bedside just hours before she passed away. I look forward to seeing her again in heaven.

    Larry Scruggs

    Will Ross Blessings. 🙏

    Larry Scruggs

    Will Ross Blessings. 🙏 Amen.

  8. Leona Qualls

    A Pretty song one of my favorite.

  9. Marryann Lamb

    Great song love Gospel music.

  10. David Russell

    Thank God for this new covenant through the blood of our savior, Jesus. At our most wretched He calls us beloved.

  11. Zuru The Wolf

    My grandma died this week and they played this as her funeral I miss her:(

    Rhonda Boncutter

    So so sorry for your loss! God be with you and your family!

  12. jennifer wigton

    This was my grandma’s favorite hymn. She’d walk around the house singing the chorus as loud as she possibly could. She’ll be gone 9 months on the 19th of this month. I miss her so much 😭

  13. Alvin Stillwell

    Makes my heart sing! Randy's Christian Music Collection can barely be outdone, only Jim Reeves is better.

  14. Chloe Robinson

    I am crying right now cause my favorite papa pass away

  15. MrCatfishable

    God keep you and bless you, Randy.

  16. lindalovesal

    Beautiful song love it.

  17. Phyllis Perrigoue

    This is absolutely beautiful~ Even the way the video was put to gether~ WOW!!!

  18. Shelly Burns

    love these wish i could hear Randy Travis's take on "the wings of a snow white dove"...

  19. Nick Casanova

    Listen to the version by the avett brothers. It's the same song, just a different pace.

    Jonathan Rarebit

    +Nick Casanova Make me!

  20. rightpatch1

    What a beautiful thought, to walk with The Lord Jesus, just the two of us, talking about all the beautiful things waiting in Heaven !!!

  21. Karen Sanford

    I like Randy Travis Christian songs I also listen to his other songs

  22. franky devid nuñez

    love the song 


    bella musica 

    franky devid nuñez

    @jaddeengell yes 

  23. levimissy11

    my favorite song, i always cry when i hear it, it is amazing how someone that is unseen is more real than someone in flesh and bones

  24. Euphragia Epiphana

    love it!!!! thank u

  25. Michael Solorzano

    Please walk with me again Lord its all I ask.


    May the Lord Jesus bless you with His sweet spirit today. Know you are loved and looked over. He is but a prayer-call away, and will not despise a broken and contrite spirit.  


    He always walks with us everywhere we go, He helps us whether we realize or not that He is and that shows what a WONDERFUL AND GRACEFUL God He really is, I don't deserve Him or any of the things He chooses to bless me with in my life, I don't deserve another day of life but He gives it anyway, we are such undeserving people but those of us who believe in God serve an AWESOME AND POWERFUL God and I am so glad He gave me the life I've got, I many times fail to realize what I have and get so caught up in what could be better or what I could have but I'm gonna sum this up by saying God has given me 18 wonderful years of life on this earth that He handmade, and I pray that in the next 18 if I am blessed with that much longer that I would do everything I can to make God's will come to surface in my life.

    David Russell

    At our most wretched He calls us "belived". God doesn't turn His back on us, we turn ours on Him.

    Jerry Pullen

    Praise god

    Earnie Todd

    Michael he is right beside you always :-)

  26. 3290moises

    bonita alabanza gloria a Dios.amen

  27. looseballs1966

    Randy will prevail, It may not be an easy battle for him, but I believe that he has God in his corner, and the Lord may make him work for it, but anyone that is Christian knows that God does not leave us hanging when we keep him in our hearts,Randy may have had some troubles, but I am quite sure God has forgivin him, so hang in there Randy, God and alot of people love you.

  28. Lauren Shinn

    So very well said Marilyn. Bless you and bless your prayers and all of our prayers for this great man and his amazing talent that will no doubt continue. The news according to USA and Randy's website is that he is improving now. Keep praying.

  29. Marilyn Simons

    My heart and Prayers are with Randy at this time. I can,t stand to see him going through this.He is a good man..God knows that, I need to hear he is going to be o.k. He dosen,t deserve this. He tried so hard to conquer his demons. I believe good is going to come from this, we all need his beautiful words coming through his voice in this world. My mother loved you Randy...I hear your voice and feel my mother close to me, that song Angel describes my mother so much...

  30. Lisa Tebow

    Prayers going out to Randy and his family get well soon Randy we love you you are in our thoughts and prayers

  31. Tammy LaSala

    Prayers for Randy going up.

  32. R Oleschak

    Prayers for Randy Travis

  33. Ave Maria

    sorry brother but that pic is not of God

    365 Aero

    You have real issues

  34. smokey bud

    my grandma favorit to sing in chuch we all love u and this is for you

  35. scr1231

    Beautiful song and video.

  36. Rick Ganther

    i just wanted to say.. what a great version of this song! to everyone who keeps saying that we are all fallen and what not.. i just want to say.. jesus died for our sins. we are no longer fallen. of course we rise and fall... but we are exulted now... we have been risen up by his sacrifice... to continue to live as if we are less than that, is a slap in the face to all we have been given. rise up.. as he did... for the right and ability to do so is the gift that he and his father have given

  37. bakersmurf

    This song is beautiful. I don't understand why anyone would dislike it.

  38. Kingram417

    In Christ, there are no goodbyes....

  39. Alyssa Cosby

    One of my favorite songs. This has been a rough month for me, I lost my Nanny that I've known ever since I was born.

  40. dustycoat22

    you see alamolink one day you ll see when the sickness catch you you ll find out theres someone bigger than u and me god have mercie on u thank u randy for your great gospel songs

  41. Guitar Mike

    All I have to say is you will see one day, and God help you if you are not saved. This world did not create itself and neither did you. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. If you believe things create themselves from nothing and there is nothing greater out there then you need more faith than us. Those of us who do believe make up most of the world so all I have to say is you'll have your choice, make a good one. And I do take offense at you calling my God names, you need help!

  42. Kingram417

    It's a good thing He has a Savior to forgive him of his sins....Do you?