Randy Crawford - Love Is Like A Newborn Child Lyrics

Love's beginning
Hearts enchanted
Full of bright new dreams
But we can't take love for granted
For to me it seems...
A new love is like a newborn child
Tender and sweet
And in need of care;
Precious indeed is the love we share
Like a newborn child
Like a tiny baby
'til it grows up strong
You lullaby a new love
With a happy song
Because a new love is like a newborn child
Cherish and guard it
And hold it close;
Give it your heart
And just pray it grows
And grows
To be something sure
Something grand
Something heaven must have planned
Like a lovely newborn child
Like a newborn child

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Randy Crawford Love Is Like A Newborn Child Comments
  1. Peter Britten

    has there ever been a better female singer ever? love this song. she walked into my shop in 1988 and I happened to be playing her cd. while I didn't recognize her face, she was singing along with the song and told me I had good taste in music. she signed my cd and left with a smile. one of my greatest moments ever.love you randy

  2. Donald Thomas

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful and timeless classic with us all. Thanks, man.

  3. John Ambler

    Saw Randy twice first with the Crusaders when Street Life was selling millions Then the Secret Combination Tour (I think?) both time at The Odeon in Birmingham sublime both times but this is probably my favorite track

  4. Dave Gurman

    I was looking to provide Leena with a link to "Raw Silk" and discovered this which I thought it was a public service to share it with anyone who loves Randy C but doesn't have all the albums from her golden early years.


  5. Leena Mitchell

    Sublime. I absolutely love randy Crawford. That is so special.

    Dave Gurman

    If you haven't heard it already do check out the whole album because as Richard says below, it truly is something very very special!

  6. Herman Beavers

    I've always loved this song; it was my introduction to Randy Crawford's music. It's just a beautiful little gem of a song. I love Crawford's unembellished vocals soaring over the very lush arrangement. Just perfect! Thanks so much for posting it!

  7. Richard Rogers

    One of my all time favorite albums and songs that Randy and very few others matched... kept buying Randy's albums trying to find the same sentiment in an album - never found it.

  8. George Thompson

    Beautiful and sad album, especially the selection "Nobody".

    Dave Gurman

    My favourite is her wonderful cover of Marvin's "Just To Keep You Satisfied".

    George Thompson

    Also a beautiful interpretation and sung with such emotion.

    Sonia RAmos

    +George Thompson linda canção