Rancid - As Wicked Lyrics

I saw an old man on the street
he was in a dumpster lookin' for somethin' to eat
he moved so slow like a dyin' dream
like a machinist who got caught in the machine

I saw this lady and she was cryin'
she said it's hard when someone you love is dyin'
I saw this kid who was about 5 years old
he was in the park all alone he was cold

there's something coming around
as wicked as it may seem
as wicked as anything could be

I know this girl she's barely alive
she's all haggard she's only twenty-five
she said she never had a friend before
I said "hey girl I'll be your friend but who's keepin' score"
I sawthis other little girl on the phone
her mother comforts her from far from home
the little girl was very hesitant
her best friend lie dead on the pavement

I always end up back on the hill
lookin' down at the landfill
I always go there when I can
my friend Marty said Tim you're a lucky man

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Rancid As Wicked Comments
  1. John kiker

    Beautiful song about an ugly world. Tim has some truly great songwriting moments

  2. Evil conflict

    Brilliant song!!

  3. jtange08 granny

    i love this band saw then twice in chicago

  4. dean murray


  5. Garrett Steven

    Anyone who is looking for really cool easy songs to play on guitar... This one comes out pretty well. Go D-G really fast and than hit an Em 😄

  6. Tommy Satrya thomas

    rancid band punk best ever

  7. Max Goodsell

    Tim is a Ska, Lars is a Punk, Brett was a Skater, Matt is a Bassist.Matts da best.


    hey this is LARZ watch out for lar.. theres still 2..

    the calm boi

    tim is a ska yes indeed

    Éric Mercure Pitre

    Thats fukin true, and even more for Matts

  8. Xxphantomgamesx

    I think this is better live

  9. 6plastic

    they do one hell of a show!!!

  10. CaseyAndWhatNot

    rancid is playing in boston in june, cant wait

  11. Alanis Mo

    Los amo

  12. Tony James


  13. Mitchell Gerard

    Rancid!! Wish I was at this show. Does anyone know where/when this was?


    Metropolis, Montreal, Québec.

  14. Zulkarnain Shaari

    RANCID is the SHIT. FUCKIN' love it.

  15. ashiswaycool

    This is a fistful of awesome.

  16. Graeson Leach

    So... I dont know what "Escape The Fate" is but they DO NOT belong in the suggestions of the best punk band of all time.

    Evan Feely

    Graeson Leach thank you. They're terrible

  17. ZombifiedGuitarist

    lol Give em the boot dvd = best punk dvd evar

  18. Balzac138

    so fucking good

  19. Austin Slater

    @ThisIsStupid1024 emo was in its very early days untill people found out they could act sad and sing depressed lyrics with pop friendly music playing in the background to make money. thus emo seprerated from punk. Punks more do something about it lets get in the street and protest and make things better for ourselves emos more sit in the corner cut and bitching about things they dont have the balls to atempt to change. most emos like the attention and are in no way actually depressed.

  20. thecage6

    Where is this live from?

  21. TELEFREAK10121122

    Tim ain't a man... He's a god!

    ChefKen CookYou

    really ...a god..you need some more purpose in life if thats what you think


    Dunno where my whole 'life purpose' factors into the whole inspiration thing but whatever man.

  22. karma col

    I love this band.

  23. RockinRustle

    originally, yes emo was a subculture of punk, real emo is a subculture of punk, however what is labeled as emo now, is neither emo nor punk. its pop. pop rock at best.

  24. wolflover1212

    Rancid are the gods of punk! ♥

  25. phins13td

    Real music right here. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face Rancid.

  26. Collin Hanes

    i own this dvd, it is a must own. Rancid has shown me punk, and punk is a newer genre to me, i just discovered it. THANK YOU RANCID!

  27. cormac71

    great song, great album, great band!!!

  28. GSkillz098

    @7PUNX7 Same here bro. Getting ... And out come the wolves tattooed on my back friday. with Destination Unknown for txt on the top of it. So pumped for it!

  29. skatefreak6984

    Tim is a genius!!

  30. hoi doei

    Rancid is fucking awesome!

  31. halifaxmtl666

    Montreal! Montreal! Rancid! Rancid Rancid!

    Ps ... Go fuck yourself Toronto!

  32. razzle b

    @7PUNX7 got me through life

  33. Drunken Master

    As wicked as it may seem....

  34. Rafa Pinto

    @frymaxxa Hell yeeahh ! Fuck emos !

  35. Si Tambien

    best song ever

  36. Julien Landry

    Yeah Montreal this is the best place . . . . this song's so good

  37. Fili Lazaro

    same here ive been listening to them since i was 11

  38. sean smallwood

    I was there, it was excellent good memories.

  39. Federico Bonino

    7. Let The Dominoes Fall

  40. xAxiom720x

    some are from the rancid EP, the destruction demos, or the radio radio radio ep.
    a lot of those b sides were just released on their rarities cds, but theres a lot that are bootlegs on youtube that arent on any cd.

  41. a1l2y3s4s

    This song is on "out come the wolves". Also you got to get the first album if you don't have it. Its just called Rancid.

  42. Parley454

    Good song, I'm just wondering whats going on though, I have indestructable, life won't wait, out come the wolves and the album with radio ( is that self titled ? ) on it, but I have found a couple of videos for songs I haven't heard. Maybe they didn't play these when I saw them, but it sounds new to me. What album is this song on ?

  43. xAxiom720x

    its from the give em the boot dvd

  44. Diones Bueno

    is this the oficial as wicked videoclip ???

  45. pelucagbh

    best fucking video...the best band ever!!!
    Skunx, Punx and Drunx 4 ever in life & dead