Ralo - Rich Black Man (The Last ReUp) Lyrics

"The changes I'm goin' through"
"You know I'll never be the same"
That shit'll never be the same thing, nigga
"Your love has touched me so"
Fuck 12, nigga
"There's no one else to blame but you"
Oh, you ain't gon' blame yourself, nigga?
"Oh, there's something you should know"
This what you need to motherfuckin' know though, dog
"Something you should know"
Listen to me nigga, Ralo
Twysted Genius
FamGoon, woo

Let it go sometimes (let it go), take it slow sometimes (take it slow)
What kind of car I'm buyin'? this? I don't know what kind (no)
Got a lam' outside (what?), I don't even drive it (no)
Fuck TSA (fuck 'em), I'm used to flyin' in private (yeah)
Don't take my kindness kindly, I did this shit without me tryin' it (woo)
Rollie full of diamonds, I don't need to check the timing (no)
Fuck who ain't gon' sign me (fuck 'em)
Fuck who ain't behind me (fuck 'em)
Fuck who ain't supportin' me (yeah)
Them niggas not important (no)
Park my lam' beside 12, I know you can't afford it (yeah)
Disrespect him on the cam and make chaos record it (yeah)
Put it on my Instagram and make the streets support it (yeah)
I know they hate my mama (why?), they wish she would abort it (yeah)
We refuse to be shorted, we refuse to be short (yeah)
We refuse to be sold (uh), we refuse to be bought (yeah)
We refuse to just lose, we determined to win (yeah)
They won't let us in (why?), check the color our skin (fam)

Ayy dot, something in my heart tellin' me it's because I'm a black young man
Or is it because I'm muslim? (it's because I'm ahk?)
Is it because of the brotherhood we got of Islam?
Is it because we pray more than y'all motherfuckers?
Is it because we god's fam', man? (is that the reason?)
Why the fuck y'all so hooked on tryna indict us, dawg? (why?)
Why the fuck y'all wanna see us lose, dawg? (why?)
But listen

The FBI been tryin' a lot, they tryna catch this guy (yeah)
Everywhere I fly (what?), I see them folks a lot (damn)
I just mix a lot (yeah) and pray I make it out
They tryna frame a nigga (why?), they wanna take me out
My daddy told me, "play the game, that's how the game goes" (that's how it goes)
That's how it be sometimes, but I want beef sometimes
I told my bitch, "don't ever leave, I'm just gon' need some time"
This shit been playin' with my heart, I do not sleep sometimes
I cannot eat sometimes, I cannot speak sometimes (what up?)
They tryna put me in the dark where I won't see sunshine (no)
I'm tryna make it out, yeah (yeah)
I'm tryna make it out (yeah)
I run in the booth and I cry me a million tears (oh)
They tryna indict me and give me a million years (yeah)
Shit, I get my money, say, "fuck 'em," and disappear (yeah)
I go out the country with Bonnie and disappear (yeah), yeah

You know somethin' in my heart
Keep tellin' me let this shit go dawg (let it go, dawg)
You know I love the game (I love the game)
I been doin' this shit so motherfuckin' long, dawg (I don't even motherfuckin' write)
But I promised myself (I promised myself)
I told myself that the love real, dawg (the love real)
So y'all, y'all listen to a statement of history, dawg (believe this shit)
Ralo (woo), FamGoon
Twysted Genius

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Ralo Rich Black Man (The Last ReUp) Comments
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    Wow this song is great 💯

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  5. Michael Strickland

    Hit a nerve with this had me drop a tear

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    A lot of soul on this track.

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    I’m tryna make it out
    I’m tryna make it out

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    Free ralo

  10. Way too Real TV

    Is it because the brotherhood we share in islam ? Is it cause we god fearing men?

  11. carnage6ar

    Throw you a ham sandwich nigga yea ralo fully prepared

  12. M l Lu

    Only real street nigga can feel this ...
    Free that man 👳🏿‍♂️🤲

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  21. Don Bolo

    Stay strong Ock💪 miss ya ❤I'm praying for you everyday your a Living Legend🧙‍♂️🚫🧢

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    What’s the song in the beginning?

    Janna M

    Something in my heart michele

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    That first verse went crazy😯

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    I know they hate my mama. They wish she would've aborted.

    DeAngelo Groce


    amore grove

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    Being to real . Is a curse in rap world

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    Rasta God nah in life period

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  63. Memphis All stars

    Ralo You Dam Dummy you let your Ego out wheight your intelligence. You had it all and lost it all because you had to be the loudest one in the room, and you made yourself a target dissing the police. Now them same police laughing at your dumb ass!!!

  64. Memphis All stars

    You committed a crime and show boated it to the entire world, its too late to play the victim. Your mouth and your huge ego got your ass in some serious trouble, if Elchapo locked up cuz the United states government wanted him what the hell make you think you can get free and he a billionaire.

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    Keep your head up and stay positive you will be home one day soon FREE RALO

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    Flow doesn’t match the beat at all


    Alex G u can't hear can u? Take yo bitch ass to the hater section

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