Randy Houser - Senior Year Lyrics

Friday night, ride around
Make a loop through the Sonic at the edge of town
Head back, chug a beer
Senior year

Skippin' school, smokin' out
Spring break hell you can't even talk about
You're burnin' tires, she's learnin' cheers

It's seein' that girl in your Letterman Jacket
Lookin' so fine, you say damn you can have it
If you want to

It's a city limit sign, it's your hands in the air
It's the Friday night lights, it's the fight at the fair
It's havin' the only thing, that you care about beside you
Senior year

Sneakin' out, sleepin' in
Lookin' daddy in the eye, man you're caught again
Class rings, buy 'em here
Sticks and stones, jealous girls
They can hurt you more than anything in the world
Fake a smile, hide a tear

It's haning' around down on a river of freedom
It's y'all come on, knowin' mama'll feed 'em
Mama thank you
We all thank you mama

It's sayin' goodbye, it's the words unspoken
It's prayin' to God for a heart less broken
It's runnin' down out into the world wide open
To find you
Tryin' to find you
Senior year
Senior year

Oh! Senior year
Oh! Senior year


Friday night, ride around
Make a loop through the Sonic at the edge of town

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Randy Houser Senior Year Comments
  1. Krystal Smith

    Class of '23 still have 3 yrs im scared to graduate imma miss my whole group of people


    Class of 2021?😭 next year damn time Fly's by I wish I could go back

  3. dEv1lslayer666

    Class of 2020! Here before May comes around! Im going to miss this

  4. Huge Anus

    Class of 2020

  5. Some Dude

    How is it 2020

  6. eli rowe

    Class of 2020 time is flying by fast It seems like a just started my senior year

  7. Braeden Martin

    Class of 2019..... came back to listen

  8. Kara _keegan_22

    Class of 2020. Man time flew by and I made so many good and bad memories through these years. I hope I wont regret doing more

  9. Leo S. B. Rosevillte

    Gonna be a junior next year. Man time sure flies, I remember fifth grade and now I'm in tenth grade! Hahaha

  10. Kayla Pitard

    Class of 2010 here, time definitely flies!

  11. Shane M

    Class of 2014. Miss my buddies

  12. Crime Lord

    Class is 2021

  13. Katilynn Christine


  14. Xaviar

    2020 mfs

  15. Joelle chaptini

    Class of 2020, this is our year ❤️

  16. Adam Samsel

    Class of 2023, wish me luck

  17. Rylee's Guitar covers

    Class of 2020 who's with me

  18. Bella

    Class of 2020!!!

  19. Elijah Robinson

    Class of 2020

  20. Elizabeth DeWitt

    Class of 2020 our senior year is final here

  21. zombieking184

    Graduation class of 2019 GO TIGERS!!


    Class 2020

  23. Tanner Rutland

    Class of ‘20

  24. Justin Weaver

    I sung this for the seniors I am a junior but the class of 2019 was basically family to me

  25. Evan Boone

    Class of 19

  26. olered _z71

    Yesterday was my graduation. Afterwards I blasted this song while letting the tires spin and the straight pipes sing on my ole chevy.

    olered _z71

    @Erin Stillwell my ex called my truck in lol. She has done everything to make my life hell. Yet she's the one who cheated.

    Erin Stillwell

    olered _z71 yeah, that’s usually how it goes, my ex was abusive and cheated and he wished death on me when i left and “messed our future up.” 😂 i don’t expect nothing but bad stuff from him

    olered _z71

    @Erin Stillwell basically sounds like my ex. God she was toxic

    Erin Stillwell

    olered _z71 hey, they’re exes for a reason! i’m living life now!

    olered _z71

    @Erin Stillwell now I'm talking to someone who is super sweet, and let's me be me. The past is the past lol

  27. Kevin Godin

    Class of 2015 I can’t believe it will be 5 years since I have graduated

  28. Brooklyn Thomas

    Class of 2015 😁

  29. movie madness

    class of 2023

  30. christian boley

    Class of 2018 💯

  31. Regen Adams

    Class of 2020!! Time sure flies fast

  32. Davidboss

    Shit time go by fast af it almost time for my senior season and it can fast and I don’t want it to end really love playing high school football with my boy even know sep 2020 will be playing with the big boys

  33. KadePearson 44

    Class of 2018. I had a fun 4 years. My weekends consisted of on Thursday before the game I’d get my older brother to buy me a case of beer and all my dm buddies did the same. We’d go play on Friday night and after the game we’d head to sonic and chill in the parking lot where we’d usually get kicked out of for being to loud with our trucks then we’d head to the savealot parking lot and pick up everyone and have a big convoy out to the “hill” where we’d have bonfires and drink till 3 am hoping my mom wouldn’t notice i wasn’t home yet 😂😂. I’d wake up the next Saturday morning and go mow a few yards get my spending money and go get another case and then all us guys would ride around till morning drinking on back roads. This is literally what my high school days consisted of. I can still remember my first time staying out past curfew and mom didn’t notice and I was sneaking in. Good times man even tho some of the stuff we’d do was stupid and should t have been doing we were young and making memories

  34. Chris V


  35. Maddie Cunningham

    Class of 2020 this is almost us, so to my fellow juniors. Let's enjoy the rest of what we know is our junior year and let's have fun. Enjoying the last few months before life will kick us in the butt. To my fellow juniors you have almost made it and you can't give up now so keep pushing through. Cause guess what? You're almost done! Senior year will fly by and I don't want it to be here yet.

    To the classes below us
    You do not wanna grow up just yet so enjoy where you're at now.

    Maddie Cunningham

    c/o 2020 this is us. let’s make it our year y’all. 💪🏽💙

  36. Janiece Kirt

    C/O 2K19🎓

  37. Aaron Sollis

    Class of 2019

  38. Aaron Sollis

    Class of 2019

  39. jay hill

    Class of 2019 can't believe it's already come

  40. Eric Shultz

    like this class of 2019!

  41. Cole Osmun

    Class of 2019 can’t believe it’s gonna be my last year

  42. Logan Goble

    I’m 2020 and i know I’m gonna miss going to sonic and drinking beer in the parking lot with all my buddies and bumming cigarettes off my older friends but trying my best not to smell like smoke when I go to give my mama a hug

    freakytaco 69

    Bro we smoke blunts

    KadePearson 44

    Logan Goble that’s exactly how my high school days were man. Class of 2018. I wish I could go back to the nights of sitting at sonic and going to the “hill” and having bonfires hoping the cops wouldn’t show up or riding around on backroads drinking beer till 3 am.

  43. Rose Marie

    Class of 2020🎓❤️

  44. Lee Davis

    Class of 2021 ❤

  45. Lee Davis

    I'm going into my sophomore year, halfway through, I'm watching all my seniors graduate and I sent them this song, I'm gonna cry when I graduate

  46. Truck Talks EXTRAS

    Little Scary to think that this is my last year of school

  47. Cheyenne Wynn

    I start my senior year this fall class of 2019

  48. Jasmine Tate

    Class of 2019. Aah just thinking about it is bittersweet😓 Still can't believe next year will be my year

  49. Tayla Main

    Class of 2018. Why does it have to go by so fast

  50. Jose Flores

    My sister's senior song was All Star by Smashmouth...

  51. Kennedy Dockery

    Class of 2019. Time flys by to fast


    Same here brother I miss ball soo much

    christian boley

    Kennedy Dockery I agree with you

    Brian Casteel

    Wait till 3 years out then see how time flys

  52. Nicole B

    Class of 2017. That last year was something I won't forget

  53. Chad Kroeger

    We used to face his school all the time in football

  54. Britney Rutan

    Class of 2018 all most over 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓

  55. Jak Hollister

    Class of 2k21

  56. King Viper

    Lost my best friend 2 years ago my senior year. This was song that was played at his funeral. RIP Corey!

  57. Michael Cookston

    Class of 98 from Jacksonville Texas

  58. Neena


  59. Tessa Gaines

    Class of '18 ❤🎓🎓🎓

  60. shawn mayfield

    Class of 2018 and ik I'mma miss my high school

  61. Kaycie Brinegar

    class of 2019

  62. Guy With a Golf

    Class of 2018 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵

  63. BlackBeard94

    Class of 2012

  64. kieran celli

    Class of 2019

  65. Emily Shearin

    Class of 2016!

  66. Emily Lauren

    I can't believe that I have 30 more wake ups until I never have to come back to this place 💔

  67. TyNette Rose

    2016-2017 has been the best year ever. can't wait till graduation!!! But man am I gonna miss Cheer and Softball. :(

  68. Trent Austin

    class of 2017

  69. Autumn Hawblitzel

    class of 2016 !! it's almost a year ♡♡

  70. Maddie looms

    Class of 2017 it's going by too fast

  71. Wander Jess

    Great song, expect one thing from this song is something I don't have :(

  72. Caleb Lank

    Class of 2K16.. its unbelievable on how much I miss high school and all the friends and family that came along with it...

  73. CFreed11

    '06... I didn't play football, wish I would have atleast one year, coach wanted me to, but track and cross country were my sports. Man this takes me back...

  74. Lisa Blair

    Really hope he releases this song. Awesome song! Would love to see this be a #1 for him.

  75. Matthew Gonz

    Mine went too fast... Joined the corps and went off to boot camp a week after graduation. Don't grow up too fast kids

    Michael Cookston

    Matthew Gonz god bless

    Robert Henry

    Man already miss my kid self I'm in high school I got like 2 more years until I graduate but I miss it

    Isaac White

    Robert Henry enjoy what you have right now. Highschool has so many opportunities to make good memories. It’s worth making the most of it, that’s what I did and I’m so thankful I went all out and had all the fun possible, because college sucks now. Do t be afraid to get out there and just have fun, because I promise you won’t care what people think of you when you get out of high school

  76. Emily Lauren

    Class of 2017 🎓🎓

  77. Andrew Gaming

    believe i will be 2k18

    Carlos Sapien

    Andrew Gaming right here with ya

    Charrisea Ross

    Andrew Gaming 2k18

  78. BrettnJess Smith

    Class of 01

  79. Hunter Patton

    C/O 2013. Wonder where all my old buddies are now...

  80. Autumn Betourne

    CLASS OF 2017 ♥

  81. Aerialovesyou

    Class of 2017!! It's our year💙💛

    TyNette Rose


  82. Ice pink23

    Class of 2021

  83. BatDevilSpawn

    The anthem for all the jocks and douchebags who peek in high school

  84. Chelsea Godwin

    Class of 2016

  85. Jeremey Taylor

    My memory of senior year was stress over graduation and being pestured to death. Glad its over.

  86. Trey Welch

    isn't kinda creepy for a 40 year old man to be singing about high school

    Cheyenne Elizabethh

    why? everybody goes to highschool, everyone makes memories ? lol

  87. Sam Young

    class 2017

  88. Jordan Story

    Class of 2K16! one more day...gonna miss it

  89. Autumn Hawblitzel

    class of 2016 <3 2 weeks left im ready world!!

  90. Aislinn Olvera

    Class of 2020, and I'm already not ready to let go...

  91. Cheyanne Faith

    Class of 2017♡.

  92. Mal&Annie Music

    what are they guitar chords on this song?

  93. Buddy Brown

    Damn I love this sing...all too real from what's left in my memory about that time of my life. Get em Randy!

    Britney Rutan

    Buddy Brown I know I'm a senior and I'm not ready to leave school Buddy

    Star Gazer

    Saaaaaaaaame. I have like 2 weeks left.

    Stacey Goble

    Been out out of school for 11 years wish I could go back sometimes best time of my life for the most part

  94. MrAxisandallies

    damn sonic

  95. Nikey & Trey

    Class of 2017 💜💛💜💛

    Alex Barlow

    right there with you pal. :)

    Elizabeth Väli

    same here guys :)

    Lexi The Fallen Angel

    cutieebabiee67 same

    Katelynn Corbitt

    2017 baby 😂😂😂😂😂

    Devin M


  96. Victoria B

    Class of 2018. 🎓 I already know I'm going to miss this place😢.

    Elizabeth G

    Victoria B Same.

  97. Dylan Baca

    class of 2016 man I'm gonna miss it I already know