Rancid - She's Automatic Lyrics

The way that she moves well i was aroused
impowered impassioned by every move
it's cold outside we need a place to hide
go into the club to thaw out for the night

she's automatic so automatic the way that she moves

she asked me if I would stand by
her side like glue that I would till the end of the night

my head was spinnin' a million miles an hour
the chance I was takin' I get anxious around her
she put her head on my shoulder I started to hold her
swingin' and swayin' the morning began

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Rancid She's Automatic Comments
  1. Brent Lilley

    Can Tim sponsor me for step one in alcoholics anonomous?

  2. cristie lewis


  3. jtange08 granny

    great live band i love these guys

  4. lafox 283

    Just realized this song is about sex

  5. Johnny Daggerz

    Ever had a very memorable experience in your life and then one day you run across a song by someone you've never met that describes that exact same scenario as if they were there writing the song about you? Well, this song is exactly that way for me.

    Basically on a cold January day several years back there was a girl that I was head over heels for and turns out she was head over heels for me. I went to a local union hall with a large group of my friends and lo and behold she is there with her friends and I see her dancing to the music all by herself across the way and I just sit back and admire how hot and amazing she looks just there by herself in her own little world dancing to the music, hip swaying back and forth. I was in total awe. Then she sees me and motions for me to come over and I am totally taken aback by this beautiful gorgeous girl that I feel like it's way out of my league inviting me over to come dance with her. So there the two of us were shaking down to some and I'm just taking in the entire scene all the while inscribing in into my memory. We danced a lot that night together and went to a side table to flirt and talk throughout the night. It was incredibly memorable. Carolyn was her name. Crazy enough a lot of rancid songs I can relate to to some degree. Seems like their songs speak to me on a personal level which is one reason why I love them so much.

  6. Mey


  7. Pablo Masi