Ramones - R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Lyrics

New York city, N.Y.C
Pretty mean when it wants to be
Black leather, knee-hole pants
Can't play no high school dance
Fuzz tone, hear 'em go, hear 'em on the radio

Misfits, twilight zone
R-A-M-O-N-E-S, R-A-M-O-N-E-S

Bad boy rock, bad boy roll
Gabba gabba, see them go
C. Jay now hit the gas
Mark takes it up the ass
Go, Johnny, go, go, go
Go, Tommy o-way-o

Misfits, twilight zone
R-A-M-O-N-E-S, R-A-M-O-N-E-S

Bad boys then, bad boys now
Good buddies, mau mau mau
Keep it up, rock n roll
Let the music save your soul
Dee dee, he left home
Joey calls me on the phone

Misfits, twilight zone
R-A-M-O-N-E-S, R-A-M-O-N-E-S

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Ramones R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Comments
  1. Muhammad Shariffin

    Someone pleasseeeee put it up on spotify!

  2. Dylan Mellid

    pogo y punk rock


    God's favourite bands have always song titled with name of band,for example green day

  4. Matias Caceres


  5. Andy Christ

    I don't know if this is just cuz I only really listen to early Ramones, but that doesn't sound like Joey

  6. The Guy Next Door

    R.I.P Lemmy!!!!!☠🤘

  7. joao vitor

    joey being sick on this last album because of cancer he can't sing much

  8. さら谷澤

    I need 10000000 good button!!!!!
    Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy R.I.P.
    Lemmy, thanks for this killer tune!
    Rest in Rock fxxkin Roll!

  9. walipijovich :v

    god bless ramones dudeeeeee

  10. holeheadmole

    .while he takes it up the ass!

  11. Bobo T

    37 seconds in- Hey that ain't what Lemmy sang!

  12. Emrah Uncu

    First time I heard it in Motörhead's "1916" album.

  13. Lily Flower


  14. Adrian Pajamas

    I found the joey ramone version!!! Its on the, "weird tales of the ramones" cd

  15. El Choncho

    mark takes it up the ass

  16. Paynsicles Productions

    The Ramones are now Motoramones. A 5 piece.

    Aces Up My Sleeve

    Paynsicles Productions technically a six piece as the original drummer for Motörhead is also dead

  17. deathpunx13

    fucken R fucken A fucken M fucken O fucken N fucken E fucken S

  18. Junior Garcia

    Did he say mark takes it up the ass?

  19. rafael morocho


  20. o Vencedor


  21. Rodrigo Ponce

    Motörhead & Ramones an only heart

  22. Adrian Pajamas

    Who sings this?

  23. Caravelle cuellar

    One of my favorite songs from them

  24. Antonio Sibilia


  25. Pedro Rosalvo

    Ae postem essa música r.a.m.o.n.e.s com Joe cantando já ouvi uma vez depois nunca mas consegui se alguém tiver me envia

  26. Exidor Cyanuro

    There's a Joey's version but I can't find it. Anyone does know where to find it?

    ArcadeAngel 81

    I know bro, I can't find it either 😢


    ive heard it. its in a live performance

  27. Roy Szweda

    The only thing wrong with this song is that it is too short... but then that is the point I suppose. It may be Lemmy's finest moment. Hope dah bruvvers and Lem n co are rocking the afterlife!

  28. HardRock93

    "Go Johnny go go go"
    I understood that reference

    Fresh Prince Of Darkness

    I don’t get the reference but damn, *Johnny be good* on that guitar!


    @Fresh Prince Of Darkness Joey and Johnny can't stand each other, because of Linda.

  29. Ross Mark

    1-2-3-4 Forever!!!!!!

  30. Dante Romero Gil

    i remember theres a version of this song with Joey singing, anyone knows where i can find it?

    Dat Alex


    Bryan Baker

    It's on greatest hits live

  31. AlejAndro Ramone

    toy drogado putosss

    noob saibot noob saibot


  32. Megan Shell

    This isn’t joeys voice.. uhm..?? 🤨


    cj ramone. hes still performing to this day

    Adrian Pajamas

    This is dee dee isnt it?


    @Adrian Pajamas cj ramone. this is from the last album. dee dee had quit the band already

    Adrian Pajamas

    @A2Z83 oh shit i didnt know that

  33. TerminatorZXY

    Ramones covering a Motorhead song about themselves.

    Greatest anime crossover ever.

    Amazonian Barbarian Warrioress; Lillegrim

    ...they termnally meta.

  34. Francisco alvarez alvarez

    Ramones great band.......

  35. punkfan97

    this one is for Lemmy, Joey, Johnny, Tommy,Dee Dee

  36. Fabio Araujo

    Banda como essa nunca mais.

  37. Futhu Ff

    written by lemmy and phil taylor ( from Motorhead)

  38. Pera Detlić


  39. Myron Aruta

    whose cover is this?

    Dru Calling

    It's not a cover, CJ is singing instead of Joey.

    Juan David Jordán González

    Actually, it is a cover. The original Is by Motorhead.

  40. Captain Freedom

    0:36 "Mark takes it up the ass."

    joao henrique

    mark quick some ass * i thik

    Mr. NormalPuff

    at 1.25 speed that part killed me

  41. Kevin Mizell

    I think when Lemmy wrote " marky takes it up the ass " he's means where he sits to play drums. Lemmy was cool !


    Kevin Mizell that line was different in the original version written by Lemmy.


    in the lyrics it says hear marky kick some ass but clearly cj did a joke take and they used it on accident

  42. nigpil Woodbine

    bin sicher das ist Motörhead

  43. Sebastian Ramones

    Cj the best

  44. Dr_ Feelgood


  45. Adam Duke

    wWHO is this>>??/

  46. red drib

    Here's what I've always wondered: Why isn't Richie in the song?


    i guess because he was in the band for a really short while... like elvis ramone, too

    lord fuckwodd

    Don't forget Giles ramone

  47. melvin shermen

    Ramones version is better then möterhead

    melvin shermen

    Sorry lemmy i love you

    Daniel Velazquez

    Disagree with you both are good my friend

  48. Victor Rasga

    Gabba gabba hey!!!

  49. Tom George

    which member of the Ramones sings this? It sure aint Joey and it doesn't sound like Ramones without him...

    Doug Hildemann

    CJ Ramone.

    Óscar Sánchez Lagunes

    There's a version by Joey in vocals


    joey sang it in live shows

  50. KEIZO ΓαmΦηε

    R A M O N E S !

  51. max Vicious

    rip Lemmy kilmister

  52. Vanderlei Souza

    saudades desses caras

    Junior Facioni

    Verdade amigo

    Zé Gatão

    Pódi crê! Eu vi o último show deles em 11 de Março de 1996, em São Paulo, no Olímpia! E foi de arrepiar!

  53. Oiramij

    R.A.M.O.N.E.S. ;-)

  54. Juan Jose Posada Castellanos

    R.A.M.O.N.E.S > The Casualties



    :3 <3

    Alexandre Xande

    @EuroGolfBeat sim

    Suryo Ardi

    The Ramones & the cassualities come in different era. Ramones came first.

  55. incomprius

    Love the denial... Hear marky kick your ass? Hahaha this era Ramones only makes screeching weasel more legit. And hey, fuck you I love both bands

  56. Joey Ramone

    Don't ask me why CJ's singing instead of me, I don't remember how that ended up happening either


    Joey already sung it in the japanese version of adios amigos. At least know about their songs before trying to impresonate him.

    Aaron Ramone

    joey, go back to your grave, sweetie


    Hey Joey I I have a crush on you

    ðalentin гогенцолер

    But you died on April 15, 2001 ?!


    Hi Joey, back from the grave!

  57. Tanya Taylor

    Hell Yeah !!!! much love and respect

  58. Renzo Naupari

    This music will save your soul

  59. xXcinek0079Xx

    Piotrek wyłącz ten bas kurwa

  60. Denise Alvis

    the ramones r my heart alwaysxoxoxo

  61. the mad daddy


  62. Rick Bruni


  63. John Wolf

    Yeah and what have any of you fuckers contributed? People will be listening to the Ramones while your rotting in your graves you losers. Do better then you have the right to talk shit you punk ass bitch.

    John Wolf


  64. Corbin Clark

    Rock in peace Lemmy Kilmister

    Dee Dee
    And Tommy bloody RAMONE!

    Fatmawati Sukati

    Corbin Clark

    Sergio Rotten SL


    Jorge Luis Jerez


    Martín Prieto González

    Lemmy ramone


    Marky Ramone

  65. theluca9500

    ( Lemmy <3 )

  66. Geralt of Rivia

    Why does Marky takes it up the ass? Hhahaha, why are they making fun of him? Any answers?

    Ramones Music

    +DKJello Cj dated markys neice

    Geralt of Rivia

    @DKJello Yeah but how come Marky didn't object this? He is on drums here isn't he? 

    Ramones Music

    @Stormy Molnjavichen because johnny liked it, and what johnny likes, goes

    Geralt of Rivia

    @Ramones Music I thought Marky was pretty influential in the band. 


    Thats right old Johnny ran the group like a boot camp but he wrote very little of the music.

  67. escobar mohammed

    great song

  68. L. Salisbury

    In a 1995 (?) interview with ROX Lemmie said he'd love to tour with the Ramones! With the Damned as an opening act! Too bad that triple bill never materialized...!


    They toured with Ramones in South America though

    Steve McQueen

    Lemmy played in a version of the Damned for a few gigs in the late 70`s

    William Bowman

    Hate the Damned. As a lifelong punk, they're the one band i just couldn't stand. [hey that rhymes]
    Maybe a few others too.

  69. Kantankerous

    Just imagine: if the afterlife exists, then the Ramones and Lemmy are now together. God doesn't stand a fucking chance.


    lemmy is god

    Jason Kreitzer

    +God of Geckos:  God is rocking out to them.

    Admirał Hax

    +Jason Kreitzer Well said.

  70. Mario Kess

    Ramones du Motörhead sind die einzigen Hard Rock Bands die einem nichts vormachen. Leider sind die meisten schon tot. Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee und Lemmy RIP. Fuckin Rock´n Roll till the end. Born to rock. Viva FC St. Pauli and legalize them

    No Name Yet

    +Mario Kess I love you Germans.

    Saustall Punk Rock

    ramones are punk not hard rock

  71. nuno Bettencourt

    go go go ;)

  72. Gregor McMaver

    I love you :) NY hehe

  73. Willermaiker Machado


  74. Danny Plourde

    A cover of a tribute song.

  75. cshancock38

    I love that the lyrics say "Marky kick your ass" but for anyone who isnt deaf it clearly says "Mark takes it up the ass"

    max Vicious

    dardevVI hear Marky kick some ass

    Khaki Sellers



    It says that, I guess CJ didn't like and still don't like Marky lol


    Thank god I thought i was the only one who heard this

  76. leglo parcova

    Joey was a unique vocalist, C.J.'s vocal is a lot different.

    Gabriel Elstner

    +Rhapsodian Para mi es bueno CJ

    I Probably Dislike You

    To me CJ seems more Pop Punk in his vocals. Maybe Skate Punk.


    yeah i was thinking the same thing one of those days,CJ makes the whole song sound like it could be from a 90's pop punk band

    James Kiricov

    CJ was a good Ramone

  77. Yy Gh

    Ей а где Джоуи?:(((

  78. andrea pedegani

    mark take it up the ass!

  79. Esteban Sanbora


  80. thebarrochannel

    wait, wait. CJ fucking did that
    he said Mark takes it up the ass
    LOL. First time I hear that

    Geoff Chisholm


    I....I thought I was the only one!

  81. Finlay Roy


  82. ezequiel matias decaro

     <3  R.A.M.O.N.E.S !!! <3

  83. Im poking the hornet's nest, asshole

    R.A.M.O.N.E.S. for life!!

    Robert Raso

    Long live the Ramones

  84. dandic2342


  85. Dennis Nockemann

    R.A.M.O.N.E.S    motorhead

  86. Lvcca

    RIP Tommy :(

  87. Alex

    RIP Tommy :(

  88. Criss Ramone

    Black leather, knee hole pants
    Eso es ser un RAMONE

    red drib

    no it isn't

  89. Brian Torres

    mark takes it up the ass

  90. zimshowfan

    Ramones > Motorhead.


    @Tom Vear Those are about as useful as a ticket to a Motorhead show is about now. XD

    Joseph C

    Motorhead > Ramones haha


    Fuck you and I love The Ramones!

    Mr. NormalPuff

    there are those who cant decide

    like me


    Only in your dreams

  91. Carolina Saula


    epichalocat 2


    red drib


    Franco Aguila

    Carolina Saula sex pistols :D


    La tenés claro Caro!!

  92. Rudy Deibyd

    I used to sing this song in the Karaoke, is a short song but i love it 

  93. Bobcuspe

    Misfits!!! twilight zone!!!
    R-A-M-O-N-E-S, R-A-M-O-N-E-S

  94. Gabriel Kollet

    r-a-m-o-n-e-s RAMONES!!!!

  95. Nah

    Lol....they changed the lyric to "Mark takes it up the ass."

    Aaron Stark

    He deserved that. Marky has always been a dick to CJ.

  96. Jonah Drake

    Motörhead and the Ramones fucking rock.